Do You Really Know How to Use a Tape Measure?


The tape measure tool is one of the most common measurement tools in our daily life. There is a spring in the tape measure that can roll the fixed tape measure. When you pull out the measuring tape, you actually lengthen the length of the ruler and the spring. If the measurement is done, the spring in the stainless steel tape measure will contract, and the ruler will contract under the force of spring, so that’s the tape measure how to work. But we often find that many designs of tape measures are difficult to understand. In fact, every seemingly strange design on the steel tape measure has its own unique purpose although we don't understand what it's really for. 

Structure of a tape measure

stainless steel tape measure

While we're on the subject of measuring tape, let's take a closer look at the construction of measuring tape. The tape measure is made of eight parts: shell, ruler bar, brake, ruler hook, lift belt, ruler spring, anti-fall protective sleeve, and labeling. 
Shell: ABS new plastic; Resistant to fall, wear, and deformation.
Ruler: the thickness of 10 wire (0.10mm) 50# grade steel strip;
Braking: with upper, side and bottom three-dimensional braking, hand control feeling stronger.
Ruler hook: rivet ruler hook structure, not easy to deformation, to ensure more accurate measurement.
Belt: rubber, nylon two kinds; High quality; Strong and durable.
Ruler spring: generally 50# carbon steel, 65# manganese material: strong toughness, high accuracy.
Anti fall protective cover: high quality plastic, prevent falling and collision damage, enhance durability.
Labeling: according to customer requirements labeling production.

4 Secrets of the Tape Measure

metal tape measure

Here we reveal four secrets of the steel tape that are sure to remind you of how cleverly designed this common tool can be.
Firstly, if you've ever looked closely at a rolling tape measure, you'll remember that there's a hole in the hook. So what exactly does it do? Actually it just gets stuck on the nail or other objects that you don't have to use your other hand, or someone else to hold the tape in place.
Secondly, the edge of metal tape measure hook is not flat, but toothed. It is applied for the situation when you need to draw a line where you are measuring, and you don't have a pen in your hand. Hold it down and rub it a few times. Then you can draw a line to help you identify it.
Thirdly, the position at the front of the tape measure can be moved, and generally the length of the first panel is shorter than the length of the second panel. Many people think that the design of this activity will affect the accuracy of the tape measure, but the flexible hook of the tape measure is an important quality requirement of the tape measure. In fact, when you use a tape measure to measure the object outside diameter , you need to pull the tape measure back so that the result is accurate. If you're measuring an object inner diameter, the tape hook itself has a thickness, so you need to retract that removable distance. This is why the front end of tape measure is designed to be flexible.
The last secret about a tape measure is the number. We often see a tape measure with a number on it, but we don't know what it is used for. For example, this tape measure has the number 3 on it. It actually represents the length of the case of the tape measure. If you're measuring the length of a window and you can't get the exact number right around the corner, the numbers on the tape measure can be very helpful.


That's the whole introduction about how to use a tape measure. Is it clear for you? The tape measure seems simple to operate, but every detail should be paid attention to when using it. If we can use the tape measure correctly, we can make the measurement more convenient. If you want to know more details about tape measures, please contact our suppliers here!


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