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3m 5m 7.5m 8m 10m Meter Tape Measure Retractable Nylon Measuring Tape for Construction

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US $0.16 - $1 /Piece | 1000 Pieces(Min. Order)
Stainless Steel ABS PP Carbon Steel
Blade Width:
28mm 16mm 25mm 19mm
Blade Thickness:
0.15mm 0.12mm 0.16mm 0.14mm
Measurement system:
Black Yellow
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Zhejiang China
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Shanghai,Ningbo,Qingdao and so on
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Flexible Tape Measure Description

Measuring tape is an essential measure tool widely used to measure the length for household and building construction, which is made in metal strip , plastic shell with linear measuring markings in inches or centimeters. Measuring tape normally consists of the mains seven parts , including the case, ,the case length, the thumb lock, the blade, and belt clip.The tape can be pulled out and retracted with ease, our measuring tapes are with locking mechanisms and can stop automatically , which is super easy to use by one hand. 

Flexible Tape Measure Detail Show

How to use tape measure?
Step 1: Grip the tape hood and press it into one side of object that you are measuring.
Step 2: Stretch the tape till the length where you want to reach across the object.
Step 3: Use your thumb to lock tape in place to make sure it doesn’t retract.
Step 4: Take your reading by marking it out or write reading down by mark pen.

Surveyors Tape Measure Application

The steel tape are used mainly in the following place:
1.Construction site 
3.Wooden work

Tape Measure Markings Production Process

1.Customized machinery winds strips of hardened steel onto large wheels for creating the blade of tape measure.
2.These wheels of steel strips loaded into a dip painting machine,through a series of roller , the steel strips are painted.
3.Keep the painted steel strips dried for while,then roll them to an line digital printer for marking out numbers on the blade.
4.Then the numbers are inspected automatically by inspection device.
5.Cut a small oval from end of newly painted blade with machinery.
6.This oval hooks onto another metal strip which is almost as long as the blade itself.
7.This metal strip coils around a hub in the tape measure case, ultimately acting as a spring when pulling out the blade/tape and during retraction.
8.The tape measure case is then closed, labeled, and released for packaging.

International Show


Q1:Can you send free samples?
Yes, we provide free samples. You can test our products before buying in bulk, and make sure everything is as you imagined.

Q2: How about tape measure measurements price?
The tape measure measurements price depends on the cost of materials, labor, sea freight and other factors that may affect the unit cost. You can always consult us and get a favorable and reasonable quotation.

Q3: How can you guarantee the quality?
Our goods have international standard certification. We will confirm the product situation with you again in the production process. After the production, we will let our professional quality control group carry out quality detection and send the testing report to you. At the same time, we also support third-party testing organization to detect our goods.

Q4: How long is the delivery time for the tape measure measurements?
The lead time is associated with the complexity of your products. We may have some confirmation on the details before making a final decision. But once the tape measure measurements sample is approved, it will take roughly 30 to 45 days for mass production. Please contact us to know how long your products may take.

Q5: How do we start our business?
Step 1, please tell us the style and quantity you need.
Step 2, we will make PI for you to confirm the order details.
Step 3, when we have confirmed everything, we can arrange the payment.
Step 4, finally we deliver the goods within the stipulated time.

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