Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails
Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails
Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails
Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails
Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails
Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails
Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails
Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails

Color Painted Umbrella Head Roofing Nails

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US $891
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US $799
Shank Type:
Head Style:
Umbrella head
Surface Treatment:
Zinc Plated Blue Anodized Coating
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Umbrella Head Roofing Nails Description

Corrugated nails are mainly used for connecting wooden components, and fixing asbestos tiles and plastic tiles. If corrugated roofing nail is used on the roof, it is necessary to add wool felt gaskets to avoid rain leakage and nail cracking. Corrugated nails are almost always galvanized or aluminum. Galvanizing is adding a thin layer of steel or zinc to the top to hold it in place and keep it from rusting, and aluminum for the same reason. Corrugated nails should withstand years of rain, snow and other weather. Many corrugated nails have threads to aid in grip, are often installed in roofing materials, and help keep the nails from running out or loosening on the wood.


Bestsuppliers offer OEM and ODM Wholesale galvanized roof nails service, inculding roofing nail sizes and roofing nail material. With more 20 years of successful sourcing Hardware experience over the whole China we have already obtained a lot of suppliers resources in the sector of umbrella head roofing nails. All of our collaborative manufacturing partners are top selected factories with professional umbrella roofing and construction manufacturing experiences. If you have any special customization needs for umbrella head roofing nails products,please reach us by submitting the inquiry forms. We are here ready 24 hours  to make your idea a value added product. 

Galvanized Roofing Screw Production Process

1. Spheroidizing annealing

Put the wire rod into the spheroidizing annealing furnace for spheroidizing annealing, heat it to 740°C-760°C with the furnace for three to five hours, and then cool it to 700°C-720°C for the second time Keep warm for two to four hours for the first time, then cool down with the furnace to 510°C-538°C, and then leave the furnace for air cooling;

2. Multiple drawing and reforming:

The wire rod after spheroidizing annealing is placed on a cold drawing machine for 4 to 7 times of drawing and reforming, and the size is reduced by 0.25mm-0.38mm after drawing;

3. Cutting the wire rod: 

Put the wire rod after 4 to 7 times of drawing and restructuring into the cold heading machine, and cut the wire rod through the cutting mechanism on the cold heading machine;

4. One-time punching: 

One end of the cut wire is inserted into the die hole, and the other end of the wire is protruded from the forming part and is punched once through a punching die;

5. Secondary punching: 

The second punching die performs secondary punching on the other end of the wire after the first punching, so that the wire is punched to form a corrugated nail;

6. Tail tip forming: 

Rub the corrugated nails formed by two punches through a thread rolling machine, so that the end of the corrugated nails away from the nail cap is rubbed to form a sharp part;

7. Galvanizing: 

Put the rubbed corrugated nails into the galvanizing machine, and galvanize the corrugated nails to form the final product.

Zinc Galvanized Nails Application

The corrugated nails are made of high-quality steel, which has good corrosion resistance. Due to its galvanized surface, its service life is greatly increased. The use of corrugated nails is one-time fixation. When using corrugated nails, fix things at one time, and don't worry about fixing them badly and pulling them out repeatedly. Therefore, it can be widely used in the following fields:
1. Chemical industry
2. Cars
3. Architecture
4. Furniture
5. Luggage
6. Toys, etc.

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