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cross head screwdriver
multi screwdriver
screwdriver tool
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Customized Portable Screw Holding Torx Star with Hole Straight Screwdriver for Bulk Prompt

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US $0.237 - $0.379 /Piece | 5000 Pieces(Min. Order)
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Phillips Screwdrive
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Screwdrivers Description

Screw drivers are essentials tools , mostly used for driving screw into variety of surface , such as wall, wood,  meta, which is actually a manual tool with slotted heads. The screw drivers are usually available in flattened or cross-shaped tip that can fit into the head of screw to turn it ,  the typical screwdriver generally has a handle and a metallic shaft. Ending in a tip. For screw in one straight slot cut across head, the standard screwdrivers with flat blade tips are used a lot.  While for the screws in across-slot cut head . the cross-shape screw drivers are used. So we have to choose the right screw based on the screw head shape. The screw driver will be your essential tool for home restoration , building and construction , electrical equipment maintenance . 

Product Types

Production Process

1.draw the wire into the required diameter
2. steel bars undergo machining to form the head and stamp the other end of steel bar
3. the steel bars undergo heat treatment to obtain correct tensile and strength 
4. surface treatment for heat treated steel bars to have protection 
5. make the handle of screw driver,
6.screw driver injection by using a extrude machine
7. the screwdriver are placed in a printing machine for thermoprinting


The screwdrivers are widely used for home & building and construction, fastener assemblies, bolt assemblies. In the past years , the increase in popularity of screwdriver make the refinement and diversification of screwdrivers. They are now becoming one of the most common tools in both household use and building construction application.

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