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shower room
wet room bathroom
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Factory Customized Diamond Shaped Hotel Household Black Stainless Steel Integrated Shower Room

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US $58.29
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Tempered Glass
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Quality Tempered Glass
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Aluminium Alloy
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Combination Shower
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Zhejiang China
50000 Square Meters/Month
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Wet Room Shower Description

The bathroom or called shower room is actually a specially room built for the purpose of taking shower or bath in home or residential building,which is a daily necessity for people’s life.The shower room is usually equipped with a sprayer that can spray out the hot water or warm water . Indoors , there is a drain in the floor  now day the shower room has also developed a lot in its function, most of them have temperature control. Spray pressure control and also adjustable showerhead nozzle. The shower room is an essential choice for your new home or luxury suit room in hotel.

Wet Room Shower Packing

In order to protect the shower room, we use the following process for packaging, so you don't have to worry about being bumped:
1.Plastic corner protect glass
2.PVC bag pack the glass 
3.Accessories and manual
5.Export carton packing
6.Standard Inner packing 
7.Foam around carton

Wet Room Shower Application

The shower room can make your room dry and wet, clean and tidy, very suitable for families and hotels.

Wet Room Shower Production Process

1.Install drainer:
Before starting installation of drainer,you need to purchase one drain that must be easy to use and can be adjusted in the height , the height adjustable drain will help you a lot when you want to put it higher or lower from pan level.Then firstly you have to install bottom drain flange and stick duct tape over it to protect drain from dirty.
After drain flange installed well , it comes with making beam step. Which is an easier option to persons that are not skillful with construction work.Here  you will have two options to get the beam.First way is to buy an already cut beams that are suitable for your length. Or you believe yourself , you can also cut them by yourself with a circular saw .  then you need to insert and fixate beams,and don’t forget to make sure they are leveled.

2.Fill in the dry pan mixture:
This process start by combining sand and cement with a certain amount of water to make a dry pan mixture, usually a right recipe is a mixture of one part cement and four parts sand. While mixing them you need to keep adding water till the dry pan mixture is dry enough , but also easy to sculpt at the same time, which means that is already an excellent dry pan mixture.
Then you can start up filling the area around drain, firstly you can start filling with dry pan mixture from the wall then towards the drain, during the whole job , must keep in mind that water should flow towards the drain. Once you have already evenly distributed the dry pan mixture, then you need to make sure the surface is leveled just well.
After doing that , it’s just time to let it dry off for 24 hours.

3.Lay of Shower Pan Material:
First you have to buy the shower pan materials  in construction store.  Don’t forget that the material should be at least 5 cm longer than the surface of bath curve at the size. As it can effectively prevent from water leaking . 
So it means the stretched down material needs to protrude 2 to 4 inches( which are 5-10 cm) high above floor level. Covering the wall and fold extra materials nicely in the corners and tuck them into frame or wall. If possible  the show pan material should go over step as well to ensure step beams stay dry.
Use screwdrivers to attach it to frame or wall, as far as possible from bottom. Take care to take down the frying pan materials without any bumps. If necessary,level surface one more time to check if outer parts are 0.25 inches longer.
Now you need to make a hole for drainpipe using he scalpel .  the hole should be very exact , so my suggestion is to try to feel the position under your fingers,and then cut holes above screws
Up to now you are already close to the success.  You need need to insert the adjustable part of drain and adjust it to a suitable height.

4.Make the floor smooth and flat:
In this step  your target is to make floor smooth flat. As this is really an important work , so you just need to be patient and lay the shower floor onto it , please pay attention that any unevenness or irregularity will damage its proper placement.then  take off the tape from drain and leave the floor to dry for 24 hours . now you have already an excellent firm and smooth base for floor tiling.

5.Ceramic Floor Tiling:
This is more artcraft work that need your inspiration. You can first pick out beautiful ceramic tiles as you want  for your bathroom, and just have a clear insight into how they will look on wall,then measure tiles for part around a drain hole. Mark the part around drain hole and also cut this part precisely. Wonderful now you are already  on the way to success. What you need to do is to remove all dirty from the floor with a wet cloth , and to dry it eventually to make your next floor tiling work easy and perfect without risks of coming off. 
Now  you can apply tile adhesive onto the floor and place tiles one by one , be careful that the dry tile adhesive will not be a desirable option since you will face tiles falling off over time . so you need to use it in a proper amount to avoid its drying,  once you finish fitting tiles  just leave them dry for one day.

6.Grout the tile floor:
The floor grout is a very important thing that can effectively prevent from leaking in your shower room, on the other side it will make the floor more fancy,so you need to apply the tile grout between tiles,you can insert it by using a wet cloth and keep it dry for one hours,  there are also different colors of grout to choose in market , you can choose the right colour as your taste to make your unique bathroom.

7.Install a manufactured pan:
The manufactured pan can be bought from suppliers, you just need to make sure the pan fits well your bathroom and attach it to the floor with adhesive and connect it with the drain properly.
Then use electric drill and screws to screw down pan into wall , and fill in the possible holes with silicone bath caulk to prevent water from leaking.

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Q1:Can you send free samples?
Yes, we provide free samples. You can test our products before buying in bulk, and make sure everything is as you imagined.

Q2: How about shower suites prices?
The shower suites price depends on the cost of materials, labor, sea freight and other factors that may affect the unit cost. You can always consult us and get a favorable and reasonable quotation.

Q3: How can you guarantee the quality?
Our goods have international standard certification. We will confirm the product situation with you again in the production process. After the production, we will let our professional quality control group carry out quality detection and send the testing report to you. At the same time, we also support third-party testing organization to detect our goods.

Q4: How long is the delivery time for the shower suites?
The lead time is associated with the complexity of your products. We may have some confirmation on the details before making a final decision. But once the shower suites sample is approved, it will take roughly 30 to 45 days for mass production. Please contact us to know how long your products may take.

Q5: How do we start our business?
Step 1:please tell us the style and quantity you need.
Step 2:we will make PI for you to confirm the order details.
Step 3:when we have confirmed everything, we can arrange the payment.
Step 4:finally we deliver the goods within the stipulated time.

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