Truck tires 25''-28'' in diameter
cheap tires for trucks
Commercial Truck Tires
solid tire
industrial tire
Truck tires 25''-28'' in diameter
cheap tires for trucks
Commercial Truck Tires
solid tire
industrial tire

Factory Wholesale Radial Truck Tires

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Vacuum Tire
Tire Design:
Radial Tyre
Tread Pattern:
Dual Purpose Tread Pattern Highway Tread Pattern Mud and Snow Pattern
Tire Hierarchy:
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Cord Material:
Steel Wire Nylon
Inner Tube:
Without Inner Tube
Transport Package:
Zhejiang China
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Continental Truck Tires Description

truck tyres

Truck tires are classified into three different types based on axle position: steering tires, drive tires, and trailer tires. Tyres are specially designed to achieve optimum performance at their specific axle position.
Choosing the right tire also depends on weather conditions, tire size and performance criteria. For commercial fleets, the most important factors to consider are reduced downtime, fuel efficiency, and mileage.

1.Steer tyres:

The truck's steering tires are designed for the front axle of the truck. In this position, the steering tire will take all the pressure and pull of the vehicle as it turns. Therefore, they need to have the best handling performance to achieve precise and smooth steering. Steering shaft tires also need to have excellent resistance to water skiing. Steering tires also have the greatest impact on comfort inside the car.

2.Drive tyres:

The truck's drive tires are responsible for converting engine power into forward motion. They do this through optimal tread patterns designed to maximize traction. In addition, the drive axle tire will be subjected to a lot of braking pressure, so a strong grip is needed to minimize the braking distance. It is also important that the drive shaft tyre has the strength to cope with high load ratings. Driving tires usually carry the highest axle load of the entire road setup.

3.Trailer axle tyres:

The truck's trailer tires are designed to meet the challenges of static and dynamic loads while maximizing range and fuel efficiency. They also need to prevent scrubbing, which can cause tires to wear out quickly and unevenly.

4.All position tyres:

These position tires are designed for overall good performance and maximize mileage. However, full-position tires are usually used for urban transport vehicles rather than long-distance trucks.

Continental Truck Tires Detail Show

1. Very good tyre factories.
2. Best price & high quality tyres.
3. Complete series and popular patterns.
4. Timely delivery and good capacity.
5. Good payment terms and excellent service.
6..Medium and long distance, high speed on well paved road. 
7.Four straight-line and wave pattern around the bottom groove improved the handling performance. 
8.Low-heat generation, low noise, low-rolling resistance.

Width> 255mm
Tire DesignRadial
TypeSolid Tire
Truck ModelAll Truck
QualityTop-Quality Tyre
TypeTubeless Tyre
Tire colorBlack
Packaging DetailsPallet/Carton/Non Woven Fabrics/Bulk
FeaturesLow Eccentric Wear, Low Fuel Consumption, Good Braking and Grip on the Road

Continental Truck Tires Application

It is suitable for all kinds of trucks, trucks, and muck machines, and is widely used in airports, entertainment venues, coal mines, construction sites, food processing plants, waste recycling stations, warehouses and other places.

Truck Tires

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Continental Truck Tires Production Process

The manufacturing process consists of four key steps: mixing, grinding, build, and curing.


The blending process is the actual manufacturing of tire rubber. Each tire is made up of up to 30 ingredients, including rubber, fillers and other ingredients.


Once the rubber has been mixed and cooled, it is milled. In the process, the rubber is cut into structural parts that make up the shape of the tire. Other parts are created during milling, such as tire rings, cord layers, and belts.


This builds the tire from the inside out, placing key components such as the bead, cord layer, steel band, and tread. The end result is what's called a "green tire," or a mostly finished but not quite road-ready tire.


Finally, the tire is vulcanized with a hot mold in a vulcanizing machine to make a finished tire for use in a commercial truck fleet.

International Show

International Show


Q1:Can you send free samples?
Yes, we provide free samples. You can test our products before buying in bulk, and make sure everything is as you imagined.

Q2:How about wholesale tubeless truck tires prices?
The wholesale tubeless truck tires price depends on the cost of materials, labor, sea freight and other factors that may affect the unit cost. You can always consult us and get a favorable and reasonable quotation.

Q3:How can you guarantee the quality?
Our goods have international standard certification. We will confirm the product situation with you again in the production process. After the production, we will let our professional quality control group carry out quality detection and send the testing report to you. At the same time, we also support third-party testing organization to detect our goods.

Q4:How long is the delivery time for the wholesale tubeless truck tires?
The lead time is associated with the complexity of your products. We may have some confirmation on the details before making a final decision. But once the wholesale tubeless truck tires sample is approved, it will take roughly 30 to 45 days for mass production. Please contact us to know how long your products may take.

Q5:How do we start our business?
Step 1, please tell us the style and quantity you need.
Step 2, we will make PI for you to confirm the order details.
Step 3, when we have confirmed everything, we can arrange the payment.
Step 4, finally we deliver the goods within the stipulated time.

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