Graphene Oxide Powder
Graphene Oxide Powder

Graphene Oxide Powder

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≥500 Kilograms
US $47.3
≥1000 Kilograms
US $28
Horizontal size:
3~5μm 20~30μm 40~50μm
Single layer rate:
More than 99%
Oxygen content:
Stable Dispersible Solvents:
Water DMF Ethylene Glycol
Adsorption Separation Catalysis Solid Phase Extraction Detection and Sensors
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Product Description

Graphene oxide powder is formed by the wrinkles of single-layer graphene oxide. Due to the existence of the wrinkled structure, there are micropores and mesopores between graphene oxide sheets, which reduces the stacking between sheets and improves its dispersion and solvent infiltration. sex. Traditional graphene powders are prepared by liquid-phase exfoliated graphite, oxidative pyrolytic graphite or biomass conversion, and are highly stacked flake graphene materials, which cannot give full play to the properties of single-layer graphene. By controlling the preparation process, parameters such as density, specific surface area, oxygen content, and defect degree of graphene oxide-derived graphene powder can be regulated to meet application needs in different fields.

>99% Monolayer Graphene
The product is single- layer graphene oxide with a single- layer rate greater than 99%. It is the world's first and currently the only single layer graphene oxide manufacturer certified by the International Graphene Product Certification Center (IGCC).

Large Lateral Size
The horizontal size is large and controllable. It can produce large size (average size>40 microns) graphene oxide, the size can be adjusted, and the size distribution is narrow, suitable for research reagents.

Large Lateral Size
He product is spinning-grade monolayer graphene oxide, which can be used to produce continuous graphene fibers by wet spinning without any additives. This is an interational original technology.

Bright Liquid Crystal
Liquid crystals can be formed at a low concentration of about 1mg/mL, and bright and colorful liquid crystal textures can be observed under a polarizing microscope.

Outstanding Dispersion
It has good dispersion in composite materials and can be polymerized in situ to prepare multifunctional composite materials, with less agglomeration and high cost performance.

Ultra purity
The content of metal ions is extremely low and can reach electronic level.

Powder Redispersibility Excellent
The content of metal ions is extremely low and can reach electronic level.

Higher Solubility
It has high solubility in water and polar organic solvents (>10mg/mL), and can be directly spun into fibers, scraped into films or freeze -dried into aerogels.

Product advantages

Not easy to stack, good dispersion
The density, specific surface area, oxygen content and defect degree of the powder can be adjusted
Wide source of raw materials and low cost
Highly pleated structure, abundant pore structure

Application field

Graphene oxide powder can be compounded with most polymer materials, has good dispersibility, and can improve the strength, modulus, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, far-infrared emission and other properties of the material; due to its wrinkled structure and Rich pore structure, graphene oxide powder has broad prospects in many fields such as supercapacitors, batteries, catalyst carriers, etc. Graphene oxide powder can be used as lubricant additives to improve the performance and durability of lubricants, compared with multilayer graphite Graphene has better dispersibility; it can be used to prepare graphene-based coatings, air purification filters, oil-absorbing materials, etc.


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