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farming shovel
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Premium Shovel Farm Tool | Robust Steel Spade for Construction Farming and Gardening

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US $1.6 - $2.88 /Piece | 100 Pieces(Min. Order)
Head Material:
Carbon Steel
Small Medium Big
Garden Shovel Snow Shovel Farming Shovel
Handle Material:
Wood Steel Plastic Fiberglass
Sharp Spade
Single Function Multifunctional
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Shovel Description

Introducing our high-quality steel spade shovel with a sturdy wood handle, a versatile and durable tool designed for wholesale buyers in the construction and farming industries. This multipurpose shovel tool is an essential addition to any gardener's arsenal.

Application and Features

Our steel spade shovel excels in a wide range of applications, making it the ideal choice for construction and farming needs. It effortlessly tackles digging tasks, planting activities, and various landscaping projects with precision and efficiency. The carefully crafted wood handle offers a comfortable grip, ensuring optimal control and reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

The durable steel construction of the spade shovel guarantees exceptional strength and longevity, enabling it to withstand demanding tasks and heavy-duty conditions. The sharp blade and reinforced edges make it perfect for both soft and compacted soils, allowing for efficient and effortless garden work.

Manufacturing Process

To ensure superior quality, our steel spade shovel undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process. Premium-grade steel, known for its durability and corrosion resistance, is carefully selected for forging and shaping. Skilled craftsmen expertly mold and assemble the steel components to create a robust and reliable shovel farm tool.

To enhance the shovel head's structural integrity, it undergoes additional reinforcement. Advanced welding techniques are employed to create a solid and seamless connection between the blade and handle, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability in challenging work environments.

A protective coating is applied to the shovel head to enhance its resistance to corrosion, rust, and wear. This coating acts as a shield, preserving the shovel head's integrity and prolonging its lifespan, ensuring it remains in peak condition even in harsh conditions.

Function of Shovel

The function of this gardening hand tool extends beyond simple digging. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset in the garden and on the farm. From preparing soil beds to transplanting, the spade shovel simplifies tasks and saves time. It is a must-have farming tool for professionals and gardening enthusiasts alike.

Invest in the highest-quality gardening hand tools for your wholesale needs. Our steel spade shovel with a wood handle combines functionality, durability, and reliability to meet the demands of the construction and farming industries. Elevate your customers' gardening experience with this essential tool by placing your order today.

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