off road motorcycle tires
motorcycle tyres
150 80 x 16 motorcycle tire
3.50 19 motorcycle tire
2.50 18 motorcycle tire
170 motorcycle tire
off road motorcycle tires
motorcycle tyres
150 80 x 16 motorcycle tire
3.50 19 motorcycle tire
2.50 18 motorcycle tire
170 motorcycle tire

Top Brand Tubeless Motorcycle Tire Tl In High Quality

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≥1000 Pieces
US $15
≥10000 Pieces
US $6.5
Transport Package:
Zhejiang China
17'' 15-16'' 13-14''
Tire Design:
Bias Belted Tyre Diagonal Tire
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Hangzhou Super King Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Super King Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
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Quick Details

Tread Pattern:
Cross- Country Tread Pattern Dual Purpose Tread Pattern Highway Tread Pattern Mud and Snow Pattern Transverse Pattern
Vacuum Tire
Tire Hierarchy:
20PR 18PR 16PR 14PR
Cord Material:
Rayon Cotton Nylon
Export Port:
L/C T/T Western Union Paypal Money Gram
Model NO:

Motorcycle Tires Description

Motorcycle tires
ColorBlack, As Picture
ApplicationMotorcycles, Electric Vehicles
Raw materialNatural Rubber+Nylon+Steel
StructureDiagonal Tyre
Packaging DetailsCommon Packing or as Demands
FeaturesAnti-Stab, Wear-Resistant, Non-slip, Quiet, Strong Grip

Motorcycle Tires Highlight Features

1. Multi-level anti-stab steel wire tire:

The carcass cord adopts steel wire layer, anti-puncture, low energy consumption, strong wear resistance, long service life, rough block pattern design, more anti-slip, load-resistant and impact-resistant.

2. Strong grip:

The product has high rubber content, and the design of wide-width tread vertical and horizontal groove pattern increases effective grounding and accumulation, strong grip and adhesion, comfortable handling, excellent stability, and driving force, which improves road wetland mud under different weather conditions Strong adaptability and safety.

3. Long service life:

Thickened wear-resistant carcass, optimized twist design, fast drainage, concave-convex saw surface on both sides, anti-slip tooth design, stable and wear-resistant, comfortable and durable.

4. Smooth drainage:

Long curved groove design ensures sufficient drainage. The guiding pattern shows good braking and traction, and the rotation resistance is small. Continuous wear resistance, low noise, comfortable driving and improved handling.

Customer Feedback

Motorcycle Tires Production Process

First, select several different types of rubber as well as special oils, carbon black, pigments, antioxidants, silica and other additives that will combine to provide the desired raw materials. Different compounds are used in different parts of the tire. The Banbury mixer combines the various raw materials of each compound into a batch of uniform black material with the consistency of gum. The mixing process is controlled by computer to ensure its uniformity. The composite material is then sent to a machine for further processing into the sides, tread or other parts of the tire.
Second, After the raw materials are mixed, the tire is assembled. The tyre molding machine is first placed on the air-tight layer, a special rubber that is resistant to air and water penetration, followed by the body cord layer and the belt layer. When assembled, they are made of polyester and steel, providing excellent strength and flexibility. Belts are cut to exact angles and dimensions according to the tire engineer's specifications to provide the desired ride and handling characteristics.
Third, the bronzed wire is twisted into two hoops and implanted into the sidewall of the tire to form a bead, ensuring an airtight fit with the rim. The tread and sidewall are placed in the belting layer and the upper layer of the body, in which case all parts will be firmly pressed together.
The last step is to vulcanize the tire. The tire is placed in the mold and inflated to form the tread and certification information on the side wall. Once this is done, the tires are heated to temperatures above 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, and then the heated tires are vulcanized and cured.

Company Profile

Hangzhou Super King Import & Export Co., Ltdis one of the large-scale enterprises in China specializing in the production of car tires, truck tires, motorcycle tires, and bicycle tires. The company has more than 100 employees and is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou. It is only an hour's drive from Yiwu, Ningbo, Shanghai, and other cities.
Our products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, and other regions in bulk. In order to better serve our customers, we have established more than 20 offices across multiple continents.
In recent years, the transformation of new and old kinetic energy has accelerated, and the scale and strength of the enterprise have continued to increase, showing a promising momentum of steady development.Afterward, we will continue to innovate to adapt to the changing market situation and rely on our excellent product quality to provide a safe and comfortable driving experience to users around the world.



1. What types of car accessories do you supply?
Answer: We supply a wide range of car accessories, including but not limited to interior accessories, exterior enhancements, tyres items.
2. Can I request samples of car accessories before placing a bulk order?
Answer: Yes, we encourage clients to request samples to evaluate the quality, fit, and functionality of our car accessories before committing to a larger order.
3. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for your car accessories?
Answer: The MOQ varies depending on the type of car accessory and specific product. Please contact our sales team for detailed information about MOQs.
4. How do you ensure the quality of your car accessories?
Answer: Quality control is integral to our production process. We conduct rigorous testing and inspections to ensure that our car accessories meet industry standards and customer expectations.
5. Do you provide assistance with shipping and logistics?
Answer: Yes, we can assist with shipping and logistics, working with reliable freight forwarders to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery to your specified destination.

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