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With the development of economy in China, corporate culture is increasingly showing a huge role in enterprise development. But there are a lot of problems and difficulties in the process of corporate culture construction, such as the lack of personality, a mere formality. In order to advance the corporation development via culture, we must create a cohesive corporate culture, establish an example for the development of corporate culture, and learn to use modern means to accelerate the carriers and the creation of corporate culture, communication and development. Key words Corporate culture construction measures As a new management philosophy, corporate culture is increasingly playing an important role in enterprise development. What is “corporate culture”? Although all the theorists believe in the importance of the culture in the organizational studies but still there is a lack of consensus over its precise definition. Theorists have accepted this fact and approached the concept of culture from the most widely used definition of culture, as defined by Lismen et al (2004) “a complex set of values, beliefs, assumptions, and symbols that define the way in which a firm conducts its business”. Corporate culture is a kind of economic activities from the actual formation of the organization into organizational culture. It typically includes a corporation’s own values, beliefs, attitudes, rules, tradition and customs, which fundamentally affect how people to deal with matters.