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Option to use electric mosquito repellent incense liquid for baby
12/07/2022 16:28:01
It is now the hot summer of July, and there are more and more mosquitoes. We found that babies are particularly easy to attract mosquitoes! So why do babies attract mosquitoes so easily? Many mothers think that the baby's skin is smooth and tender, the blood is particularly sweet, or it is related to blood type and gender, but it is not true! Mosquitoes are attracted to your baby's body temperature and sweat. Babies are generally more active, have a strong metabolism, their body temperature is slightly higher than that of adults, and they are prone to sweating more. These are the main factors that attract mosquitoes. In addition, because the baby is still small and has a weak immune system, it will be more difficult to be bitten by mosquitoes. Strong allergic reaction, which is why once the baby is bitten by a mosquito, the red bulge on the skin is difficult to dissipate.  Check that the packaging, place of origin, manufacturer's information and instructions for use are complete. In addition, the qualified electric mosquito repellent incense liquid will be marked with the approval number of the State Agriculture Commission and the exact drug content. Learn about the active ingredients and content of electric mosquito repellent incense liquid to ensure low toxicity and no irritation, especially when choosing for your baby. It is best to check the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid before use, and the surface of the heater should not be scratched, cracked, deformed, etc. The liquid of the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid should be transparent and colourless or slightly yellow without precipitation, the bottle cap should be tightly fitted without leakage, and there should be no irritating smell when used. The electric mosquito repellent incense liquid relies on the heater to heat the air around the mandrel, thereby driving the medicine in the mandrel to volatilize. However, the heating power of the heater is small, and it takes a certain time to heat up, so it is turned on half an hour before the baby goes to bed. According to the available information, the normal use of electric mosquito repellent incense liquid is not harmful to the baby's body. But do not use it upside down or on its side. Although most electric mosquito repellent incense liquids have excellent airtightness, you should avoid using them upside down or on their side.
Characteristics and precautions of electric mosquito repellent incense liquid
12/07/2022 16:18:45
The main content of electric mosquito repellent incense liquid is natural pyrethrin, which is very mild and non-irritating. Combined with the electronic constant temperature heater, the heat can be evenly distributed, no residue, no waste, and it can effectively drive away mosquitoes, which is still effective.  The method of using the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid is also very simple. Unscrew the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid and screw it with the heater. Plug the heater into the power outlet and turn on the power switch. When you need mosquito repellent, remember to turn on the heater half an hour in advance to speed up the mosquito repellent time. And when repelling mosquitoes, it is recommended to put the heater in a ventilated place, so that the mosquito coil liquid can be more fully volatilized, and the mosquito repellent effect is better. Bestsuppliers would be a great choice if you want to buy electric mosquito repellent incense liquid in bulk.1. Pay attention to ventilation, electricity and fire safety when using.2. When the heater is working, do not cover any objects, do not touch the heater with wet hands, and do not touch or insert any objects.3. Whether you use a wall socket or a ground drag strip, keep the liquid bottle upright to avoid leakage of the liquid medicine.4. The electric mosquito repellent incense liquid and heater of the same brand should be used together. The heating temperature of different brands of heaters is different.5. When using it for the first time, it should be preheated one hour in advance, and the heater should be placed in the wind.6. The service life of the heater is generally about 2 years, and it must be replaced regularly.
How to correctly and effectively use electric mosquito repellent?
12/07/2022 16:12:18
Every year, with the approach of summer, mosquitoes gradually become more and more arrogant. They will invade every corner and every places, not only in the outside, even in your bedroom. Maybe you will be accidentally bit when you’re reading a book. But catching a small mosquito is easy for our human beings. Now, a variety of mosquito repellent, mosquito products on the market are enough to deal with a variety of environments under the harassment of mosquitoes. However, how to correctly and effectively use these mosquito repellents, or need to study carefully. Electric mosquito liquid is mainly through the electric heating method to make the liquid volatile to repel mosquitoes, so the environment needs to be relatively confined, and the use of smaller space is more effective.Keep the heater upwind as far as possible when in use. No need to disassemble after use, just turn off the switch. But if not used for a long time, you should remove the bottle, place it in a cool place, which can avoid the natural volatility to ensure that the subsequent use of the effect. Don’t forget to keep the mosquito liquid bottle upright up when use it.The liquid formula is mainly aimed at mosquitoes, minimal threat to human health. So it can be used without any concern. However, it is recommended that odor-sensitive people choose the fragrance-free and tasteless formula to ensure the comfort when using.Pay attention to electrical safety. Do not cover any objects on the surface; do not touch the hot surface of the heater or mosquito liquid core rod, to prevent burns or electric shock. You can turn on the heater half an hour in advance for better results.The best use of the product is to put the children out of reach. If there is liquid splashed on the skin, you need to wash clean with soap and water, but also pay attention to avoid splashing into the eyes. One-Stop Global Sourcing Service Platform

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