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Company Profile
Main Categories:
Industrial Supplies
Main Products:
LED Remote Display
Registered Capital: 10000000 CNY
Plant Area: 501 ~ 1000 Square Meters
Management System Certification:
ISO 9001
Weighing Display Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., Weighing Display Technology for short, was founded in 2008 with its factory located in the Industrial Park Zone of east gate Jiaxing city, Zhe Jiang province of PRC. This company is well-equipped with modernized research base, advanced world-class equipments for research, production, analysis, and detection. It owns a research group of high quality who are dedicated to the development and service of photoelectric application products in the Optical Electronics field. Our products enjoy a high reputation from our users and within the industry. We have newly developed a series of indoor and outdoor remote LED large screens professionally for industrial field. They can show the weighing information synchronously in distance and display the edited text information as needed, which can fully meet those clients who require both the weighing information and advertising text information at the same time. Since they were put on the market, they won appraise at home and abroad for their high brightness, good adaptability for indoor and outdoor environments and rich display contents. The LED dot matrix display screen for monitoring and photographing carefully designed and developed by the company can still be clearly visible when facing the sun. It has been widely used in environmental protection, vehicle inspection station and other industries, meeting the requirements of the owner.
IP65 Waterproof