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Pump & Vacuum Equipment
Main Products:
Registered Capital: 8000000 USD
Plant Area: >5000 Square Meters
Management System Certification:
ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 14000
is located in the beautiful WestLake resort area of Zhijiang.t is the earliest professional manufacturers engaged in design andmanufacture standard units of Chinese Submersible pump .lt's QDX, QX series Submersible pump havebeen awarded the priority of Zhejiang Golden Eagle Award for new special products . The enterprise hasbeen awarded as the provincial advanced enterprise in Zheliang Province, AAA grade credit enterpriseThe company is in charge of Santan QDX, QD, QX , QY series submersible pumps, wQ . WaD seriessewage pumos,IRG, ISW series pipeline pump, WZB Self-priming Pump Series and other products.inrecent years,it has developed new of QDX-BS series stainless steel submersible pumps, QJ seriesstainless steel deep well pump products. JYWQ/PWQ series automa tically mix diving sewage pump, QYScorrosion- resistant stainless steel Oi-filed Submersible Pump, WQS series of corrosion- resistantstainless steel submersible sewage pump. QXN type Built-in submersible pump. Used in chemical industryof food and drink cam type double rotor pump,homogeneous emulsion pump and so on. These products are widely used in agriculture, family,construction, chemical, electric power, watersupply and drainage, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical, health, environmental protection and other areasMoreover, these products are selling all over the country and overseas countries and territories. At present, the West Lake plant has established nearly 100 distribution outlet in the country.The salesproduct visibility and reputation increased are on rise year by year.