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Company Profile
Main Categories:
Krait Paper
Main Products:
Medical Paper, Straw Paper, Food Wraping Paper, Waxing Base Paper, Sterile paper, Baking Paper, Sterilization Medical Paper, Medical Cold-Sealable Base Paper, Greaseproof Paper, Medical Coating Base Paper
Registered Capital: 25000000 CNY
Plant Area: >5000 Square Meters
Management System Certification:
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC, FSC, RoHS
Hengda New Materials, a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the production, research and development of special new paper and packaging materials, has been deeply ingrained in the field of medical and food disposable packaging for 20 years. It has always sticked to the concept of the green and environmental protection and has been a leading enterprise in the field of medical and food consumption. In the medical field, our medical packaging series paper is suitable for various sterilization methods. With its good antibacterial and air permeability, it greatly meets the special requirements of medical packaging in different scenarios. It is widely used in the packaging of medical dressings, injection syringes, infusion sets, masks, protective suits and other various disposable medical products. We have successively established long-term and stable cooperative relations with well-known enterprises in this industry, such as Allmed Medical, Winner Medical, Zhende Medical, and WEGO. Our daily life is filled with the food packaging. With its excellent oil resistance and water resistance performance, we have already established the close cooperation with the well-known food packaging industries in the world such as Detmold Group and Zijiang Enterprise, and the products cover from Starbucks, KFC, Dicos, Hamburger King and etc. Hengda, is always keen to create the most comprehensive series of special new papers and paper-based packaging materials and escorts for people’s basic necessities of life. We have mastered the top domestic production technology and have multiple high-level production lines, using high-quality imported commercial pulp as the main raw material. We have introduced the Honeywell QCS control system from the United States and jointly developing a customized DCS control system to fully realize automated and intelligent control. At the same time, we digitally store the basic information of each product and have high-quality professional inspectors to track and control the entire process to create Hengda quality. From following to synchronizing and then to leading; From establishing a research and development center to collaborating with academicians to establish expert workstations. The company now has 38 patents, including 33 invention patents, one national torch program, and one key special project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, two national light industry science and technology progress awards, as well as two provincial-level key technology research and development projects for emergency protection and public safety materials in Zhejiang Province. We work with excellent partners to promote the development of new products, and replace plastic packaging with more categories of the renewable paper. Harmonious coexistence with nature, it has been recognized and supported by all walks of life, and has won a number of heavyweight awards in the industry. A revolution centered on paper is quietly unfolding in all industries. Paper straws, paper cutlery, and other paper-based packaging materials are gradually appearing in our daily lives. At the same time, with the continuous promotion of the import substitution of high-end medical paper, the company's core products will usher in a wider market space. In the future, we will continue to focus on the research and development of medical and food special new paper packaging materials, further improve production capacity, improve the company's scale and efficiency, and expand domestic and overseas sales scale, making China manufacturing go further. Hengda, always focus on green packaging and leading a better life.
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