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Company Profile
Main Categories:
Medical Protective Clothing, Medical Mask, Medical Gloves, Disposable Medical Supplies, Work Clothes
Main Products:
personal protective equipment(PPE), face masks, gloves, medical consumables, uniforms
Plant Area: >5000 Square Meters
Management System Certification:
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 14064, ISO 13485, WRAP, SEDEX
Medtecs International Corporation Limited (the Company or Medtecs) is a leading supplier and distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE) and provider of logistics services to healthcare institutions with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of PPE and workwear. The Company and its subsidiaries (collectively the Group) commenced operations in 1989 and have since established a strong presence in the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The Group has offices and facilities spanning across Asia, including Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, China, Cambodia, and the United States of America. Our main lines of business include manufacturing, trading and distribution, and providing integrated hospital services. As a manufacturer of a wide range of PPE, workwear apparels, and protective coverings for hospitals and manufacturing industries, the Group maintains diversified manufacturing facilities and production lines in the Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, and the United States to reduce supply chain disruptions. For our trading and distribution business, the Group has logistics and warehousing centers in Canada, Europe, Japan, and the United States and is working with Amazon, DHL, and other e-commerce and logistics services providers to optimize our distribution efficiency. As a hospital services provider, the Group offers integrated services to hospitals in Taiwan and the Philippines, including rental and laundry of linens, management of laundry facilities, hospital automation, as well as procurement solutions for the hospital's PPE and medical devices needs. In Taiwan, the Group is currently the dominant total solutions provider for such hospital services, with a customer base of 19 hospitals. The Group has also successfully expanded its hospital service in the Philippines, covering 30 hospitals. The Group is dedicated to safeguarding the health and safety of people worldwide.