2023 Best Yiwu Wholesale Markets Guide: How to Source Products Here?

2022-12-30 10:27
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2023 Best Yiwu Wholesale Markets Guide: How to Source Products Here?

Have you ever heard about Yiwu International Wholesale Market, which is the largest wholesale market world widely for small commodities of goods. Where you can find out any goods and import into your country at a very cheap wholesale price.

Yiwu International Wholesale Market is the primary China based wholesale market in the world . there are over 75,000 shops settled here that make it an offline sourcing paradise.

In this article I will let you learn what you need to pay attention to for your first trip here ,and  how to source products from Yiwu market.


Where is Yiwu wholesale market located?

1. Where is Yiwu?

Yiwu is located in the central part of Zhejiang province, which is now a business trading city built on small commodity businesses, Yiwu is also a manufacturing center with the largest numbers of factories covering lots of industries from socks to toys. With over past 40 years of fast development. It has already become the world famous city known for international trading business. The Yiwu made products exported to almost all the countries of the world.

There are also many industries clusters formed around Yiwu, such as hardware Center in Yongkang city ,  Socks center in Zhuji city, Plastic and rubber center in Taizhou city, plastic mold machinery center in Ningbo city, etc.

Yiwu is also very close to Hangzhou and Shanghai. You can either take a bus or train to get here , so it is very convenient with many transportation methods that you can choose .

2. Yiwu Wholesale Markets. Yiwu International Trade City, Futian Market? What’s the difference?

Yiwu wholesale markets are actually the “market cluster” with international trade city as core and multiple professional markets and specialized streets supporting each other. People call all these small commodity wholesale markets as Yiwu wholesale markets,  

Futian market and other markets supplement each other,  in terms of products categories , other markets supply the categories that Futian market doesn’t have . such as furniture, machinery, and production materials

Introduction to Yiwu International Trade City(Futian Market).

Futian market actually is just Yiwu International Trade City, When local people say Futian market ., it refers to the Yiwu Wholesale Markets, which is also the Yiwu International Trade City. 
Now let’s back to the old times, in the early time, Futian market is very small, but now with the years of development in small commodity business here , it has also grown into a huge, modern and international marketplace as it shows to the public now,

Address: No.69, Chouzhou North Road (稠州北路69号)
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
The international trade city has been put into operation since 2002, there are totally 5 districts  with more than 50,000 booths ,each district specialize in each category .

Internaional Trade Market Distric1
F1 Common toys / Electric toys / Inflatable toys / Plush toys/ Artificial Flower / Flower accessories / Annex building (Toy/ornaments/craft)
F2 Jewelry & Ornament / Hair Ornament / Annex building (ornaments)
F3 Ornament Accessories / Porcelain & Crystal / Picture Frames / Crafts
F4 Factory Outlets (Toy/flower/ornament) / Taiwan Mall (flower/ornament/craft)

International Trade Market District 2  
F1 Suitcases & Bags / Umbrella / Rain wear & Pack / Fujian Mall (Umbrellas)
F2 Vehicles / Hardware Tools & Accessories / Locks / Electric Products
F3 Kitchen & Sanitary hardware / Small Home Appliances / Clocks & Watches / Guangdong Nanhai Mall / Battery/Lamp/Flash lights
F4 Anhui Mall / Hongkong Mall / Sichuan Mall / Korean Mall / Electronics / Suitcase & Bags / Clocks & Watches / Hardware & Electric Appliances
F5 Export agencies / Featured products
International Trade Market District 3  
F1 Eyeglasses / Pen & Inks / Paper Articles
F2 Outdoor products / Office & Stationery / Cultural & Sports products
F3 Zipper & Button / Apparel accessories / Cosmetics & Beauty products
F4 Factory outlets-cosmetics/beauty / Factory outlets-cultural & sports
Factory outlets-apparel accessories
International Trade Market District 4  
F1 Socks
F2 Daily Necessities / Knitted Products / Gloves / Hats / Earmuffs
F3 Sewing Thread & Tape / Shoes / Lace / Tie / Towel
F4 Belt/Accessories / Scarf / Bra & Underwear
F5 Tourism & shopping center / Garments / Shoes / Daily necessities / Frame / accessories
International Trade Market District 5  
F1 Garments/Daily consumables / African Products / Jewelry & Handcrafts / Ornaments & Crafts / Food / Healthcare products
F2 Beddings / Chinese knot / DIY Handicraft
F3 Needle / Knitted cloth / Knitted fabric / Curtains cloth
F4 Auto Accessories / Car & Motorcycle Parts / Car necessities
F5 Online services

Other wholesale markets in Yiwu to source products

1.International production material market

The international production material market supply all about production materials that cross the whole ranges from hardware, woodwork , metal material. Glass,ect.
Address: The market is located at Chouzhou North Rd.
Hours: 8 AM-5 PM

2.Huangyuan Clothing Market

The Huangyuan clothing market specialize in the supply of garment and clothing , it has a history longer even than Yiwu Wholesale market.

Address: It is located on Jiangbin Bei Rd. and Huangyuan Rd.
Hours: 8 AM-5 PM

3.Yiwu Digital Market

Yiwu digital wholesale market is the largest marketplace focus on tech equipment and digital electronics products. Such as cellphones, brand laptops, digital cameras, these products are usually sold here at a cheaper price than other where else.

Address: It is located at Binwang Rd, Yiwu.
Hours: 8 am-5 PM

4.Yiwu Communication Market

The wholesale communcation market sells mainly all communication equipment and devices. Like radio , walkie-talkie, cables, networking devices, if you have any communication requirement , this is the right place that you can not miss out.
Address: The address is 215 Binwang Rd, Yiwu
Hours:8 AM-5 PM

5.Yiwu Furniture market

The furniture market is located in the west of Yiwu City, which is a unique large scale  furniture market  approved by the local government. Which is the best environment and the highest grade and the largest single scale modern luxury furniture marketplace.

Address: No.1779, Xicheng Road(西城路1779号)
Product category:
B1 common civil furniture and office furniture
F1 sofa, software, rattan art, hardware, glass furniture and supporting service areas
F2 modern board, children’s suites
F3 European, classical, mahogany and solid wood furniture
F4 wonderful space management fine furniture
F5 business district, home accessories area, decoration design company

6.Yiwu Material Market

Yiwu material market is a large scale market for building decoration materials. Which is also a distribution centre for stone, ceramic . aluminum products,there are over 350 booths here to serve you.

Address: No.199, Xicheng Road(西城路199号)
Product category: Four trading areas for metal materials, stone, ceramics, and lighting hardware. Mainly engaged in aluminum, granite, ceramics, sanitary ware, stainless steel, plumbing pipe, glass, lamps, hardware, plastic steel and other 10 categories of goods.

7.Zhezhong Timber Market

This timber market is already the largest timber market in the middle of Zhejiang Province, which has already achieved three level jump in scale, structure , grade. Supply building materials , especially floor timber for the whole China.

Address:Huancheng W Rd, Yiwu
Hours: 8 AM-5 PM

How to Buy From Yiwu Wholesale Markets?

Before Sourcing products from yiwu wholesale market, you may need to know right wholesale market sourcing tips, and better with the help of sourcing agent.  
Follow the below listed steps that teach you how to buy wholesale products from yiwu wholesale market step by step.

Step 1: get to know better of Yiwu City

In certain sense , To make a successful business is also closely related to the customs and culture, before booking your flight to China . you can make a basic research about the Yiwu International trade City. Especially know about the traditional festival here in China, as during the traditional festival , the booths will be closed. Then try your best to learn some basic chinese language for better handling daily life in Yiwu.

Step2: prepare your money

Prepare enough budget for one or two weeks stay in Yiwu. Before your travelling, you can change your currency in the bank of your country.

Step3: Pick right product

Yiwu wholesale market deals with mass- production products,  so if your intention is just to buy several pieces for one product. Probably you need to go to different booths to find out products , and it may take you quit long time one booth by one booth

Step4:Organize Trade Yourself

It’s better to organize the whole foreign trade by yourself., make sure all details are filled in correctly and without missing gaps.

Tips about dealing with Yiwu wholesale market suppliers

To know the right way to deal with local wholesale market suppliers is already the half way to final success of your sourcing business In china
Here I will give you some tips that can help you to deal well with market suppliers

Confirm product quality

Before placing any order , don’t forget to check the quality of product , and it’s better to ask sample from your suppliers , they will be sure to share the sample with you ,


You need to check with your supplier if they have any MOQ limitation and any stock available  ?

Many of he suppliers there will have MOQ requirement as they all run the wholesale business. And make sure they can meet your stock needs if your order will be a large scale quantity.

Catalogue &Samples

While you are visiting the wholesale market , don’t forget to visit as many supplier as you can. And ask them the product catalog along with sample.

With the sample and catalog , you can better know their product quality level , and help you to make the final purchase decision for the product that you’re looking for.

Price Negotiation

Yiwu wholesale market is well known also for price negotiation , any customer coming here will have a deep price negotiation with suppliers ,just take your right to get a lower price from your suppliers.  And try your best to visit different vendors there and ask them the price for your product. Then you will have a more or less price range , based on the price range , with the right vendor you have choosen , to start your negotiation battle with them ,


The local vendors will only accept cash and chinese yuan, chinese local currency, also called as RMB. The bank cards from your own country will probably not be accepted by the vendors there ,  if you are buying more than one container , you can simply pay a 30 of deposit in advance, the balance will be paid before order collection.

How to Ship Products from Yiwu to My Country?

This is definitely a concern that you can take off, as here in Yiwu , you can find a lot of logistic and transportation agents. Below are some shipping ways listed that you can choose for shipping your bulk order to your country., there are mainly three types of delivery ways as you can see here:

1.Shipping by Express Delivery

If you are urgent with your order ,which has small quantity ., so choosing express delivery will be an ideal option, in this way the goods will be sent directly to the address door that you provide within 3-5 days , so this is obviously the fastest way , but also most expensive way. It is suitable for high value goods , with small volume. Such as electronic products, accessories,

Here I suggest you to choose the express delivery companies around market , where you can get a more economic delivery rate than FedEx, DHL, UPS, or any other official express.  As this local express  delivery companies they ship very day with large volume. so with them you will almost save 30-40% express cost.

2.Shipping through Freight Forwarders

If you want to ship by sea or transport by air with your large quantity order , you can find some freight forwarding companies in Changchun District and Futian District, which is just next to the Futian wholesale market. Those freight forwarding companies will claim to be able to ship to any country, But normally with a quotation still higher . So the best suggestion is to find the freight forwarder specialized only in the routine line of your country . with also customs clearance included.

3.Shipping via Yixinou Railway

The Yixinou Railway is built especially for the transportation of goods to some certain countries , which is the longest cross-country transportation railway , that starts from Yiwu and passes through the following countries and regions:


The railway transport option will help to save half of cost than air transport. And also half of the cost of time than sea shipping.

The end

If you are planning to visit Yiwu Wholesale Market , or want to source the right products for your B TO B business in your country, BESTSUPPLIERS as a professiona sourcing company we are keen to serve you and help you to boost your business. , any of your request will be welcomed.

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