Hangzhou Bestsuppliers Foreign Trade Group Co., Ltd. (Bestsuppliers) was established in 2016, formerly known as Lanxi Kingway International Trade Co., Ltd. In 2019, it officially became a group enterprise, a new type of company that combines traditional international trade with the internet, embracing internationalization and industrialization. The business scope of Bestsuppliers includes domestic and foreign trade, physical industry chain management, comprehensive foreign trade services, and cross-border trade services. For seven consecutive years, the trade transaction amount has grown by over 30%, continuously achieving new heights in scale and efficiency.

Our Achievement

To make foreign trade simple
Wholly-owned and majority-
owned subsidiaries
Overseas Warehouse Enterprise
in Zhejiang, China
Annual turnover
Annual import and export volume

Core Business

Cooperation with Factories
Cooperation with Factories
Trade of Industrial Products
Trade of Industrial Products
Export & Import
Export & Import
Overseas Warehouse
Overseas Warehouse
Bestsuppliers Group excels in industrial products trade, import and export trade, overseas warehousing, and e-commerce. Our core strength lies in combining traditional trade with internet technology and utilizing overseas warehousing to convert cross-border transactions into local trade, perfectly catering to market demands.
Bestsuppliers Headquarters location

Company Information

+86 17326049340
+86 17326049340

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