2023 Ultimate Complete Guide of Edge Banding

2022-10-14 11:15
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2023 Ultimate Complete Guide of Edge Banding

When you are doing refurbishment of your hall furniture, you will inevitably be confused on the choices of materials. You may have questions that come into your mind. Should it be totally solid wood including the top? Or should it be plywood substrates with laminate tops? No matter what materials you choose for your furniture, you have to consider the edge banding for it, as your furniture can not go without banding edge. Do you want to know why the edgebanding is so important? Because the edgebanding is an essential part for furniture, which can improve the furniture’s span life. So after reading this article, I hope you will have a basic understanding of edge banding. Let’s keep scrolling down 

What is Edge Banding?

plywood edge banding

Firstly, let’s make it clear -whats is edge banding. Before we start with it, we need to have a basic non-technical idea. The manufactured wood core, like MDF, plywood, they have unfinished, unprotected rough edges. So in this case, the edge banding is needed, which is a thin material used to seal exposed raw edge of plywood. The heat sensitive adhesive on one side is applied to the board while the other side works as a barrier to protect from dirt and dust. The thickness of edge banding varies from 0.018-inch to 5mm thick, and they can be rolled up to 250 feet. Usually the thicker the edge banding is, the greater resilience and impact resistance it will have. For the thicker one, it will used in high-traffic and commercial environments.

What is the Function of Furniture Edge Banding?

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The edge banding both has functional and aesthetic purposes, so what is its functional purpose? we know the furniture edge will be exposed to the air. Over the time, the moisture may enter inside the furniture to damage the furniture. Therefore, in this case, the edge banding is needed to seal the edge of core material. Then the edge banding can also improve the resilience and durability of furniture by providing the impact resistance. In the aspect of appearance, the edge banding can cover up the whole rough edges and make your furniture have a better look. By the way, the radial edge can also soften the sharp angles.

Where to Use Edge Banding?

wood edge banding

You may wonder where to apply edge banding in your furniture. It’s all depends on your material. For example, many people will use high pressure laminate tops for case sides and drawer fronts. These tops need edge banding. If you are using plywood or laminate, then you need edge banding too. The fully sealed deck by edge banding can effectively prevent bed bugs. Also, there are some situations that don’t need to apply edge banding. For example, the edge banding will not be used on cabinet backs or drawer bottoms as they are embedded in grooves, so it doesn’t need to cover internal plywood drawer parts any more.

How is Furniture Edge Banding Applied?

Essentially, furniture edge banding is a thin strip of impermeable PVC cut to size to fit the board. You can use a hot roller to melt the adhesive and stick the edge tape to the wood. The ends are trimmed flush and bent so that they cover the wood and don't have any sharp ends. Scrape off any excess glue and polish the edges for a flawless finish. The machines used for this process are called edge banders.

How Many Types of Edge Banding Materials?


The edge banding is available in variety of materials. the most used edge banding are PVC edge banding and veneer edge banding. The PVC edge banding is made from thermoplastic resin, which is a material features the flexibility and durability. Besides, the pigments and also other materials are added to make the banding unique and perfect in colors,textures and wood grains. In addition, the PVC edge banding features the cheap cost, durability and a long service time. Then it’s also easy to repair. But the issue come along that the PVC is not a environmental friendly materials, as it can not biodegrade. 

Wood Veneer

The wood veneer edge banding is mainly made from slices of wood like oak, maple, ash, birch. they are joint together in a roll. This kind of banding usually have a heat-sensitive glue backing, and also offer a range of thickness. So you need to choose the thickness based on the real application. The wood veneer banding is popular as its durability and hardness, which has a clean solid-wood look. Then it can absorb stains. but on the other hand, it’s not heat resistant, so you have to be aware that do not put it near a heater. 


Polypropylene, or PP for short, is an excellent material used in the furniture industry. The edge banding made by PP material is particularly durable and unbreakable. You can easily clean the surface and don’t need to concern about the damage to the furniture caused by water and other fluids, because the polypropylene edge banding is characterized with water resistance. It’s such an unique trait for PP edge banding. As a semi-crystalline plastic, PP edge banding is popular for small radius applications.

Other Considerations

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If the edge banding is applied in a incorrect way. the maintenance of edge banding will also be a large expense. For many reasons the adhesive will not work. then the edge banding will start to peel away from edge. Apart from the adhesive failure, sometimes the rough use will also cause peeling of edge banding. In the case you use the 5mm edging banding on the front end of a case side, your edging will start to peel, as the 5mm edging can not provide enough impact resistance to your furniture.


There are many ways to attach the edge banding on furniture, such as hot air/laser, iron-on, laser edging, etc. As for the adhesive glue solution, our recommendation is to use hot melt glue, Because it is eco-friendly and provide a strong seal at the same time. You have to pay attention that the cold temperature inside building will destroy the glue’s feature, so make sure the interior temperature is regulated to stay at a warm temperature. At the same time, it’s better to avoid being exposed to high temperatures. And then we can apply the hot melt glue to the edge, pressing it to the side.


The edge banding may cost differently depending on the materials. When you have limited budget, we will recommend PVC edge banding for your project. The PVC made edge banding is normally cheaper than other banding as their manufacturing process is quite simple and the used raw material is also less expensive. Compared with PVC edge banding, the solid wood edge banding will be more expensive, just because there are more steps in their manufacturing process ans the raw material is expensive, which is considered as a premium banding solution.


If you are making any project about your furniture, and want to find some quality edge banding for matching your furniture well, you con contact us here. Our edge banding sourcing specialist will provide you with an ideal edge banding solution.

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