Are You Familiar with the Caster?

2022-10-13 15:43
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Are You Familiar with the Caster?

For an outstanding caster supplier with 15 years of experience, in addition to confidence in the caster quality, we are unequivocal on the caster's professional knowledge. Some common industrial caster problems which are often asked by customers have been summarized and answered below. Hope it can help you.

Caster Bracket Surface

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The most common caster surfaces on the market come in two colors: silver and black. Silver is made by electroplating, plating a layer of zinc or chromium, so that the color of the bracket becomes silver. The black ones are usually made black by electrophoresis. Another kind of more high-grade caster, using toner jet technology, can customize the color according to customer needs. Of course, the price is relatively high. No matter whether electroplating technology, electrophoresis technology, or toner jet technology, the purpose is to prevent rust on the surface of the caster bracket.

Caster Brake

Caster brakes, according to the function can be divided into three types: brake wheel, brake direction, and double brake.
Brake wheel: A device that is mounted on the shaft sleeve or surface of the caster, and operated by hand or foot. The operation is to press down, the wheel can not turn, but can change direction.
Brake direction: Brake direction is used in the universal wheel to make the universal wheel become a directional wheel so that it maintains the same direction.
Double brake: Double brake is to lock the wheel movement, and can fix the rotation.

Is Rubber Wheel Softer Than PU Wheel?

Not necessarily. The softness and hardness of the material can be modulated. Some manufacturers' rubber wheels are harder than nylon wheels, so rubber casters also have hard rubber and soft rubber. When buying rubber casters, if not required, generally you will get the caster with soft rubber.

Is Double Bearing More Stable Than Single Bearing?

Double bearings are used in high-end products, with stronger stability, silent effect, and load-bearing capacity than single bearings. Single bearing is a simplified version of double bearing. Although the performance is not as good as double bearing, the price of the single bearing caster is cheaper.

Which Factors Will Affect the Flexibility of Casters?

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There are many factors affecting the flexibility of casters, which can be roughly divided into the following:
a size of the wheel: the larger the diameter of the wheel, the more flexible the rotation, and the less effort to push.
b, wheel material: on flat ground, the hard material rotation is more flexible, but on uneven ground, the soft wheel takes less effort to push.
c, wheel surface size: the smaller the contact area between the wheel and the ground, the more flexible the rotation is. So many wheels adopt a camber design, and the purpose is to reduce the contact area with the ground.

Caster Installation

a, ensure that the installation is in a horizontal position;
b, the universal wheel should be ensured that the axis of rotation is in the vertical position;
c, directional wheels should be ensured that the two wheels are parallel and perpendicular to the frame.

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