Choose The Right Electric fan for Home (with Pictures)

2022-09-02 15:35
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Choose The Right Electric fan for Home (with Pictures)

An electric fan is one of the most important household and commercial electrical appliances and has been widely used in our daily life. According to different home environments, electric fans have also been updated with a variety of types to adapt to the use of each family in different scenarios.

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What is an electric fan?

What is the Advantages of electric fans? Compared with air conditioners, electric fans have the characteristics of energy saving, health, and environmental protection. They effectively cool people down by increasing the airflow velocity. Unlike air conditioners, the cool and comfortable effect is not achieved only by reducing the air temperature or relative humidity, but by evaporating human sweat and increasing heat exchange through convection to produce a cooling effect. The area blown by the electric fan also depends on the diameter of the electric fan and has nothing to do with the speed of the fan. The fan may bring a small amount of heat to the space, mainly due to the heat generated by friction during the operation of the fan. Electric fans use much less power than air conditioners, so they are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than air conditioners.

What is the structure of the electric fan?

Among electric fans, table fans and floor fans are the most basic structural forms. The structure of the electric fan is mainly divided into four parts: fan blade, fan cover, fan head, base. The basic structure of the table fan is shown in the figure. The fan blade (also known as the fan blade) is an important part of the electric fan. Its size and shape have a great influence on the performance of the electric fan such as wind speed, air volume, power consumption, noise, and vibration. Not every electric fan has a fan cover, such as ceiling fans. The main function of the electric fan guard is to ensure safety and prevent accidents when the human body touches the fan blades. Secondly, it plays a certain role in decoration and beauty. The base is generally made of a round or rectangular metal body, and the bottom is flat and has a certain weight to maintain the stability of the floor fan.

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What are Types of electric fans?

At present, the household electric fan market is roughly divided into table fans, floor fans & electric stand fans, ceiling fans, wall hanging fans, solar electric fans, air conditioning fans, air multiplier, etc. So which kind of fan is suitable for us? Today I will introduce it to you. 

What is a Ceiling Fan?

A ceiling fan is a fan mounted on the top of a house or ceiling of a space, usually powered, that circulates air using rotating blades mounted on a hub. Most ceiling fans are used in hot weather, but in winter, ceiling fans can also be used to bring warm air that naturally rises back to the occupants, improving the energy efficiency of climate control. Many ceiling fan units also double as light fixtures, eliminating the need for separate overhead lights in the room.

 Ceiling Fan diagram 

The benefits of ceiling fans

Diverse design styles : Ceiling fans also have a variety of styles. At present, hundreds of styles have been produced and sold in the market, ranging from simple to gorgeous, from American style to European style, big which can meet your requirements for a unified style.
Low noise, fast speed: The noise of the ceiling fan in daily life is very low, so low that it almost seems that the ceiling fan is not turned on when it is running. The general ceiling fan has different speed intensities, from slow to fast, and the process changes relatively quickly.
The ceiling fan in daily life noise is very low, low to almost make the ceiling fan not turn on when running. The general ceiling fan has different speed intensities, from slow to fast, and the process changes relatively fast.
Power saving, environmental protection: Compared with the power consumption of ceiling fans and air conditioners, it is not worth mentioning. An air conditioner can power a ceiling fan for 2 weeks or even longer with one day's electricity. When the indoor temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, it is completely achievable to use the ceiling fan to achieve the effect of cooling and driving heat, and people who enjoy the ceiling fan are not prone to colds and other phenomena.

What is a wall hanging fan?

A small electric fan that can only be hung on the wall, usually electric.

wall hanging fan

Advantages of wall hanging fan

Save more space: The wall hanging fan is installed on the wall and does not occupy the ground area. If the room space is small, to facilitate indoor activities, you can consider choosing a wall fan, which can achieve the same cooling effect as a desk fan.
Direction controllable: Wall hanging fans are divided into two types: directional wall fans and steering wall hanging fan. The steering wall hanging fan can swing their heads to blow air. Wall fans are mostly used in public places such as shops, restaurants, and garages.
Easy to install: The first step is to make holes in the wall according to the hole positions of the fixed triangles, and then install the screws to fix the triangles;
The second step is to insert the connector of the motor on the fixed triangular piece, determine the direction of the motor and finally tighten the screws;
The third step is to install the grille and screws, connect the power supply and use it.

What is a table fan

Table fan, including the base, fan blades, fan cover, and rear case, table fan will design the handle. A small fan to keep you cool - standing on a short stand suitable for a table.

table fan diagram 

The benefits of table fans

Easy to move: Desk fans are generally more suitable for home or office use, and can be moved and placed, which is very convenient, but they need to be used on a flat cabinet or table. Due to the different styles and functions, the price range of desk fans is also relatively large.
Powerful design function: In addition to the traditional small table fans, there are many new small mini table fans, not only the appearance is novel and pleasant, but also has USB charging, various types, low price, many stalls, is safe and stable, and saves space. Flexible, the wind direction can hit a specific angle.
Easy to move: The design of the table fan is generally small in size and light in weight, a table fan ensures an easy movement from room to room.  It offers more flexibility in terms of features, such as adjustable heights and oscillation and multiple speeds, Portable electric fans even have a folding function, making the table fan even smaller.

Electric Floor fan & Electric Stand Fan

The floor fan is composed of four important parts, the swing head structure, the telescopic structure, the head structure, and the foot (chassis) structure. The telescopic structure is used to adjust the distance between the bottom of the fan and the head of the electric fan.

diagram of Electric Floor fan

1. Advantages of electric stand fan 

Strong stability: The biggest advantage of the floor fan is that it can have an independent fulcrum, and there is no need to use external tables and chairs to place the fan. Floor fans are widely used in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and other areas. In addition to traditional floor fans, there are now more luxurious versions of floor fans, that is, multi-functional electronic plus remote control fans, which also have silent energy.
Cheap price: Due to the early production of floor fans, the production process has been generally perfect, and the production cost is relatively low. The production difficulty of floor fans is relatively low.

2. How to choose a electric stand fan 

Focus on brand service. Although the price of the electric fan is relatively expensive, the product design is reasonable, the material is also very high-quality, the processing is fine, and the quality and after-sales are guaranteed, and it is safer and more reliable to use.
Listen to the noise. When choosing a floor fan, you should choose one with relatively low noise. Some floor fans are rough, and the internal parts will produce a lot of noise through friction after powering on. This requires you to power on and try it before buying. We want to buy A floor fan with low noise is better.
Look at the fan blades. Generally speaking, a seven-leaf fan is better than a five-leaf fan, and a five-leaf fan is better than a three-leaf fan. Rubber fan blades have a larger air volume than soft rubber fan blades and are not easily deformed.
Look at the surface. If you look carefully at the surface of the floor fan, you will find that the surface of the high-quality electric fan is smooth, without any bubbles or scratches, and the screws are not loose. When the timer switch is turned, the sound is clear and not dragging. Found many problems.
Carry weight. You can pick up the machine and try it out before you buy it. The heavier its chassis, the more stable and safer it is to use. Light weight means that it is not easy to fix, and it is easy to shake when shaking your head.
Look at the plug. The plugs of electric fans are generally three-hole, but there are also some two-hole plugs, so we must pay attention when buying, the three-hole plug has an extra grounding wire, and this grounding wire reduces the possibility of an electric shock It is also safer to use.

Solar Electric Fan

The solar electric fan uses solar panels to charge the battery. When the light is sufficient, the solar panel generates current and voltage under the light to charge the battery. The output of the battery can make the solar electric fan run.
Environmental friendly. The solar electric fan can be used directly without additional charging. Even when camping in the wild without a socket, or in a power outage, it will work normally.

Air Condition Fan

Air conditioning fan uses the temperature difference between water temperature and room temperature to cool the air flow and then blow into the room, with a small amount of cooling function. The elderly and children at home had better not use the air conditioning fan, because it is actually an electric fan equipped with water cooling device, and the outlet is easy to breed bacteria which will blow into the air with the cold wind. In addition, people with high humidity and poor immunity are prone to skin diseases such as eczema and allergic dermatitis. If there are rheumatoid patients, pregnant women's families, it’s better to not use air conditioning fan. Advantages: easy to move, can be slightly cooling, occupies a small space. Disadvantages: need some space, cleaning difficult, and more power consumption.

Air Multiplier

air multiplier

Air multiplier is also called bladeless fan. For reason that there are no blades, it can produce natural and continuous cool air and will not cover dust or hurt the fingers of curious children. What is more wonderful is its peculiar shape and appearance with streamline and refreshing. The product is inspired by the air blade hand dryer. Hand dryers work by forcing air through a small mouth that "brushes" water from the dry hand. The air multiplier blows air out of a 1.3-millimeter-wide cut that rotates around a ring. As air is forced out of the circle, the volume of air passing through is increased by 15 times, increasing the speed to 35 kilometers per hour. Advantages: easy to move, safe, small footprint. Disadvantages: Low air volume.

How to clean the electric fan 

Before learning how to clean the electric fan, let's know why the electric fan should be cleaned first. What are the benefits of cleaning electric fans? After using the electric fan for some time, there will be more obvious dust on the fan blades of the electric fan. If we take it out and use it directly without any cleaning, it will cause certain damage to our bodies. It is more or less accompanied by some dust, which may directly enter our respiratory system and cause symptoms such as coughing. At the same time, if the dust on the fan blades is not cleaned frequently, the service life of the electric fan will be affected to a certain extent, and the wind power will be reduced. So we still try to clean the dust regularly. After wiping, the fan will look like a new one. Let's learn how to clean the electric fan.
The cleaning method of the electric fan is not complicated. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the power is off before cleaning. The fan blades must be removed, and then the removed fan blades and fan parts should be cleaned. The cleaning agent for cleaning the fan can be a daily detergent, and the part to be cleaned should be cleaned with a special cleaner. After spraying on the surface of the fan blade, wipe the surface of the fan blade with a rag, and then put it in a ventilated place to air dry. Just wipe the base of the electric fan with a dry rag, and finally, install the dried parts back in the reverse order of disassembly. After cleaning, it will be very clean, just like a newly bought electric fan.

clean electric fan picture


From the advantages of all kinds of electric fans above, it can be seen that ceiling fans and wall hanging are suitable for crowded place. Table fans and floor fans are suitable for ordinary families without children. Air conditioning and air multiplier are suitable for families with children. Of course, there are many other ways to classify electric fans which can be classified by power supply, form, structure and so on. Hope this article can hope you find most suitable fan on the Bestsuppliers platform.  If you have any question, please contact our best electric fan suppliers here.

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