Complete Guide: How to Clean Mosquito Netting?

2023-02-20 14:48
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Complete Guide: How to Clean Mosquito Netting?

When summer comes, mosquitoes and other insects will slowly slide inside your house and bring some troubles for you. Their hiding places could be every corner, every crack. It’s difficult to find their hiding places because they can hide in every corner, every crack. The only way to protect your family away from the disturbance of mosquitoes is the folding mosquito net.

What is a Mosquito Net?

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Mosquito net is a type of mesh curtain with fine holes which block mosquitoes and other insects in. It is common in the baby’s room. Mosquito net for cot is generally draped over a cradle or a sleeping area for babies. It will provide a safe and comfortable space and protect babies away from mosquito stings and bites. If you’re on a camping trip, an outdoor foldable mosquito net should be considered one of the most essential supplies. Besides, when you’re in the tropics, a sting or bite of mosquitoes or other insects might cause horrible diseases like malaria, and dengue fever. At this time, a foldable mosquito net for hammocks is far from enough, you have to install a mosquito net roll on your windows and even wear a hat with mosquito netting when working in a jungle, or forest.

Types of Mosquito Net

Mosquito nets come in different types with different purposes.there are some main types of mosquito net for sale on the market. It’s better to have a clear understanding about their characteristics before purchasing one and find the best mosquito net for yourself.




Wedge mosquito net

Narrow single bedsplaced at the head of the bed, and can saves space.

Bell mosquito net

Rounded bedsHigh from the bed, only touches the sides.

Box mosquito net

Rectangular and square bedsThe most common type with equal height on 4 sides of the bed

Rolling mosquito net

Windows and doorsEasy to install and maintain;  fabrics can be replaced when it’s dirty or broken

Pop-up travel mosquito net

Travel or campingcan be easily folded and straightened, suitable for traveling

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Net for Your Home?

Generally speaking, a tightly woven but breathable mosquito net made by polyester can suit for most beds. Besides,you have to take some factors into consideration, such as shape and size.

Shape and Size

There are various sizes and shapes of mosquito nets for sale on the market. Size of foldable mosquito net depends on your bed size. There are square shapes, rectangular shapes, and even circular shapes. You can get one of them based on your bed shape.

Mosquito Net Material

Mosquito net material can be made by polyester, cotton, polyethylene, or nylon. Generally, choose a mosquito net with polyester materials is the best choice. Because it is durable and easy to clean, also cheaper than other mosquito net materials. You can get the best polyester mosquito nets for wholesale on Bestsuppliers.


A mosquito net can be not only placed over a bed, but also can be used as a hat or window screen for various purposes. As long as you want to prevent mosquitoes or other insects from stinging and biting, you can get a foldable mosquito net. If you want to protect your baby away from mosquitoes, you can get baby mosquito nets. also, you can just install a mosquito net roll to prevent insects entering your house. All of these types of mosquito nets can be bought in bulk on Bestsuppliers.

How to Hang a Mosquito Net for Your Bed?

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  1. Firstly, spread the mosquito net onto your bed, and find hanging points in four corners. If the mosquito net is used for a hammock, maybe there are only one hanging point on the center.
  2. Make sure there are hooks from the ceiling that can suspend your mosquito net. Or you can tie a hanging point on the beam.
  3. The last thing you need to do is tuck your net underneath your mattress or sleeping mat.

Different types of mosquito net have different way to hang. Some types of net may require brackets to install. For more details, you can contact our professional mosquito net suppliers and manufacturers on the Bestsupplier platform.

How to Install Mosquito Net for Windows?

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  • Cleaning the spot where the hook tape is going to be placed.
  • Next, cut the mosquito net to fit your window.
  • Glue the hook tape on the sides of windows.
  • Put four edge patches on the corners.
  • Attach the mosquito net to the sticky rolls around windows.

How to Clean a Mosquito Netting?

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Mosquito net for bed is not simple to clean as you thought. The cleaning method will vary depending on the type of mosquito net.

Mosquito Net Roll for Windows

Mosquito net roll for windows is relatively easy to clean and do not require much effort. You can remove the net from the window and take it outside. Then you can sue the garden hose to clean your mosquito net roll if you want to wash it casually. For the deep-clean, you can use a brush gently scrub the net and remove the dirt.

Mosquito Net for Bed

Mosquito net for bed is softer and easy to tear. So only the polyester mosquito net can be put in the washer. For most of mosquito net materials, they’re better to be washed by hand in cold water. Just put a little washing powder and wait for a while. Then, rinse with water. It won’t take so long to dry if you fully hang it out.


Thanks for reading this guide about mosquito net. I hope the types, materials and cleaning method of mosquito net mentioned above in the article can help you in getting the best mosquito net at the cheapest wholesale price on the Bestsuppliers platform. If you have any question, please contact us here or leave your comment below.

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