Complete Guide of Handheld Glass Cutter: How to Use a Glass Cutter?

2022-09-26 17:19
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Complete Guide of Handheld Glass Cutter: How to Use a Glass Cutter?

A hand held glass cutter is an important tool used in the decoration and building materials industries, there are some common types of glass cutter, like diamond glass cutters, stained glass glass cutter. Bestsuppliers is a great choice for those looking to buy hand held glass cutters at wholesale prices. But now how to use a glass cutter?

What is Hand Held Glass Cutter?

A handheld glass cutter is a type of glass cutter that is designed to be held and operated by hand. It typically consists of a small cutting wheel or blade that is mounted on a handle or shaft. As a tool used for cutting glass, the most important part of glass cutter is the cutting part, located at the tip of the blade. Made of diamond or alloy material that is harder than glass, blade of glass cutter can determine the cutting quality.

Handheld glass cutters are commonly used in a variety of applications, including creating stained glass artwork, cutting and shaping glass for windows and mirrors, and creating glass panels for furniture and other decorative objects. They are portable, versatile, and relatively inexpensive, making them a popular tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Types of Glass Cutter

stained glass glass cutter

There are several types of glass cutters available, each with its own specific use and design. Here are some common types of glass cutters:



Oil Glass Cutter

These cutters use oil to lubricate the cutting wheel, reducing friction and heat build-up. This helps to create a smoother and more precise cut.

Carbide Wheel Glass Cutter

These cutters have a small carbide wheel that is more durable than traditional steel wheels. They are ideal for cutting thicker glass and may be used without oil.


Diamond Tip Glass Cutter

These cutters have a diamond tip that is harder and more durable than traditional steel wheels. They are ideal for cutting harder types of glass, such as tempered glass.

Tungsten Carbide Glass Cutter

These cutters use a tungsten carbide wheel that is more durable than steel wheels. They are ideal for cutting thicker glass and may be used without oil.

Circle Glass Cutter

These cutters are used to create circular cuts in glass, such as for cutting circular pieces for stained glass projects.

Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

These cutters have a pistol grip handle that allows for a more comfortable and secure grip while cutting.

Straight Glass Cutter

These cutters have a straight handle and are the most commonly used type of glass cutter. They are ideal for straight cuts and cutting shapes in glass.

It is important to choose the right type of glass cutter for the task at hand, as using the wrong cutter can result in a poor quality cut or even damage to the glass.

How to Use a Glass Cutter?

Cutting wired glass with a hand held glass cutter can be a bit tricky, but it can be done with some care and attention. Here are the general steps to follow:

how to use a glass cutter
  • Choose the right glass cutter: Use a glass cutter with a diamond wheel or tungsten carbide wheel. These are harder and can cut through the wire mesh.
  • Measure and mark the glass: Measure the glass and mark where you want to cut it. Use a straight edge or ruler and a grease pencil to make the mark.
  • Prepare the glass: Clean the glass thoroughly, and remove any dirt or debris from the surface. Apply a lubricant such as oil or cutting fluid to the area where you want to cut the glass.
  • Score the glass: Hold the glass cutter at a 45-degree angle to the glass surface, and apply firm and even pressure as you run the cutter along the marked line. Make sure to score both sides of the glass.
  • Break the glass: Place the scored line over the edge of a table or workbench, and apply pressure to the glass on either side of the scored line. The glass should break cleanly along the scored line.
  • Smooth the edges: Use a glass file or sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or burrs along the cut edge.
  • Note: Be careful when working with wired glass as the wire mesh can create sharp edges that can be dangerous. Always wear gloves and eye protection when cutting wired glass.

How to Cut the Wired Glass with a Diamond Glass Cutter?

Cut 2-3m Thick Flat Glass

Flat glass with a thickness of 2-3mm can be cut using a diamond glass cutter. First, determine the cutting size on the ruler while allowing for a 3mm gap and a 2mm knife edge. When cutting, align the side of the ruler with the glass size, and place the straight line glass cutter close to the other end of the ruler. Grasp the edge of the cutting edge and draw straight back without any slight or heavy bending.

Cut 4-6mm Thick Glass

Glass with a thickness of 4-6mm is typically utilized in small light transmission areas, such as external wall windows and door leaves. Due to its increased thickness, it is crucial to maintain an even and firm grip when cutting. Alternatively, a 4mm*50mm ruler can be used with a straight line diamond glass cutter to achieve the cut in close proximity to the ruler. Applying kerosene to the cut beforehand facilitates easy removal of the cut portion after oil has permeated it.

hand held glass cutter

Cut Large Pieces of Glass with a Thickness of 5-6mm

When it comes to cutting large glass pieces with a thickness of 5-6mm, the technique is similar to using a 5mm*40mm ruler for cutting. However, due to the enormity of the glass pieces, cutting them while standing on the ground is impractical. Therefore, it is crucial to use flannel to uniformly apply pressure on the glass while cutting. Once the cut is made, it is necessary to handle the glass with care and hold it firmly with both hands while pulling it downwards gently to prevent breakage. For those interested in purchasing the best diamond glass cutters at wholesale prices, Bestsuppliers is always the first choice.


From the tools required to the techniques involved, the blog covers all aspects of hand held glass cutters. Hope it’s useful for you. If you’re seeking to learn more details about the hand held diamond glass cutter, please contact our glass cutter suppliers here, or comment below.

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