Complete Guide of LED Light Bulb: Everything You Need to Know About LED Light Bulb

2023-01-17 16:30
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Complete Guide of LED Light Bulb: Everything You Need to Know About LED Light Bulb

LED lights are now becoming an ideal replacement for both residential and commercial applications, as their features in energy saving, low use cost, and zero emission of toxic gas. In this article, I will let you learn everything about LED light bulbs and hope to help you to make the right decision on LED light purchasing. 

What is an LED Light?

led light bulb

LED is the abbreviated term, which is also known by its complete name “light-emitting diode”, which is a semiconductor device that can emit light when current flows through it. Differing from the traditional light bulb, the LED light bulb is a kind of special bulb that uses LED technology to emit light. LED light was firstly developed in the 1960s, but it wasn’t widely used until the 90s. After that, LED bulbs has become more and more popular because of their lighting capabilities, their efficiency, and life span. In recent years, LED light bulb technology has come a long way. Therefore, you’ve likely faced so many options when choosing lightbulbs in the market. So, how to choose the right LED light bulb for your home? After reading our LED light bulb guide, you'll have a  basic understanding of our LED light bulbs

What Are Three Types of LED Light Bulbs?

There are mainly different types of LED light bulbs in the market, which are -DIP, SMD, and COB. Now let’s just get deep into the three types of LED light bulbs:

color changing light bulb

Dual In-line Package (dip) LED Light

DIP LED Lights are small LED chips that are the oldest and original one. DIP LED chips are still in use today and mostly used into the electronics due to their micro size. But they can emit a limited amount brightness, which are less powerful.

Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LED Light

The SMD (Surface mounted diodes) is mostly mounted into the circuit board, which provides with more brightness than DIP chips, and features also the small capability like DIP. So they are found mostly in electronic devices,or across different types of lighting. You can put multi diodes on a single SMD chip. In this way there will be a range of different colors that can be emitted. In today’s market, the SMD LED bulbs are available in two sizes, including SMD 3528 and SMD 5050- the former is 3.5 mm wide and the latter is 5mm wide.

Chip on Board (COB) LED Light

The COB(Chip on Board) are the newest developed type, which are the brightest out of three. The COB LED lights are packed with over nine diodes onto a single chip. So obviously it improves the brightness-to-energy output, and increases the lighting efficiency.

What Bulb Shapes Are Available?

light bulb shapes

There are many shapes of LED light bulb on the Bestsuppliers platform. Different LED light bulb shapes have their own unique function on the spread of lighting. Here, we will introduce some popular bulb shapes for you, including globe bulbs, candle shape bulbs, golf ball bulbs, teardrop bulbs, etc.

Globe Bulb

Globe-shaped bulbs are larger than most and are ideal for open areas. They will look very beautiful when suspended from high ceilings 

Candle Shape Bulb

Candle shape bulbs are perfect choice for luxury hotel, and also your new decorated home for adding a little bit feeling of romance. They are both elegant and compact, just put one candle shape bulb on your living room for Christmas eve and your birthday party .

Golf ball bulb

Golf ball bulbs are ideal for practical or decorative purpose for their advantages of compact capability. They will always be your first choice if the area is smaller with limited room.

Teardrop Bulb

Teardrop bulbs are becoming more and more popular at the moment. They are widely applied into the industrial settings, which are totally suited when fully exposed from a hanging pendant lamp.

How to Choose LED Light Bulbs? 

There are many options for LED light bulb available in the market. Before you purchasing LED light bulbs for your business, you should consider some factors below.


Lifetime is you the most important point for you to pay attention when shopping LED light bulb for wholesale. Generally speaking, LED bulb does not burn out. However, its life span will influence the brightness which will dims slowly over time. You’d better to choose a durable LED light bulb that is able to use more than 50,000 hours.


The brightness of LED bulb is defined by lumens. Lumen, shortened to lm, is a measurement unit of light energy. You can find specific lumens in the product pages of bulbs on the Bestsuppliers platform. More lumens means brighter light. So, it’s better to pay attention to the lumen before buying bulbs.

Colour Temperature

There are some colour temperature rating may confused you when you check the bulb information. But you definitely know the idea of “warm white” or “cool white”. Based on the Kelvin system of measure, the colour temperature is described with the format of number, followed by a measuring unit, K. The warmer color is equal to the lower color temperature.  Remember this rule. Most of LED light bulbs range form 3000K to 2500K, suitable for basic daily use.

Why You Should Choose LED Lighting : Benefits of LED Lighting Against Traditional Lighting

The LED light is forecast as an expanding market over the next years. why safe LED light shows a great popularity among consumers? Now let’s discover some benefits that LED lights have compared with traditional lights, such as halogen and incandescent.

The LED lights are considered as the most energy -efficient bulbs in the worlds. They use 90% energy less than traditional halogen bulbs , and also up to 60% less energy than CFL bulbs. Their advantage in energy efficiency make them more popular than traditional bulbs. Then LED light  is greener than traditional bulbs. As the over past years, low carbon emission is already the most popular topic around world, so the LED lights can totally fulfill the people’s demand in the improvement of global climate change. Furthermore, the LED lights have also less consumption of electricity, which will help us to reduce the expense of home bills. Now LED lights revolution is happening world widely. Here is a table sheet of comparison between LED light and Halogen bulbs:

 Halogen LED
Lifespan2,000 hours25,000 hours
KWh consumed over 10,000hrs50050
cost of electricity over 10,000hrs80 $8$


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In a few words, LED bulb is a popular choice for their unique advantages in high energy efficiency, environmental protection, and long lifespan. So, if you have any requirement for the LED lights, please contact us here. BESTSUPPLIERS will be always ready to help you find the ones that can fit your needs. 

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