Do You Know the fufu Machine?

2023-04-20 11:56
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Do You Know the fufu Machine?

Fufu pounding machine is a multi functional blender that is used for pounding fufu, grinding palm nut and also used to blend all sort of food elements. Manual chopping is a waste of time, loud noise, and sore arms. With a meat grinder, you can free your hands and bid farewell to the traditional hand chopping method. One machine with multiple functions, high-efficiency work, chopping stuffing is no longer busy for a long time.

What Is a fufu Machine?

Mini Food Processor

The fufu blender, also known as a meat grinder and electric food processor, is a versatile kitchen appliance that makes cooking easier and faster. The fufu blender to be introduced today is made of stainless steel for durability with 3 liters capacity and equipped with 4 sharp blades. It can process a variety of ingredients including meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts with high efficiency. Whether you want to mince meat for a specific dish or chop vegetables for a healthy salad, this food chopper is a great addition to the kitchen.

What Are the Features of Our Fufu Machine?

fufu machine

3L Capacity: The large capacity of the 304 food chopper makes it suitable for preparing meals for families or groups.

Stainless Steel Material: This kitchen appliance is built with high-quality stainless steel for durability and longevity. The stainless steel bowl is durable and unbreakable while the stainless steel knife is sharp and rust free.

Transparent splash proof lid: You can see the food mixing process and prevents food spatter, as a result, it is clean and sanitary.

4-leaf S Blades: The four sharp blades provides an efficient and effective stirring treatment that allows you to easily chop and grind your food to the desired consistency.

Double Detachable Knife: The stainless steel double knife is easy to remove and wash.

Electric Operation: The machine has two speeds, the slow and fast electric operation provides convenient and effortless use, eliminating the need for manual effort.

Multi-functional: The meat grinder can be used for a variety of cooking tasks, such as mince meat, chopping vegetables, making Fufu or yams, or mixing fruits and nuts.

Easy to Clean: The machine has a split design which is easy to disassemble and clean. The food processor is easy to clean, making it a convenient and practical kitchen appliance.

These splendid features make the fufu pounding machine a multifunctional, efficient kitchen appliance suitable for various cooking tasks.

Why Use an Electric Yam Pounding Machine Instead of Traditional Manual?

fufu pounding machine

More faster than hand cutting, it can chop potatos, tomatos, onions, slice salad ingredients, meat, mix sauces or puree soups in seconds. Pounded yam is a delicious African delicacy that many enjoy but find hard to prepare due to the effort needed in its preparation. It can be really exhausting to mash by hand the traditional way, especially after a long day at work. Pounding yam is a difficult and tedious task, and whoever does it probably won't enjoy the task because the person will be tired by the time it is finished. Therefore, it is very necessary to have an electric meat grinder. A fufu blender and yam pounder - is design for pounding. It is designed and produced to help Africans make delicious mashed yam, mashed cassava, various fillings, etc. in the easiest way, saving time and effort.

What Is the Use of fufu Machine?

fufu blender

Ground meat easily: 1000 g pork, peeled and switched. Out in the meat grinder and stir for 15-20 seconds.
Easily twist peppers: 500 g chili, put in the meat grinder and stir for 12-20 seconds.
Baby pumpkin puree: Delicate pumpkin puree, easy to digest as a food supplement.
Fruit milkshake: It is able to cut dragon fruit, strawberry, mango, mix with milk, and the delicious milkshake is made.
The slow gear is suitable for a small amount of food, such as peppers, onions, garlic, and fruits; the fast gear is suitable for a large amount of food, such as walnuts, carrots, and meat.

How to Use a Machine Correctly to Make Delicious fufu?

Electric Yam Pounding Machine

1.Thoroughly clean the parts before using the product first.
2.Cook ahead or dice yam, cassava, vegetables or fruit and set aside.
3.Insert the blades inside the bowl.
4.Add the fufu ingredients to the bowl. You can blend each ingredient separately. 
5.No more than half the capacity of the blender for cassava or vegetables.
6.Cover with a clear lid. Place the motor base on the transparent cover and rotate it left and right until it does not shake to ensure that it is locked.
7.Lastly, connect to a wall socket and you’re good to go. Use the slow and fast buttons on the motor to control its working speed.
Please note: Press and hold the slow speed to chop the food first, remember to press for three seconds to stop and press again, and then press the fast speed to chop the food into finer pieces. You can’t keep pressing and not letting go or press for more than one minute before letting go, because the machine overheat protection will automatically power off since that can easily damage the motor. When using it, press the machine as hard as possible to prevent the machine from shifting due to high power. Do not use the machine for more than 1 minute continuously to avoid damage to the motor caused by overheating.

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