Furniture Sofa Legs: 6 Tips for Choosing The Best Ones

2023-02-01 16:14
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Furniture Sofa Legs: 6 Tips for Choosing The Best Ones

Sofa feet or couch legs are decorative feet that can be used on a furniture sofa. When purchasing a mid century modern sofa, most of us pay attention to the design style of the sofa is suitable for the decoration style, the size of the sofa match living room, the color of the sofa. These are usually the most noticeable elements of a sofa and are what define the look and feel of the furnishing. Sofa parts are easily overlooked when people source sofa, including sofa legs.

Why do furniture sofa need legs ?

Effectively protect modern sofa
A sofa without legs must be in direct contact with the floor, which will cause direct friction with floor, so the sofa base usually wears faster. And the bottom of the sofa is all covered on floor, and the bottom of the sofa is easily stained by floor, which is difficult to clean cleaning. The sofa with legs can effectively support the distance between the sofa and floor, and the sofa don’t need to directly contact floor without causing ground friction, which effectively protects the sofa. Sofa feet create space between the area you sit on and the floor around you, making it easy to clean the underside of the sofa for hygiene.
Make sofas easier to move
When a sofa without couch legs is moved, it is easy to scratch floor without lifting it up and moving, and it may pinch your fingers when it is lifted off floor and moved down.Sofa with legs help make sofas easier to move, This is not the case with sofas with legs, as these are raised well above the floor, a good sofa foot can for sure add a great deal of sophistication to the look and appearance of a sofa.
Knowing more about sofa feet will help you find a better fit for your home and give you a new appreciation of this humble part of the sofa structure.

What is the type of sofa leg ?

4 The Best New furniture Sofa Legs & couch For Living Room in Common Life :
1.Tapered Round Leg Sofa
There are several shape of the tapered leg sofa. The style has round tapered legs that are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. This couch legs is perfect for modern style sofa. 

2.Tapered Square sofa legs
Similar to the round version the tapered square feet sofa is wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. The difference with the square design is there are four distinct sides where the round is a smooth shape. In general, the higher the leg the more traditional the sofa will feel.

3.Saber sofa Leg
A saber leg is the splayed leg of a piece of furniture that forms a concavity and resembles a saber. Saber leg designs are seen in chairs, stools, and sofas. The saber leg can be square or round and frequently tapers outward, Saber legs couch are great for modern contemporary spaces. hey can be round or squared and often gradually tapered. 

4.Metal couch Legs:
The metal leg sofa is perfect to update contemporary glam spaces. This leg style including straight as shown in sofa or in an L shape . Either shape is perfect for modern living room styles. Many metal leg sofas are available in different finishes, Such as brass but you can find similar styles with silver color or black legs. The Interior Design sofa above is an example of the L-shaped metal legs. If you want to customize more sofa leg service, you can contact us.

What is the material of sofa feet ?

According to the material of sofa feet , the sofa legs can be mainly divided into metal sofa legs, plastic & rubber sofa legs and wooden sofa legs.

What is the difference between different material of sofa legs?

Among the metal sofa leg types, 201/304 stainless steel and zinc alloy are more common in modern decoration. The advantage of stainless steel sofa legs are more durable, so you don't worry about getting damp and moldy, the wholesale price of sofa feet is cheaper. It can add fashion to your various furniture projects while respecting you budget.
Zinc alloy sofa legs: the density is high, the surface is relatively smooth and delicate, the load-bearing capacity is smaller than aluminum alloy sofa feet, and the aesthetics is better, which is popular with modern young people.

How about sofa plastic & rubber feet ?

The Advantages of plastic & rubber sofa legs: wear-resistant and non-slip, whether you use wooden floors or marble floors in your home, it can effectively reduce damage to the floors, protecting the beauty and practicality of the floors. Compared with metal sofa legs, the whole production process of plastic sofa legs is simpler, and the cost of production materials is cheaper, which reduces the purchase price of the entire product and can help you effectively control the cost of home improvement.

When to use wooden sofa legs & feet ?

Wooden sofa legs have certain requirements for the material style of the sofa. It is matched with wooden sofas, which is a relatively traditional sofa leg material. Solid wood furniture legs are very natural and environmentally friendly. High quality wooden sofa legs last for a long time, and the prices of different wooden sofa legs also vary greatly, and the price of good wooden sofa legs is relatively high. In addition, it is not recommended to use solid wood sofa legs on outdoor furniture. It is easy to mold when placed outdoors for a long time, and it is difficult to avoid exposure to the sun and rain.
You may ask, can't you use wooden furniture legs outdoors? I can answer you, no.What is the best type of wood for outside furniture legs? Cypress, redwood, and cedar are three softwoods that have natural moisture-wicking properties and make fine choices for outdoor furniture.
Generally speaking, sofas of different materials often determine the material of the sofa legs. There are also those mix-and-match creative collocations, which you can choose according to your preferences.

What color sofa legs are the most popular ?

The types of most customized colors for furniture Metal legs of sofa are black, silver and gold. 
We will match the corresponding screws. As for the number of screws, it can generally be a set of four. We also meet your customized needs according to the color you want and the number of matching screws you want, wide selection of couch legs from chinese supplier. Contact now & get live quotes! Products at factory prices.

How do you install & replace sofa legs ?

1. First of all, before install & replace new furniture sofa feet, confirm whether the sizes and load-bearing of the sofa legs are suitable for the sofa in your home, and then start to change the sofa legs.
2. The sofa legs are generally composed of sofa legs and screw sets. We will match the corresponding screws. As for the number of screws, it can generally be a set of four. Sofa legs is removable , If it is to replace the sofa legs, we need to use the matching drill to unscrew the original sofa legs and remove the old sofa legs.
3. Our sofa legs come with pre-drilled holes and screws, so installation is quick and easy for all skill levels! Installing sofa legs can be done without spending days or even hours! Regular replacement of sofa legs can help improve the comfort of your sofa We support the wholesale of sofa legs that are easy to install, We also meet your customized needs according to the color you want and the number of matching screws you want, wide selection of couch legs from chinese supplier. Contact now & get live quotes! Products at factory prices.and we also support your customization needs, or change the style.

Where to buy Suitable furniture sofa feet ?

If you buy a small quantity, you can choose hardware store near me supplier or furniture mall to shop. If you are not in a hurry, you can also choose a local retail B2C shopping website to purchase, or some cheap overseas online stores to purchase, a platform similar to AliExpress, Most of their items are free shipping, and the goods price can be compared with the local market. Please choose the appropriate size and material of furniture legs when buying. Hope to help you purchase the most suitable sofa legs at the least cost.

If you are a wholesaler, you can wholesale through the local building materials market or hardware market. Of course, you can also import New furniture sofa leg accessories from China. We support buyers with or without import experience to inquire with us, We provide you with competitive quotes online 24/7.
Bestsuppliers can offer Widest Range of New Replacement Couch Legs, all the Best price ranges to elevate your furnishings. Such as wooden sofa legs in Bulking, plastic sofa legs wholesale and furniture hardware sourcing. Offering Cover the Entire hardware Products Sourcing Service: Logo design, packaging design, websitie catalog design service, If you have any question about Wholesale furniture parts at good prices, Buy Wholesale Fruniture sofa legs and Start Scaling up with Us Today! Contact us and connect with a sales rep to get a free quote. 

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