How Does Electric Mosquito Repellent Incense Liquid Work?

2022-11-08 11:30
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How Does Electric Mosquito Repellent Incense Liquid Work?

 Insect repellent liquid is always in high demand during the summer. Because the hot summer is always the ideal season, most insects fly around you all night, making it difficult to fall asleep. That is why we must find the best solution to this problem; normally, electric mosquito repellent liquid will be our first choice to rid you of the pestilence of insects. Let's dive into this super useful liquid to learn how it works and how to use it correctly.

What Are the Characteristics of Electric Mosquito Repellent?

mosquitoe repellent liquid
  1. Easy to use, no need to change every day. A bottle of 45ml liquid medicine can be used continuously for about 30 days, as long as it is simply switched on and off.
  2. The efficacy is stable. After the switch is turned on, the volatilization of the insecticidal active ingredients is always balanced, and the insecticidal effect is stable.
  3. The liquid medicine can be used up completely, no pollution to the environment and no waste.
  4. There is an indicator light after the power is turned on, which is convenient for human control, and it will not be knocked over even if it is used in the dark.
  5. It is safe to use, and the heating device and liquid medicine cannot be touched by human hands.
  6. Pure natural insecticidal products have the characteristics of high efficiency, low toxicity, no residue, no pollution, safety and hygiene, and belong to green environmental protection products.

How Does Mosquito Repellent Liquid Work?

electric mosquito repellent liquid

The components of the electric mosquito repellent liquid are mainly pyrethroids and their derivatives, which are neurotoxic and can cause the insect nervous system to fail but have little toxicity to mammals. The electric mosquito repellent  liquid is energized through the mandrel in the middle to generate heat and dissipate into the surrounding air to repel mosquitoes. It is worth noting that although the electric mosquito repellent liquid has no obvious harm to the human body, it still has low toxicity, especially the toxicity to children is higher than that of adults. Try not to use it in a limited space for a long time.

The mechanism action of "pyrethroid": Since it is a nerve agent, it has a toxic effect on the nervous system of insects. The first is to induce excitement in the insect, and then the nerve conduction is blocked, and the insect then spasms, paralyzes and dies. The signs of poisoning are divided into two stages, namely the excitatory stage and the inhibitory stage, so the two indicators of knockdown rate and lethality rate are commonly used to express the characteristics of each species.

Therefore, when using electric mosquito coil products to repel mosquitoes, you will find that the mosquitoes will first lie on the wall and stay still, and as the poisoning time goes on, they will fall and die. But some mosquitoes cannot be killed. When the concentration of pyrethroid in the air drops, they slowly regain consciousness and start making waves again. But this kind of little strong is still a minority, and most mosquitoes can be poisoned. Bestsuppliers would be a great choice if you want to buy electric mosquito repellent incense liquid in bulk.
The working principle of the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid is that the prepared active medicinal liquid is filled into the packaging bottle, and then the active ingredient is lifted to the top of the mandrel through the capillary phenomenon of the microporous mandrel. Then, the radiant heat of the heating element is volatilized, so that the medicine is distributed into the surrounding air, which has the effect of repelling mosquitoes. Its action form is the same as that of electric mosquito coils, but because it does not need to be replaced every day, the contact with drugs is reduced.

How to Use Electric Mosquito Repellent?

plug in mosquito repellent
  • The first purchase requires electric mosquito repellent incense liquid   When the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid is used up, you only need to buy the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid.

  • Open the bottle cap of electric mosquito repellent incense liquid, and twist the electric mosquito incense stick and electric mosquito repellent incense liquid together.
  • Keep the mosquito coil still, turn the electric mosquito repellent  liquid counterclockwise, connect it to the mosquito coil, and lock it tightly.
  •  Insert the plug of the mosquito coil in the socket, the red light is on, indicating that the mosquito coil starts to work and can be used normally.

What Should I Pay Attention to when Using Electric Mosquito Liquid Repellent?

Check that the packaging, place of origin, manufacturer's information and instructions for use are complete. In addition, the qualified electric mosquito repellent incense liquid will be marked with the approval number of the State Agriculture Commission and the exact drug content. Learn about the active ingredients and content of raid liquid electric mosquito killer to ensure low toxicity and no irritation, especially when choosing for your baby. It is best to check the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid before use, and the surface of the heater should not be scratched, cracked, deformed, etc. The liquid of the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid should be transparent and colourless or slightly yellow without precipitation, the bottle cap should be tightly fitted without leakage, and there should be no irritating smell when used.


The Electric Mosquito Liquid Repellent is extremely gentle and non-irritating. When combined with an electronic constant temperature heater, the heat is evenly distributed, there is no residue or waste, and it effectively repels mosquitoes. Bestsuppliers can help every customer source the effective and low cost electric mosquito repellent for wholesale in any way we can. If you are looking for the effective mosquito repellent in bulk,  please send us your inquiry and we will get back to you in the same day. 

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