How to Use a Car Lifting Jack?

2022-09-30 10:39
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How to Use a Car Lifting Jack?

What is the most dreaded situation for a new driver? The first time you change a spare tire can be one of them. You have to struggle to lift the heavy spare tire, and don't know how to use the jack. The lifting jack is a standard vehicle tool that every car owner should know how to use because at some point you might have to take them out of the trunk. In this article, we will introduce how to use the car jack.

What Kind of Car Jack Do You Have?

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There are two main types of common car jacks; one is a rack jack, and one is a screw jack. The common feature of them is that they are small in size and do not take up space, so they are suitable for placing in the trunk.

Rack Jack

As the most common vehicle tool, the rack jack is composed of three parts: rack, gear, and rotating mechanism. It relies on the rotating mechanism to rotate the rack and hold up the supporting part of the jack to lift the vehicle. It's not bulky, so it's easy to carry. Also, the downside is obvious: it can't support too much weight. Rack jack has two kinds of structure, which are herringbone structure and rhomboid structure.

Herringbone Structure

The rack jack bearing the weight of this structure is relatively low, so it is mainly equipped in small cars. The herringbone jack doesn't look reliable, and it doesn't look safe on a small car…

Rhomboid Structure

At present, most family cars are equipped with this structure of rack jack, its supporting structure than the herringbone jack is more solid and reliable. From small cars to SUV, the structure of the rhomboid jack is the same, but the material and size are different.

Screw Jack

The screw jack depends on its screw structure to support the vehicle, so its support weight is much larger than the rack jack. However, the lifting efficiency of this jack is relatively slow, but the drop is fast. You need to pay attention to the speed when you use it.

What Do We Pay Attention to When Using Jacks?

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The use of the jack is not as difficult as imagined, just needs a bit of effort. Although the jack can easily lift the car, we must adopt the following measures to ensure safety. Before we lift the car with a jack, we need to secure it in place so that it doesn't fall out of place and injure people. After stopping the vehicle, we can not ignore the necessary safety warning, quickly put the warning sign to a safe distance behind the car! When we use the jack, we must pay attention to the ground condition and should try to choose the ground suitable for the jack fixed for operation. If the car is on the soft ground, and we have no way to find a solid and smooth road surface to fix the jack, then we can place large and hard support under the jack, such as wood, floor tiles, iron plates, to help fix the jack on the ground. Each jack has its working limit, and this limit is indicated on the jack's label. Before we use the jack, we must know the maximum bearing weight and the working limit of the jack.


There are a lot of drivers until now, who haven’t used the car jack, and some of them even don't know what the jack looks like. However, being familiar with the use of vehicle tools is also a necessary skill for drivers. For more details, you can visit the Bestsuppliers platform and contact our professional car jack suppliers.

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