How to Use Pincer Pliers Correctly?

2022-09-20 15:22
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How to Use Pincer Pliers Correctly?

Pincer pliers are a common hand tool used in many situations. They are a must-have in almost every household for cutting or pulling objects. Even if you have not personally used them, you must have seen them.

What Are Pincer Pliers?

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Pincer pliers are designed to hold and fix workpieces or twist, bend, and cut wire. The shape of the pliers is V-shaped and usually includes three parts: handle, jaw and mouth. Pincer pliers are generally made of carbon structural steel, which is first forged and rolled into the shape of a pincer blank, and then subjected to metal cutting such as milling, polishing, and finally heat treatment. The handle of the pliers is designed in three styles: straight handle, curved handle and bow handle according to the grip. Pliers are often used in contact with live conductors such as wires, so the handle is generally covered with a protective tube made of insulating materials such as polyvinyl chloride to ensure the safety of the operator.

What Are the Specifications of Pincer Pliers?

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Commonly used pincer pliers have three sizes, 6 inches, 7 inches, and 8 inches (1 inch = 25mm). When the height of the operator is about 1.7m, the 7-inch (175mm) pincer pliers are more suitable for use, and the 8-inch pincer pliers are relatively powerful but slightly bulky. The 6-inch is relatively small, and it is more laborious to cut slightly thicker wires. 5 inches are mini pincer pliers, and home improvement electricians generally do not use tools of this size. Also, there are various types of pliers for your reference.



Slip-Joint Pliers

Equipped with an adjustable pivot point, can grip objects with different thickness.

Water-Pump Pliers

Specialized for gripping pipes.

Linesman’s Pliers

Designed for cutting and twisting the wires.

Locking Pliers

Used for locking firmly onto a workpiece like clamps

Needle-Nose Pliers

Suitable for bending and holding metal fittings  with long, tapered jaws

How to Use Pincer Pliers?

Pincer pliers are a kind of pliers and cutting tools. Pincer pliers consist of a plier head and a plier handle. And you could always buy pincer pliers at wholesale prices from Bestsuppliers. The plier's head includes a jaw, a toothed edge, a knife edge, and a guillotine edge. The functions of each part of the pliers are:

  • The tooth opening can be used to tighten or loosen the nut;
  • The knife edge can be used to cut the rubber or plastic insulating layer of the flexible wire, and can also be used to cut the wire and iron wire;
  • The guillotine can be used to Cut off hard metal wires such as wires and steel wires;
  • The insulating plastic tube of the pliers can withstand a voltage of more than 500V, and with it, the wires can be cut with electricity. During use, do not throw it away. So as not to damage the insulating plastic pipe.

Pincer pliers are shearing tool that has many uses. For example, the jaws can be used to twist or clamp the wire ends; the teeth can be used to turn the nut; the knife edge can be used to cut the wire or cut the insulation layer of the soft wire; the guillotine can be used to cut the hard wire.

What Are the Precautions for Using Pincer Pliers?

  1. The insulation sheath of pincer pliers generally has a withstand voltage of 500V. When using it, check whether the insulation performance of the handle is good. If the insulation is damaged, an electric shock may occur during live work.
  2. During live operation, the distance between the hand and the metal part should be no less than 2cm to ensure personal safety.
  3. When cutting the live wire, it is strictly forbidden to use the knife edge to cut the live wire and the neutral wire at the same time to avoid short-circuit accidents.
  4. The calliper shaft should be oiled frequently to prevent rust.

Pincer pliers cannot be used as hammers. For more details, you can consult our professional pincer plier suppliers and manufacturers on Bestsuppliers platform.

Common Uses of Pincer Pliers

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Pincer pliers is very useful to shoemakers. They use many types of pliers to make and repair shoes. There is one type of pliers, called durable pliers, that are especially useful in shoemaking. They are basically beak pliers with hammer faces. This enables the shoemaker to grab the leather and move it to the last plate with the beak. They can then switch to the hammer face portion of the tool to hammer the tack into the leather. They also use pliers with sharp vertical edges that can be used to make small cuts. These are often referred to as end mills.


Carpenters also use pincer pliers on a daily basis. Like shoemaking, they serve multiple purposes. To a large extent, they are used to pull out nails and clevis pins. They are cleverly designed so the nails can be removed without damaging the wood. This makes them particularly good at removing nails from baseboards, doors and windows. They can also be used in furniture restoration projects. The strong jaws of pincer pliers make them ideal for pulling out clevis pins. These also appear on vehicle trailers and sailing gear. Woodworking pliers are the main type you'll find on the market, although they can be used for many different purposes.

Wire Cutting

Although pincer pliers are primarily used for gripping and pulling objects, they are also good at cutting. Carpenters often use them to cut nails if they can't be removed, but they're also great for cutting wires. If you plan to use pincer pliers to cut wires or any other objects, make sure to cut them at right angles. Don't try to move the tool side to side as it is not as effective as making a right-angle cut. For more details. please contact our pincer.


Pincer pliers are an essential tools in our life. A high quality pincer pliers can save our time and energy to cut and bend objects. If you want to know more details about pincer pliers, please contact our suppliers on Bestsuppliers, or leave a comment below.

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