Is DHgate Safe and Legit-Don't place order on DHgate before you read this guide

2023-01-11 11:35
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Is DHgate Safe and Legit-Don't place order on DHgate before you read this guide

Is DHgate Safe and Legit-Don't Place Order on DHgate Before You Read This Guide


DHgate is becoming more and more popular among the new businessmen or importers , because of the cheap price and small MOQ. But there are still many issues that you will meet when you purchase goods from DHgate, so you may have doubt if it is a reliable B TO B wholesale platform.If you google it about DHgate safe , you will also find lost of negative reviews . that probably make you come up with the question: Is DHgate safe or legit?

By typing into “ is DHgate legit “ on google search bar. It will come up with the featured result ,which says that DHgate itself is definitely a legitable company that generates over 9 figures  in revenue on a yearly basis connecting sellers in China to individuals and ecommerce business owners .
But the sellers on the platform may not be since DHgate works as an middle man between buyers and sellers, it doesn’t sell products directly to buyers, but it offer a place to sellers and allow them to upload picture and description of products for selling their products. So in this sense . the DHgate is more like AliExpress.or eBay
Now it seems that  what matters is to find the reliable seller on this platform rather than to have doubt on DHgate Safe or not. As DHgate is absolutely a legit platform . okay let’s just keep reading throug the whole article and hope it will help you a lot.

What Is DHgate

DHgate is an online B  to B platform from China that trades small  wholesale order , the DHgate as an online whosale platform created for the purpose of helping global e-commerce business sellers who have their shops on amazon, ebay ,which is different from Global Sourcing , or Made In China ,  the products on DHgate is generally in stock and show the clear MOQ requirement on the product listings.

Once you placed order and payed on DHgate for your order ,   Your paid money will be kept into the platform by DHgate until your seller delivers order  to you and you have confirmed order shipping status , below is the whole process for your reference:


Why is DHgate so cheap?

As we know, DHgate is a platform only for chinese vendors . these vendors they sell their products on all these online platforms at a competitive price to people from all the world, like Aliexpress. Global Sourcing , etc with the strong productivity support.  The products are sold directly to customers without middle man. In addition, DHgate as a wholesale platform it doesn’t charge anything from sellers for joining and using the platform . and many times the platform will  give coupons on bulk orders to buyers , so it decreases the product price ,


As I said earlier , DHgate does not sell products instead, you’re dealing with sellers on DHgate,  so before placing any order , you may need to research sellers.Scammers are everywhere ,that’s why DHgate as a legit platform it has also many rules made intent to protect buyers . so it will be your responsibility to read carefully the rules on the platform to make yourself stay away from risks of scamming .

Below are several tips to teach you how to avoid of being scammed on DHgate:

4 tips to avoid getting scammed  on DHgate

Tip 1:Check Customer’s Reviews & Feedback Before Purchasing
Keep in mind that customers’reviews are very important to know if the potential seller is reliable. So it’s an effective way to avoid scams  by checking review and feedback from other customers. If you see many customers left positive reviews  you will probably get free of scamming.
I recommend you to always buy from seller with:
At least 200 reviews
A star rating of at least 4.7 out 5 on their product page.
Then the pictures uploaded by customers will also be a key point to consider, which will give you an idea of how the product actually looks
Below are a few examples for you to have a better understanding of reliable sellers

If you see the seller has less than 30 reviews on his just give up buying from him , even if all these 30 reviews are positive . because probably these positive reviews are left by the seller himself.
Then don’t forget also to check the review date , if the positive review were left just few days ago by customers. It means this is a good product and reliable  seller as well.

2.Check Seller’s Profile
You will also need to check the seller’s profile before buying , the following 4 things listed will be an obligation:
1.Review score
2.Service score
3.Establishment year of seller
4.Total feedback score

Another way is to buy just from Top Merchant or Premium Merchant sellers  as they will definitely meet your needs

Here is a small video that teach you how to check 4 important things in seller’s profile:
In the video the seller is reliable as he has a total feedback score of more than 99%, 6th year of establishment , a great review and service score , and seller is Top Merchant as well

3.Do NOT Deal with Seller Outside DHgate
Just take a helpful example, some of sellers may ask you to pay them through other third part channel rather than through DHgate, that means they are scamming you obviously。 As payment out of DHgate is never allowed by DHgate Platform ,which has already violated the platform rules. The platform shows clearly that any payment outside of DHgate is not protected by buyer protection policies .

4.Don’t Make A large Order for your first order
If you’re dealing with the seller for the first time , remember don’t make a large order directly.  You need to try  quality with a small trial order first. After you tested the product is without quality issue, then you can place big order to him

Why the Tracking Number is not updated on DHgate?

Once your order has been shipped, the seller will provide you with a tracking number, you need to confirm with your shipping carrier before you make a purchase if the shipping carrier is available with the tracking number .
Generally it will take 7-10 days before the package can be tracked online when your order is shipped.
So if in the case you see your tracking number was not updated on DHgate after 10 days,you can contact your seller and ask him to contact shipping company to get tracking information. If your seller doesn’t answer your request , or just provide you with an invalid tracking number, Just use your right to open a dispute on DHgate.

In conclusion

Hope this article will help you have a clearer and better understanding of DHgate to use it more safely. If you have any questions, please leave a quick comment below.

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