Is Electronic Lock More Secure?

2022-09-15 15:21
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Is Electronic Lock More Secure?


There are many kinds of door locks, like knob locks, cam locks, deadbolt locks, padlocks, and mortise locks. With the progress of science and technology, door locks are all intelligent now. Is the electronic lock safe? There exists a lot of discussion and confusion about this question. Next, this article will tell you the answer. Hope these contents are helpful to you.

What is an Electronic Lock?

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The electronic lock is a kind of electronic product that controls the circuit or chip work (access control system) through password or fingerprint input, so as to control the closure of mechanical switches and complete the task of unlocking and locking. There are many kinds of it, from simple circuit digital locks to chip-based digital locks with high-cost performance. At present, widely used electronic lock takes chip as the core through programming to achieve. Electronic lock in the field of security techniques, with anti-theft alarmed electronic password lock instead of the traditional mechanical password lock, to overcome the shortcomings of poor security performance and enhance password complexity, the password lock whether in technology or in performance is greatly improved. The intelligent lock is totally different from the traditional mechanical lock in user identification, security, and management, which is the implementation of the door locking system. The electronic lock can not be called an intelligent lock, for the reason that not all the electronic lock can be linked and operated by mobile phone, which is the unique and special symbol for intelligent lock. The current smart lock varies from the previous "open and then scan" mode. The scanning mode is very simple. You just need to put your finger on the top of the scanning place and move to the bottom. Without pressing your finger on the scanning place, this scanning way will reduce fingerprint residue and greatly avoid the possibility of fingerprint replication, more safe and reliable.

Are Electronic Locks Safe?

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Maybe someone will doubt the safety of electronic locks. They will think holding the only metal key is more secure. However, honestly speaking, the electronic smart lock is better than traditional lock. Obviously, you can’t use an iron wire to open the elctronic lock. Common fingerprint combination lock has the risk of password leakage before. Recent smart locks have a virtual password function technology, that means, in the registered password before or after, you can enter any number as a virtual password, effectively prevent the leakage of the registration password, but also can unlock the door. The general door lock handle can not ensure enough safety performance which is easy to drill holes from the door and then turn the handle with steel wire to open the door. Many intelligent locks are guaranteed by patented technology. A safety handle button is added to the indoor handle setting. It is necessary to press and hold the safety handle button to turn the handle door to open, which brings a safer use environment. The smart lock will automatically display when the palm touches the screen, and will automatically lock up after 3 minutes. Whether the password has been set, whether the door lock has been opened or closed, the number of passwords or door cards registered, as well as battery replacement prompts, lock tongue blocking warnings, low voltage and other conditions, are displayed on the screen. 

What is the benefit of electronic lock?

For B2B wholesalers and distributors, the strategic import of electronic locks from China can significantly bolster their offerings in the security market. Electronic locks, with their advanced security mechanisms, provide a modern solution to traditional lock-and-key systems, offering keyless entry through digital keypads, biometric recognition, or remote access via smart devices. This leap in technology not only enhances security by eliminating the vulnerabilities associated with physical keys but also introduces a level of convenience and control previously unattainable.

The adaptability of electronic locks, capable of integrating with broader security systems and smart home technologies, presents a unique selling proposition to wholesalers. It enables them to cater to a diverse clientele, from residential to commercial sectors, seeking to upgrade their security infrastructure. Importing from China, a hub for manufacturing and technological innovation, allows wholesalers to access high-quality, cutting-edge products at competitive prices, improving their market position and profitability.

Furthermore, the shift towards smart buildings and the increasing demand for efficient, user-friendly security solutions underscore the market potential for electronic locks. By capitalizing on these trends, wholesalers can meet the contemporary needs of their customers, offering products that align with the global movement towards enhanced security and digital integration.

The wholesale price of electronic lock in China

For lock wholesalers looking to expand their inventory with the latest security solutions, understanding the landscape of electronic lock pricing in China is key. The Chinese market, renowned for its vast manufacturing capabilities and technological innovations, offers a wide range of electronic locks at competitive prices. These costs can vary significantly based on several factors, including lock type (keypad, biometric, RFID), brand reputation, technological sophistication, and order volume.

Wholesalers can expect to find basic electronic keypad locks starting from as low as $10-$20 per unit for bulk orders, with more advanced biometric and smart locks ranging from $30 to $100 or more, depending on their features and the technology they employ. Importing directly from China allows wholesalers to leverage these competitive prices while accessing a broad spectrum of products tailored to diverse security needs.

However, it's not just about finding the lowest price. Wholesalers must also consider the balance between cost, quality, and technological advancements to meet consumer demand effectively. Establishing strong relationships with reputable manufacturers can ensure access to high-quality locks at prices that support both competitive retail pricing and healthy margins. This strategic approach enables wholesalers to cater to the growing market demand for innovative security solutions while maintaining profitability.

how does an electronic lock work?

For wholesalers venturing into the dynamic market of electronic locks, understanding the operational mechanics behind these advanced security devices is crucial. Electronic locks represent a significant leap from traditional mechanical locks, offering enhanced security features through modern technology. Essentially, these locks operate by requiring a form of electronic authentication from the user before granting access. This can be achieved through various means such as keypads where a numeric code is entered, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) cards that are scanned, biometric verification like fingerprint or retina scans, or even through smartphone connectivity using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

At their core, electronic locks are powered by small motors or solenoids that activate or deactivate the locking mechanism once the correct authentication has been provided. This shift towards electronic systems allows for greater flexibility and security. Users can change codes or access rights remotely, track entry and exit, and even integrate with broader home or building management systems for a seamless security experience.

For wholesalers, offering a range of electronic locks means catering to a diverse clientele, from residential to commercial sectors, each with their unique security needs. By understanding how these locks work, wholesalers can better guide their customers in selecting the right lock for their specific requirements, ensuring satisfaction and security.


Is electronic lock more secure? After reading this article, everyone should clearly understand that the electronic lock is safe, so please rest assured to use it. When everybody is installing electronic lock, had better choose electronic lock brand with good quality. The safety is established on the basis of quality. So let’s find some excellent locks on the Bestsuppliers, and contact our suppliers for electronic lock here.

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