Is Galvanized Roofing Sheet Good for Roofing?

2022-10-28 17:15
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Is Galvanized Roofing Sheet Good for Roofing?

As a standing seam roofing material, the galvanized sheet is an ideal roofing material for architects, designers and homeowners, because it resists corrosion and combines durability with flexibility, making it easy to install. Many European and global producers now offer galvanized coils and sheets with tinting, moisture resistance.

What is Galvanized Roofing Sheet?

galvanized roofing sheet

With a natural (bright), weatherproof finish, galvanized steel sheets can be applied to many types of roofs. As a standing seam roofing material, galvanized roofing sheets are made from aluminized steel with zinc plate. These zinc roofing sheets can be made into strips, box panels and lock panels to cover any architectural style. Compared to other types of metal roofing products, zinc roofing sheets have a long lifespan, provide with an excellent corrosion resistance. Normally these galvanized roofing sheets have a service life more than 50 years.

How is Corrugated Metal Made?

The corrugated metal sheet is processed by roll forming. Which means the raw sheet material firstly will be pulled off off round metal coils and then passed through rolling dies to form the metal sheet into a corrugated sheet , after the process of forming corrugation to metal sheet , then will be sheared off at correct panel length.

Types of Corrugated Metal Roofing 

When it comes to the types of corrugated metal roofing, the corrugated metal roofing is classified into three major types in the market, including  ⅞" Corrugated, ½" Corrugated, and everything else including ribbed metal roofing panels.

⅞” Corrugated Roofing:

corrugated steel roofing sheets

The most common used corrugated metal roofing panel is 7/8’’ corrugated roofing sheet. This is a deep corrugated sheet that creates a shadow and offer a nice looking of corrugated panels.  In addition, this roofing sheet is also the strongest and cost -effective wavy corrugated panel. 
For this corrugated roofing sheet, as its deep corrugation, it can only fit for the roof with slope of 3’’ in 12’’.

½” Corrugated Roofing:

galvanized corrugated sheet

1/2” Corrugated roofing sheet is an old roofing used a lot for old western towns. This type of corrugated roof sheet exist for a lot of years. But as the presence of 7/8”corrugated roof sheet, the 1/2”corrugated wave sheet is not as common as it used to be due to the price higher and material less stronger than 7/8” 
1/2'' corrugated roofing sheets are suitable for roofing slope at a minium of  3'' in 12'' , the panel is typically 26'' wide  just remember that you need to pay for full width of sheet and just the coverage.

Ribbed Roofing: 

The ribbed metal roofing panel has ribs with sloping sides. It forms trapezoidal-shaped voids at the side lap. It has also flat areas of roof between raised straight line or ridges called ribs. They are made of metal in the shape of zig-zag. The ribs on the panels can create strong, bold lines that are aesthetically pleasing and offer a unique approach to traditional metal panels. In the early years of its invention, the ribbed roofing panels were widely used in agricultural settings,  but now they have been moved to more and more residential and commercial application.

Ribbed metal roofing panels are already a favorite for home owner, builder, as the following benefits:

Versatility--ribbed metal panel can be used in many different ways from commercial and residential buildings  to pole barns on the farm.  it really can be suitable for many apllications including siding fencing , and interior applications.

Easier installation--the ribbed metal panels have an exposed fastener system.that means the used hardware to secure them to the substrate in on the outside of panels , so the installation is very easy , even a DIY lovers can install it .

High Performance--the ribbed metal panels can also perform well under tough condition such as rain, and also extreme weather, like snow , and storm.

Tile Roof VS Metal Roof: What's the Difference 

Both of these two roofing materials are popular choices for roofing refurbishment. Meanwhile, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so let's just have a look at the comparison of two roofing materials in order to help you better choose the right one based on your projects.


Metal Roof

Tile Roof

Installation Cost

cost more for installation labor compared with tile roof that require less time and labor to install.less cost to install than metal sheets, but they are easy to break.

Material Cost

the metal roof sheets are usually  a bit more expensive than tiles. the tiles cost differently depending on the appearance of the tiles. 

Fire Resistance

metal is non-combustible , and is categorized as fire -resistance.tiles are more like to burn when they are exposed to  fire for really long time.

Water Resistance

the metal roof is waterproof,  but rain drop will really make loud sound when beat on the roof.roof tiles are recognized for the weather resistance. they will not get corroded even in long contact with rain .

What's the Function of Zinc Roofing Sheet?

zinc roofing sheet

With different metal roofing options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for your project. Metals including copper, zinc and steel are great roofing materials that will provide you with decades of protection, and low maintenance. Zinc roofing sheet is becoming an increasingly popular roofing material due to its aesthetic and environmentally friendly properties.

Self-healing Ability:

One of the properties of zinc roofing sheet is that scratches, nicks and minor environmental damage can self-heal over time, allowing zinc roofing to stay fresh and new for longer. The patina or protective layer that forms on the zinc called bicarbonate, not only blocks moisture and chemicals, but if a scratch or scratch occurs, it re-forms and repairs itself, making the blemish disappear. Combined with its natural corrosion resistance, this ability makes zinc ideal for harsher environmental conditions. Zinc resists a lot of damage and requires little repair over its entire life cycle.

 Easy to Shape: 

When added to metal alloys, zinc increases metal panels' ductility, allowing them to form unique shapes that result in beautiful and unique rooflines. Zinc can be used to create vaults and curves and is a favourite of modern architectural designers. Formed zinc does not affect its durability. 

Friendly to Environment: 

Zinc is a green building material with many eco-friendly properties. It starts by producing zinc, which uses less energy because it has a lower melting point than other metals. In addition, zinc is fully recyclable, and there is little waste when replacing zinc roofing sheets. During recycling, up to 95% of the original metal content can be retained and fully recycled without loss of quality or degradation. It is also non-toxic, which means the metal maintains low toxicity levels. Finally, zinc roofing sheets are more durable and last longer than other roofing materials, and galvanized roofs can last for over a century if installed properly.

Visual Appeal:

corrugated zinc sheet

Zinc roofs feature high-quality durable materials with a unique style on Bestsuppliers that enhances the appearance of any home or building. You can use traditional seamed panels to create a more classic look or create a look that mimics modern metal tile. When untouched, zinc has a distinctive dark grey metallic appearance that is beautiful on its own. Zinc can be painted to create unique colours and styles to suit your design. No matter the style of home or building, you can complete your look with a beautiful zinc roofing sheet.


Installation of Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheet

Installation Tools you need:

1. Cutter
2. Bender
3. Measuring tape
4. Crayon marker
5. Snips
6. Roofing grade polyurehab e sealant
7. Hammer
8. Screw gun
9. #9 Hex 1/4’’ Diameter x 1-1/2’’ Long Screws

metal roof sheets

Step 1: Take Measurements and Buy Metal Roofing Materials

Before starting a project with your roofing installation, you need to have a rough estimate of  the installation area of your roof in order to well control your budget

Multiply length of rake by distance from eave to eave. and double this to get a total square footage.
For special features roof like skylights or dormers, measure them separately and add them into your total
Extra 10% quantity for talking waste into your consideration.

Step 2: Get onto the Roof

Before yo get onto the roof , don’t forget to make sure your safety. Then use a metallic ladder and also get yourself tied with a durable rope to protect yourself from any risk of falling, should be even more cautious when you are walk on the roof that is slippery and has a steep. In the case you are not able to do it with your safety guaranteed, you’d better to ask a professional personnel to complete this task. As it’s really a risky task, will be deadly once falling off roof.

Step 3: Remove the Old Roof

Now you are already on the roof, so what you need to do is to remove the old roof, underlayment, and vents.
Check if there will be any sign of damage below the roof, that may eventually lead to the leakage.
Remove with hammer the remaining pieces that are sticking out after removal.
Confirm with your local government about the issue of shingle disposal.

Step4: Install Underlayment

The underlayment is a layer used for protecting  roof deck from moistrure, before starting the installation of underlayment, please ensure roof surface is smooth, clean and dry. Then consult consult the products details to find out which kind of underlayment you need, after hat, just follow instructions of underlayment you had bought, usually the instruction includes  some important information, such as overlap requirement between rolls, which allows materials to expand and contract when temperature changes.

Step5: Install Drip Edges and Flashing

Drip edge also called as eave trim, is an essential part to divert wtaer away from your house and into the gutters. It’s normally attached to the roof edges with nails to cover the wood sheathing.

Use a hand seamer to bend end of drip edge to wrap it around corner.
Leave a 3-inch overlap for each new piece of drip edge and apply sealant tape at seams.
Fasten the trim every 12 to 16 inches with roofing nails.
Then install drip edge flashing for eaves with gutter.

Step 6: Install Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets

Now it comes with the installation of roofing sheets over drip edges. Just make sure every thing is ready for this important step.
Check first with your roofing supplier for detailed metal screw nail size and also placement recommendations.

Start to overlap roofing sheets one by one at one eave first as your way up , mean while apply caulk or roofing sealant tape at each junction to seal roof well.

After that, with metal roofing screw nail to fasten sheets according to manufacturer instruction.

Cut roofing sheet to size as required using a circular saw with a compatible blade.

Step7: Install Closure Strips and Ridge Caps

Starting from bottom with closure strips installation, and step by step go your way up,  place first your closure strips along the entire length of roof, but not so close that any of strps hags over the roof edge. Then seal the strips with a line of tape sealant.  Apply the sealant tape to upper side of strips so that will not be trapped underneath, check carefully there are not any gap between strips and roof. Once done with the closure strips. Then install ridge cap on top of them and press it onto the exposed tape to seal, fasten it with screws according to manufacturer’s instructions. 


When it comes to buying galvanized roofing sheets in bulk, whether it’s corrugated roof sheets, box profile roofing sheets or tile form roof cladding sheets, Bestsuppliers will find the best suppliers for you. Simply select your roof type and let us know which type of roofing sheet you need. If you have any questions about it, contact our expert team for more information.





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