NAFDAC Registration Guide in Nigeria- Trade Standards

2023-03-28 14:27
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NAFDAC Registration Guide in Nigeria- Trade Standards

What is NAFDAC?

The full meaning of NAFDAC is National Food and Drug Administration of Nigeria (NAFDAC) is a federal agency under the Federal Ministry of Health that regulates and approves the import, export, manufacture, advertisement, distribution, and sale of products such as food, medical devices, and services. Intending to prohibit the sale of fake medicines and unhealthy food, NAFDAC shoulders the responsibility to safeguard the health of every resident of Nigeria through its functions.

Why register with NAFDAC?

If your business involves the manufacture, import, export, distribution, or sell food and drug-related products, you are not allowed to operate this business in Nigeria without applying for registration with the NAFDAC. That's why to register with NAFDAC.
The process is very difficult for many people who are involved in the importation of medicines and food or producers for the first time due to the lack of sufficient information. In this article, you will get the necessary information to start and complete NAFDAC registration, follow the tips given in this article, it will take about 90-120 days to obtain NAFDAC certification.

The Basic process of NAFDAC registration

If you have more than one product, you must obtain a separate registration number for each product. For example, if you own a company that manufactures lipstick and liquid foundation, each product will require a different NAFDAC registration number.

Registration steps:

1. Preparatory work before registering with NAFDAC

A company must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) before registering its company's products with NAFDAC.

2. Receive the NAFDAC registration form

Start by finding the NAFDAC office closest to you that addresses your needs. NAFDAC is headquartered at Lot 2302, Olusegun Obasanjo Road, Wuse 7 District, Abuja, Nigeria.
It doesn't matter if you're not in Abuja, they have separate offices in many states, find the address of their regional office in your state, buy the NAFDAC registration form, and fill it out exactly. Remember, each form can only be used with one product, so if you have two products, you will need to buy two forms.

3. Submit the registration form

Write an application letter to NAFDAC stating your intention to register your product. It is worth noting that the content of your application letter must contain all relevant information about your product: the full name of the product, detailed description of the product, brand name, manufacturer name, etc., for later inspection. It is worth noting that the registration requirements for locally produced products in Nigeria are different from those for imported products.
In the submitted documents, the importer must include an invitation letter to visit the factory abroad. Applicants must be located in Nigeria and must have a duly signed Power of Attorney from the manufacturer authorizing a Nigerian representative to act in their capacity in Nigeria and clearly state the name of the product.

4. Submit product samples

After the registration form has passed the inspection, you will be required to submit three samples of the products that need to be registered for experimentation and analysis. When the sample inspection is passed, you will receive a certificate of approval from the manufacturer.

5. Pay the necessary fees

Next, pay the necessary fees incurred to register with NAFDAC. When the notification comes down, you must pay the relevant fees on time, otherwise, the certificate will be delayed. The necessary fees incurred for the application depend on the type and category of the product being registered.
Please submit the application form together with the application letter and other required documents to the relevant NAFDAC office personnel.
Also, provide relevant information and a description of the facility to NAFDAC for proper inspection.
As stated previously, each registration form can only be used for a single product. So if you have multiple products, you need to buy multiple forms.

6. Certificate Collection

After your product registration is passed, you will get the NAFDAC registration number and product registration certificate.

register NAFDAC

How long does NAFDAC registration take?

1.Food registration shall not exceed 90 days from the acceptance of the application
2.Drug registration shall not exceed 120 days from the acceptance of the application
Although the wait is longer, it makes sense. If you want to operate an import, export, or manufacturing company without fear, insisting on NAFDAC registration is the right choice.

How to Verify a NAFDAC Number?

Many counterfeit products claiming to be issued by NAFDAC are often encountered in life, and it is particularly important to verify a NAFDAC number. First, we need to log in to
Official NAFDAC verification page and search for products with a NAFDAC registration number. Follow these simple steps;
1. Visit
2. Enter the NAFDAC number printed on the product in the "Registration Number" column, click the button to verify the product, and submit the registration number.

Verify a NAFDAC Number
3. Wait a few seconds to view the displayed results.


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