How to Install Door Hinges?

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Every family has a cabinet or wardrobe, and the stainless steel hinge is the main hardware accessory whose quality determines the working life of the furniture. As a result, when we go to buy some furniture hinges, we need to know more details. This article will demonstrate how to select a hinge and how to install a furniture hinge.

What is Furniture Hinge?

A furniture hinge is a type of hardware that is used to attach two objects and allows them to pivot or swing open and closed. Furniture hinges come in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes to accommodate different types of furniture and applications. Some common types of furniture hinges include butt hinges, concealed hinges, piano hinges, and continuous hinges. The selection of the right stainless steel hinge depends on factors such as the weight of the door or lid, the amount of clearance required, and the desired level of security and durability.

Six Common Types of Furniture Hinge

types of hinge

There are various types of stainless steel hinges for furniture on the Bestsuppliers platform, each designed for different purposes and applications. Here are some common types of furniture hinges:

Hinge Type



Butt hinge

Most common hinge equipped with two rectangular metal plates.Often used for doors, cabinets, and other furniture.

Concealed hinge

Also known as European hinge, is not visible from the outside of the furniture.Used in cabinets and wardrobes to give a cleaner and more streamlined appearance.

Piano hinge

A long, continuous hinge that runs the length of a door or lid.Used on piano lids, toolboxes, and other large furniture pieces.

Corner hinge

 Resting flush against the furniture surface, can mounted internally.Used on metal cabinets and machine covers.

Lift-off hinge

A type of hinge that allows a flush-mounted door or lid to be easily removed from the furniture. Used on HVAC systems, industrial generators and the furniture that requires frequent maintenance.

Heavy-duty hinge

Aimed at providing support and stability for large doors.Used on entry doors, gates or furniture lids.

How to Choose Quality Stainless Steel Hinges for Furniture?


To begin, check to see if the surface and colour of the furniture hinges are even and consistent. Low-quality furniture hinges frequently have an unstable yellow and black plating that is thin and prone to rusting. A genuine stainless steel hinge should have a layer of copper acid plating, which you can confirm by making a line with a knife and looking for a yellow copper layer. Alternatively, you can inspect the hinge cup, which usually has a difficult-to-electrolyze dent. The absence of copper plating is confirmed if the cup has an iron colour. If the colour and brightness of the cup match the rest of the hinge, the metallic hinge's quality is acceptable.

Opening and Closing

stainless steel hinges

Close the stainless steel hinge slowly while holding the hinge cup, and then listen for any noises. If the hinge closes smoothly and without difficulty, even after several attempts, it has passed the preliminary quality test. However, if there are any obstructions or noises, you should be cautious because this could indicate a problem with the hinge's quality.


Using a low-quality furniture hinge screw can lead to frequent problems with its installation. For example, if the tail screw slides, the cabinet door may detach from the cabinet. It's critical to make sure the screw can withstand the necessary tests. Test the adjusting screw on the hinge and the fastening screw at the end of the hinge with a screwdriver several times to see if it slips easily. If it does, proceed with caution. It is also critical to pay attention to the screw thread, as this is another critical aspect that must be noted.


Top furniture hinge manufacturers frequently use cold-rolled steel and stamping moulding techniques to achieve a thick and smooth surface finish. Furthermore, the thick surface coating protects the stainless steel furniture hinge from rust and provides superior strength, durability, and bearing capacity. Poor quality hinges, on the other hand, are typically made of thin iron sheets welded together and lose their elasticity quickly. As a result, the cabinet doors become difficult to open and close and may crack. Therefore, please check the material of furniture hinge before wholesale them in bulk.

How to Install Door Hinges by Chisel?

Step 1: Place the Furniture Hinge on the Door and Trace out

how to install door hinges

When installing a new door, you can directly trace around the stainless steel hinge on the door frame. It is critical to ensure that the depth of the stainless steel door hinge on the jamb corresponds to the thickness of the hinge itself. Before moving on to the next step, double-check that your outlines are correctly aligned on both the door and the jamb.

Step 2: Cut out the Mortise by Chisel

Carpenters will recognize this phrase, which refers to cutting out space on the jamb in the shape of the hinge. To remove wood chips, place the chisel in the exact position and gently valve from a slant angle. It should ensure that your mortise is not too deep, as this can compromise the strength and continuity of the door hinge. And you must try to chisel along the pronounced lines, which is why your tools must be sharp. As a result, installing door hinges without a chisel is nearly impossible. Furthermore, a blunt chisel can be frustrating and require more energy from the hammer. In case you cut the mortise too deeply, use wood dicing as padding.

Step 3: Spot the Position of the Screws

Now you can insert the hinge into the mortise and mark the location for the screws. Also, before installing the stainless steel door hinge, use the same Pencil to mark the position of the hinges. Using a screwdriver or drill machine, bore a screw hole in the pronounced positions you made on the jamb. You only need to drive them in gently so that the screws do not come out of place. You can use a screw companion to ensure they enter the jamb straight.

Step 4: Fix in the Hinges and Attach the Door to the Jamb

To fasten the hinges to the jamb, we should use a screwdriver or drill to connect them to the correct positions. You should also attach the door to the frame to keep it gormandized while supporting it with blocks. Now we just need to position the hinges on the door and jamb and slip the swatch hooks into place.


From the above points, we can let everyone know how to install stainless steel door hinges as long as you understand the specific steps. If you want to know more details of furniture hinges. Please contact us here or comment below. 

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