Packaging Strapping: What You Need to Know About Packaging Straps

2022-08-02 17:19
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Packaging Strapping: What You Need to Know About Packaging Straps

If your business requires shipping large quantity of products, it's important to ensure that your products are packaged securely. To determine the best packaging straps for your business, you may be wondering whether to use polypropylene straps or steel banding. This guide aims to help you make an informed decision by discussing the factors you should consider when selecting the most appropriate type of packaging straps for your specific application.

What Are Packaging Straps?

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A packaging strap is a type of material used to secure loads and pallets or strap and bundle items together for transportation or storage. It typically consists of a long, narrow strip of plastic or metal that is wrapped around the items and tightened to hold them securely in place. Package strapping are commonly used in industries such as shipping, logistics, and manufacturing to secure packages, pallets, and other large items during transport. As an excellent solution for securing shipments during transport, packaging straps are divided into different types and sizes based on the weight of the goods being strapped and the conditions under which they are secured.

How to Choose package Strapping by Materials?

To ensure proper usage, it is crucial to have knowledge about various types of strapping materials, as they have diverse applications and purposes.

Plastic Strapping Material

Plastic banding straps are a type of packaging strap that are specifically designed to handle light-weight loads. In order to create more secure loads on pallets or crates, they are frequently used in conjunction with other types of packaging straps, such as polypropylene and polyester. Although they are available in a variety of sizes, the most common size for these straps is 1/4" to 3/4". This range represents the bare minimum required by most manufacturers before moving on to thicker materials such as nylon webbing (5/8") or polyester strapping (1 3/8" wide x 50' long)."

Polypropylene Strapping Material

Polypropylene is a cost-effective strapping material made from a blend of plastic resins, which does not possess the same strength as steel or polyester. It is offered in a range of widths, thicknesses, and polymer variations, and is commonly used in tabletop and arch strapping applications. Although polypropylene strapping has some level of elongation, allowing it to stretch to some extent, it has a dead stretch, which cannot be recovered, unlike polyester. Polypropylene packaging straps are a good option when you need something lightweight and inexpensive. 

Polyester Strapping Material

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Polyester strapping is stiffer than polypropylene and can serve as a replacement for steel. It has the unique feature of retaining tension and the ability to absorb impact without breaking the straps. It is preferred as an eco-friendly option as it is made from recycled plastic and is often distinguishable by its green color, though other colors are also available. Compared to steel, polyester is safer to handle. It is a suitable alternative for applications that require the durability of steel, but with a lighter, more cost-effective, and safer option that has greater tensile strength.

Steel Banding Material

Steel straps are the most widely used type of packaging strap in modern shipping and warehousing operations. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, but they all share one feature: they can be used to reinforce packages by cinching them shut with a ratchet device that tightens the strap around an object until it's secure. 
Steel banding is stronger than polypropylene, but it is also significantly heavier. It can withstand higher temperatures than polypropylene and is ideal for holding heavier items together. Because of its strength and durability, steel banding is also more expensive. Also, steel strapping possesses properties that prevent it from flexing, unlike other strapping materials. This makes it suitable for securing heavy and solid loads.

Metal Strapping Material

Common Types of Packaging Straps




Polyester Strapping

1, strongest of plastic strapping

2, retained tension

3, high tensile strength

4, eco-friendly

Suitable for medium heavy-duty loads like construction materials.

Polypropylene Strapping

1, cost-effective

2, lightweight

3, easy to use

Suitable for light loads and short transportation trips.

Steel Strapping

1, corrosion-resistant

2, long-lasting

3, high retained tension

4, sharp edges

Commonly used in heavy duty loads like metal products, heavy machinery, automotive parts and components.

Why Do We Use Straps for Package?

Strap packaging has a number of advantages. It is strong, durable, and user-friendly. The straps can be easily attached with Velcro or other fasteners, which saves time and money on labor and reduces the risk of injuries from using complex sewing machines. Additionally, the soft and flexible nature of the straps makes the packaging easy to transport without damaging the product inside or causing wear and tear due to friction between materials. This feature makes it a great option for environmentally conscious companies seeking to reduce waste and improve shipping sustainability.

Common Tools for the Strap

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Tools for strapping typically include a tensioner, a sealer, and a dispenser.

The tensioner is used to tighten the strap around the package, ensuring that it is securely held in place.

The sealer is used to seal the strap together after it has been tightened, creating a strong and secure seal.

The dispenser is used to hold and dispense the strap, making it easier to apply to the package.

Other optional tools for strapping may include cutters, crimpers, or combination tools that perform multiple functions. The specific tools required may depend on the type of strap being used and the specific application or packaging requirements.

Packaging Strap Supply on Bestsuppliers

As we presented above, there are three main types of strapping materials: polyester,  polypropylene, and steel. Each has different pros and cons, so it's important to pick the one that's right for your application. If you’re looking for a reliable strapping supplier, Bestsuppliers is your best choice. We’re dedicated to providing quality supply chain resources and experienced suppliers for customers who want to buy packaging strap in bulk from China. You can easily place an order from your mobile phone with no extra charge, just pay for the cheap wholesale packaging straps. For more details, please directly contact our packing strap suppliers or make a comment below.
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