Updated Razor Wire Total Guide 2024: What is a Razor Wire

2022-10-07 17:20
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Updated Razor Wire Total Guide 2024: What is a Razor Wire

Razor wire mesh is one of the most common devices to protect people’s property and lands away from the thieves and other unwelcome visitors. As a high strength stainless steel material, razor wire is mainly suitable for isolation protection around prisons, airports, military bases, and enterprises. Most of them are made of iron and low carbon steel.

What is a Razor Wire?

razor wire fence

Razor wire has been a popular wire fence since the mid-twentieth century. It is adopted as an improved version of traditional barbed wire. The steel strip forms small, razor-like edges at close intervals along the length of the wire. These sharp edges can cause severe injury to anyone trying to get over the fence -- and because they're so close together, it's nearly impossible to get over the barbed wire without getting hurt. In 1980s, razor barbed wire get the another upgrade. Manufacturers now no longer use strips for the entire wire but instead crimp the edges of the strip around the core of the wire. This made the bladed razor wire more durable, and its popularity soared. Today, razor barbed wire is primarily used for security fencing in warehouses or office buildings, but is also used to prevent particularly stubborn livestock from escaping the fence.

How to Install Razor Wire?

It is necessary to know how to install razor wire before you buy it because you will get hurt when you’re know nothing about the installation process. Now, Bestsuppliers will give you some tips and guidelines for you based on the experience from our professional manufacturers.

Installation on the Fence

If you want to install the razor wire on the existing fence such as expanded mesh fence, the first step is to put a roll of razor wire at the top of the fence and fix it with the clips. Then, stretch it to the other end, and fixed it on the fence. During the pulling process, you need to shake it slightly and gently, avoiding the situation that razors get entangled.

Installation on the Wall

installing razor wire

The support generally put at intervals when razor wire applies on the wall, and there should exist at least two lines of metal wire or barbed wire between two supports because it can firmly hold the razor wire. Then, the last step is to put the razor wire coils and fix them on the supports.

Installation on the Ground

The installation on the ground is simpler and easier than other types of installations. You just need to put a fence on the ground at intervals and then extend the razor wire coils on the fence. In the end, fix the razor wire. Please check the fixation of each screw and make sure there is no problem.

Other Tips on Installation

Before the installation, you need do some preparations. Firstly, please determine the length and number of razor wires you need, measure the distance between supports, and check the quality of razor wire whether it is deformed or get rust. Besides, don’t forget prepare some tools and accessories for your installation. The following list may help you more clearly know how many tools you need.

Tools & Accessories


Razor Wire Gloves

Protect your hands away from the cut, puncture and abrasion

Wire Tie Twist Tool

Help you to twist wire ties in fence

Hog Ring  Pliers

Help you to compress hog rings in fence

Warning Signs

To alert passerby that there exist potential dangers

What Are the Differences Between Razor Mesh Wire and Barbed Wire?

Some believe that razor wire and barbed wire can be used interchangeably because they are "essentially the same." However, there are some differences between these wires that can have a major impact on your enclosures.
The most obvious difference between razor mesh wire and barbed wire is the design. Barbed wire has far fewer sharp points than barbed wire, which means that people or animals are far less likely to be seriously injured if they try to get over the fence.
Other differences include the following:
Installation: To install barbed wire, all you need is a few fence posts and basic knowledge of how to install barbed wire. Razor mesh wire requires some expertise as razor wire mesh is generally more dangerous to handle and more difficult to handle.
Maintenance: Both types of fencing are relatively easy to maintain. The steel tape and wire used to make these wires are usually very high quality and not prone to corrosion, so maintenance is often limited to removing debris that might get tangled up in the fence.
Appearance: Many believe that razor wire has a more "modern" appearance due to the razor design and single-wire construction. In contrast, the design of barbed wire has barely changed since the 19th century, which gives barbed wire fencing a more rustic appeal.
Price: As we already mentioned, barbed wire is considered one of the more affordable types of metal wire. Razor wire is indeed more expensive than barbed wire due to the complexity of the manufacturing process. But you can get very cheap razor wires wholesale on the Bestsuppliers platform.

Why Are Razor Wire So Popular?

Both types, razor wire and barbed wire, are effective to prevent livestock thieves from jumping over the fence. Barbed wire is also commonly installed on top of wooden walls, concrete walls, fences and stone walls to increase the security of property barriers. The advantages of razor wire include:
Thanks to the sharp edges and coiled shape, razor barbed wire can deter criminals from climbing fences. The risk of injury is high, which is why it is so effective. It is also difficult to break through without the right equipment.
It's a cost-effective product that installs on top of border fences and requires little maintenance over its lifespan. So it's an inexpensive way to improve an efficient security layer.
You can choose the length of the ribbon to meet your application requirements and decide how often it is placed along the fence, giving the security solution a modular character. Bestsuppliers could provide custom razor mesh wire for you.
Razor wire can be combined with other types of fences. You can install it to an existing diamond mesh fence, combine it with a motorized fence, and install it on top of the fence.
The razor mesh wire can be installed quickly. By using special gloves and suitable cutters, it can cover large areas in a short time. For more details.

razor barbed wire


After reading this article, I believe you have further understanding on what is razor wire and how to install razor wire on walls. Razor barbed wire fence is an important part of any farm setup.  Whether you're raising livestock, delineating property lines, or just protecting your pets, you need razor wire fence to keep pasture and paddock areas closed. Any questions about razor wire fence can consult our professional suppliers or leave a comment below!

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