Solar Flood Light Guide : How to Choose Solar Flood Light with Remote Control in 2024

2022-05-05 10:33
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Solar Flood Light Guide : How to Choose Solar Flood Light with Remote Control in 2024

Whether you're designing an outdoor lighting system for your doorway, or a calm ambiance to your garden, solar flood light with remote is a great option. However, you might be wondering, do solar flood lights last long enough to be worth it? How to choose solar flood light? In this article, Bestsuppliers will give you a complete guide to solar flood lights based on our professional China supplier experience.

What is a Solar Flood Light with Remote Control?

solar flood lights outdoor

Solar flood lights, as a type of outdoor lighting, can create a highly diffuse, non-directional light rather than a well-defined beam. When solar powered flood lights with remote are used to illuminate objects, the rate of light decay is much slower than spotlights. There are even floodlights that dim very slowly, looking like a light source that doesn't produce shadows. If you want to provide security lighting and brighten the area around your home, solar flood light is the best choice. Because solar flood lights not requiring a power, are cost-effective, energy-saving, and easy to install. Apart from being used in the area around houses, solar flood lights with remote can also be applied to illuminate pathways and walkways. There is a wide of selection of solar-powered flood lights on the market for different uses. You have to consider the specifications and features before purchasing in bulk. Or you can consult our professional suppliers on Bestsuppliers platform.

What Are Advantages of Solar Flood Lights?

Long Lifespan

Solar flood wall lights can last ten years or more without any change as long as it is not damaged deliberately. As an outdoor solar lighting, flood lights with remote are designed to be durable and weather-resistant. So, it can be used for a long time without any maintenance.

Energy Saving

There is no electricity bill when solar flood lights are used. Since solar flood lights are solar installations, the solar energy is converted into electricity, and the fluorescent lights are turned on without consuming electricity at all, which can save lots of energy.

Low Costs

Although the outdoor flood lights are sold at higher prices than traditional lights, they have a long lifespan, more than 50,000 hours, which means you don’t have to constantly replace their bulbs as traditional lights do. Dusk to dawn solar flood lights is much cheaper than traditional lighting in the long run.


Solar flood light bulb are not made of mercury or lead, so it won’t pollute the environment when it is broken. This is one of the reasons why they have become more and more popular in recent years. After all, its recycling rate is as high as 99%, and it is a truly environmentally friendly and green light source.

How to Install a Solar Security Light?

solar led flood lights

It’s simple and safety to install solar security flood lights. Although its structure is compact, but the installation method is simplified. As long as you find the specific installation location and lay out the circuit before installation, you can quickly install it and use it. Generally speaking, it’s only need 3 steps.

  • Step 1, determine the location. Solar security lights with remote should be installed towards the sun. The height is about 6 – 8ft (1.8 – 2.5m).
  • Step 2, fix the light. You can make punch marks with pencil before drilling pilot holes. Then, install the panel on the wall and fix the light with screws.
  • Step 3, connect cords. The last step is to plug the solar panel cord into the fixture cord. For the rest of cords, you can hide them inside a wall.

Beside, manufacturers and companies for solar flood light can also provide perfect after-sales service. If you do not know the specific operations, you can let them teach you how to achieve a good installation effect without affecting the final normal lighting.

How to Choose Solar Flood Lights for Your Home?

solar motion flood light

As we mentioned before, there is a wide selection of outdoor solar flood lights on the market. Maybe you will feel confused about it. Here are some factors to consider in how to choose an outdoor solar light.




Panel Types

Amorphous solar panels: used in inexpensive, lower-power solar lights
Monocrystalline solar panels: expensive but the most effective solar panels
Polycrystalline solar panels: more effective, installed on commercial buildings


Size depends on the amount of power and the panel’s material. 


Brightness is measured in lumens. For smaller lights, lumen is about 100. For higher power lights, it needs 1,000 to 3,000 lumen.



Motion sensor: the light will turn on when you move around a certain area.
 Dusk-to-dawn sensor: the light will turn on when it reaches the set level of darkness. 

Solar flood light is a good lighting equipment, which is very worthwhile for everyone to buy. If you don't know what the advantages of solar flood light are, the above text can help you understand its advantages. When buying solar flood light, you need to know which type is more suitable for you. You need to know whether it can meet your own purchasing standards. If it meets your own standards, go for it, if not, you can choose another brand.

How to Maintain Solar Flood Lights?

The maintenance of solar flood light is easy. Some people think that solar flood light will be easily damaged, and its surface will be dusty, which will affect the overall aesthetics. Even if the solar flood light is dusty, it can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. You don't need to spend a long time on cleaning solar flood light to achieve good cleaning results. Battery is significant to maintain the longevity and performance of solar flood lights with remote control. For the battery, it can be replaced every two years, or even longer. In fact, you need to pay more attention on installation instead of maintenance. Fixing an outdoor solar flood lights with remote into a correct position can save a lots of time in maintaining.


Solar flood light is an excellent choice if you’re looking for energy-saving and effective lighting. Also, it is easy to install and maintain. You can find all types of outdoor solar LED flood lights on the Bestsuppliers platform and get them at cheap wholesale prices. For more details, please contact our China solar flood light supplier here.

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