Spirit Level Guide : Everything You Need To Know About Spirit Level

2022-11-02 12:00
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Spirit Level Guide : Everything You Need To Know About Spirit Level

What Is a Spirit Level?

A spirit level, also called bubble level, or simply a level, is a tool designed to measure whether a surface is horizontal or vertical. It is common in our daily life, often used by carpenters, building workers, or even folks at home to try to hang a painting. Do you know the characteristics of a spirit level ruler? How to use a spirit level? Also, what is the calibration method for the spirit level? Now let Bestsuppliers lead you to learn more about the relevant content.

Characteristics of a Spirit Level

spirit level tool

Light weight, less than 2 meters 1.5kg/m, more than 2 meters 3kg/m. A six-meter spirit level weighs only 18 kilograms and can be easily used by one person. 
Not easy to deform. different material has different bending points. The hardness of magnesium aluminum alloy, used in the spirit level is 3-4 times compared with general stainless steel, which has the effect of bending resistance and is not easy to deform. Also, the bending resistance index of magnesium aluminum alloy level is far beyond other materials.

Types of Spirit Levels

The available levels you can find in the market  , are mainly the following types  including I-beam level(the level frame is an I shape), box bean level (the level frame is a rectangle shape), and also other level types  such as line level (single vial with a hook to hand on a string), cross check level s(pocket size; two level vials at right angles)

How Spirit Levels Are Made?

Spirit levels are made from different materials including aluminum, plastic, wood, cast iron, and composite materials.  They are used by various, professional men, such as contractors and tradesmen,  carpenters, framers,  electricians, plumbers, and woodworkers, and even DIY home people such as homeowners.

How Spirit Level Works?

digital spirit level

A bubble level is a measuring tool that works based on the principle that the liquid surface is horizontal,  which means the bubble tube is just like a well sealed container. The bubble tube is usually filled up witthe h alcohol or colored spirit, leaving a slight curved form bubble, so that bubble naturally rests in the center, the highest point. When the container slopes down, the inside bubble liquid will also slope down, but still keeping the surface horizontal. So the bubble inside position indicate the objects’ inclination . 

How to Use a Spirit Level Tool?

  1. Before you use the bubble level tool, you have to clean the level , removing all building dirt along the edge.
  2. Draw a line along bottom edge on the wall.
  3. Flip the level over, put the new top edge along marked line , and check if the bubble is centered. If it is, your level is accurate. Otherwise, your spirit level is not accurate.
  4. Place the level on the surface of the object for which you want to find the horizon, make sure your level is moved parallel to object, to allow the inside bubble to float to the top of spirit tube.
  5. Slowly put your eyes close to the spirit level and stay at the same level with your spirit tube. It will be even better to keep an eye closed to have an accurate reading.
  6. Then check if the inside bubble is centered between the lines on the tube.  If yes,  that means your object is horizontal well. If the bubble is close to the right side of the lines , your object slopes downward right to left. If the bubble is close to the left side of lines, that means your object slopes downward left to right.
  7. For the vertical measuring  just repeat the same process to find the true vertical or “plumb”

How to Keep the Spirit Level?

The spirit level is easy to keep. It can be hung or laid flat, and will not affect its straightness and parallelism for long-term laying. And aluminum magnesium light scale is not easy to rust. When you’re using the spirit level set, you don’t need to lubricate it. Only when it is not used  for a long time, you can gently coated with a thin layer of general industrial oil.

Calibration Method of Spirit Level

The zero error of the digital spirit level (including the zero error of horizontal position, plumb position, and 450 position) and the error of division value are important items in the calibration of the level. The calibration apparatus is composed of an optical indexing head and a special fixture. During calibration, the special fixture is fixed in the main shaft cone hole of the indexing head, the indexing head is adjusted to make the plate roughly level, and the level is fixed on the plate. Then the calibration is carried out item by item.

Zero Error Calibration

1.Zero Error Calibration of Horizontal Position

After the bubble is stable, the reading of bubble side in the horizontal position is A. Then, the level is turned 180 degrees and placed in the original position of the plate. The reading of the other side is recorded.

2. Zero Error Calibration of Plumb Position

long spirit level

Adjust the head so that one end of the bubble in the horizontal position is aligned with the long line, and turn the head to 90 degrees, and read C at the corresponding end of the bubble in the plumb position. The zero error of the plumb position is the zero error of C plus the zero error of the horizontal position.

3. Zero Error Calibration at 45 Degree Position

Adjust the head, so that the bubble side in the horizontal position is aligned with the long line. turn the head to 45 degrees, and read D at the corresponding side in the 45 degree position, then add D to the zero error of the horizontal position, which is the zero error of the 45 degree position.


According to the above content. It can be used to calibrate the error of the horizontal position, plumb position and 45 degree position respectively. Reading this article, you should know well about the characteristics of the spirit level, usage of bubble level, and the calibration method of the spirit level. If you want to learn more, you can visit our Bestsuppliers website and contact our professional spirit level suppliers.

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