Top 10 China Made Product List

2022-12-30 11:38
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Top 10 China Made Product List

Top 10 China Made Product List

China is a global manufacturing base , most of products are made in China , now day made in china products are already symbol of the whole country, as a labor-intensive country China has global most complete industry chain. Everything you find actually is from China , from clothes to heavy equipment , even more , a lot of foreign brand companies they put production line in China . as China made products have advantage in price.

But how to find right product to sell is not so easy , and importing from chine involves also a complicated process ,to put your investment into the right products , you’d better to get help from professional sourcing agent. As a professional sourcing agent will care all aspects of your importing business.

BESTSUPPLIERS as an experienced sourcing one-stop sourcing company for over 20 years experience, we are always available to hep you to find right profitable products for you. In this article we did a collection of top 10 China made products and hope to be useful to your starting up business.

Apparel/Fashion Accessories

It is well known that China is one of the biggest clothing and fashion accessories in the world like other southeast asia countries, In China, you can find many kinds of clothing specially designed for different human group from kids to adults. Any style can be found here in China as you want, if you have any other customization requirement . Chinese complete production chain can also realize it for you. Further more . you can also print your own logo, which is positive to your brand building. The wholesale price for clothing is quit low, which may just cost around $ 1,5, That is quite beneficial to new business men with limited budget. The main production bases for clothing are Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Guangdong.


Underwear is a daily essential product for anyone, the underwear can be made of various materials. Such as cotton,silk . modal. There are also many kinds underwears according to different features and craftmanship. Take underpants for an example. It can be divided into seamless panty, print pant, shaper pant, etc.

The underwear is a beneficial article to sell. One of our clients from Korea that is specialized in underwear business, with our sourcing service , his underwear business sales grow from small size to over million dollars.


With the ongoing improvement of people’s consumption level. The bags are becoming an essential product that you will take with you for shopping, travelling , etc.  The bags are becoming a promising industry because of its huge market.people now have higher demand for bags’ style not only focus on the practicality

The bags can be divided into different types according to their different usages, such as cosmetic bags , backpack, tote bag, etc.

China is a big manufacturing country of bags , our production technology has already reached the international standard level , The bags are mainly produced in these cities , such as Guangdong, Fujian. Huadu.

If you have no time and experience of finding good bag factories, we are always available to help you out finding the right cheap chinese bag manufacturer.

Cooking Kits

Right now as pandemic issue , people are cooking at home more than ever in order to have a health food. People are now buying more cook kits , such as bread toaster, or knife , or pans , here bestsuppliers we have also several private label options for your choose if you don’t want to develop custom product.

Home Decoration


Furniture is an important product for our daily life, which support our daily activities,. the furniture include sofa. Beds, tables, chairs. Etc. According to the different materials. It can be categorized in solid wood furniture, plank furniture, etc. Most of them are mainly manufactured in China, they are mainly produced in the furniture base , Guangdong. For importing furniture , you have to choose those suppliers that can provide with relative certificates , as many countries will have their policy of furniture importing. Like BIFMA certificate.FSC certificate. According to world’s top exports report, the furniture products brought total value of exports up to $96 billion. Making it one of China’s most important export area.


Now people are paying more attentions to life quality, they are also putting more time to choose nice looking and stylish tile, which is becoming an important part of home decoration. China is also a big country of tiles production and exporting. There are also a lot of tiles available , such as Marble tile , wood finish, rustic tiles, etc to meet your demand.

Air conditioner

The air conditioner is an essential home appliance that we can’t lose especially for hot summer days. In the recent years the market demand for air conditioner is becoming bigger. China is one of the biggest air conditioner manufacturing countries in the world , there are also many famous Chinese brands such as Midea. Gree, Chigo ,etc.
Most air conditioners are manufactured in Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu. Guangdong.

Hardware Tools

Hardware products are widely used in building, household life. There are also many kinds that you can choose, such as plumping hardware, garden tools,like wrench , hammer. Spirit level etc.

China as the biggest hardware supply country.we can find any hardware you want , they are mainly produced in Guangdong, Shandong. Fujian, Jiangsu,Zhejiang.

Home  Appliances

China is  a leading manufacturer for many home appliances. From HVAC equipment to washing machines and refrigerators, China produces millions of units for both domestic market and exports. Which have the value value of billions of dollars 
Recently with the expansion of Covid-19 pandemic. The demand for products like air purifiers , sterilizing washing machines and automatic hand washers are also increasing

Home Gyms

The pandemic COVID-19 has also changed the way people work out . people are now doing work out at home than ever for safety concerns over public gyms, China is the largest manufacturer of gym equipment , if you have already any thought in mind to create a workout program ,or new type of home gym , now it’s the right time

Final Words

The above listed products are top 10 China made products that you can start up your sourcing business with, hope this article will give an overall understanding about  what products to import from China in 2023. of course if you need help in products sourcing in China. you can always contact us for your brilliant business.

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