Types of Coffin Accessories: What is Coffin Corner?

2023-02-10 11:07
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Types of Coffin Accessories: What is Coffin Corner?

What kinds of coffins and accessories are you going to buy when you are planning a funeral for your loved one? Most people will follow the suggestion from the local funeral home. Well, you're not like most people and that's why you're reading this article. In this article, Bestsuppliers will introduce some types of coffin accessories to you.

What is Coffin Corner?

A coffin corner, also known as a casket corner, is a kind of hardware attached to the four corners of the casket panel. As a new decorative mould for coffin, the coffin corner is designed with various gorgeous shapes and types. Generally, the luxury finishing of casket corners can be gold, silver, or bronze colors with religious styles. Some coffin corners in some regions can be designed to display a photo as the memorial plaque. Even the coffin corner can be taken off and given to the family for commemoration. Casket corner can not only give a fresher aesthetic to a casket but also can be used in memory of the deceased. If you’re looking for elegant and exquisite coffin corners and other accessories for wholesale, come to the Bestsuppliers platform. You will find all types and styles of coffin corners here.

Product Name

Coffin corner/ Casket corner


PP, ABS, plastic, metal, custom


Injection and vacuum metalization coating

Long bar length

2.02m, custom

Short bar length

0.66m, custom


Gold, Silver or Bronze

Lift weight

200kg/pc, custom


Decorate the surface of the coffin

Delivery time

Within 25 days

What is the Functions of Coffin Corner?

As we know above, coffin corners are used for casket surface. You can respectively put the big plastic corner into four corners in the coffin and, position the small corners for coffin sides, and  insert the stainless steel bars into the corners. As a standard coffin corner, it plays an important role in decoration. More specifically, coffin corner can give the coffin a holier and more serious look because of the gold or bronze appearance. At the same time, it can be an unique symbol to the decedent being honored. For the funeral products, they’re endowed with more meanings and powers. We can not look down upon these little coffin accessories, including coffin corners.

There are many advantages when shopping funeral accessories for wholesale on Bestsuppliers platform.

  • Customer-first. Bestsuppliers values every customer who comes to our platform and send an inquiry to us, and we will try to provide the best service to you.
  • Top-quality. Bestsuppliers pays close attention to product quality. All of types of casket accessories have been strictly tested and inspected by the professional quality inspection department.
  • Best price. Having being cooperated with lots of outstanding suppliers and manufacturers for coffin accessories, Bestsuppliers can give you the most competitive wholesale price of coffin accessories.
  • Overseas offices and warehouses. Bestsuppliers has set up nearly 30 overseas operation centers in Africa, Asia and South America, and assures you of a one-stop procurement solution.
  • Personalization service. Buyers on Bestsuppliers can customize all kinds of funeral accessories including casket corners, bars, coffin handles, etc. Besides, our sales managers will give you one-to-one professional service and help you to import goods from China. To view the various casket accessories available, please click here.

Other Types of Coffin Accessories

You will need some other coffin accessories in different styles and types excepting casket corners. These coffin parts includes coffin handles, coffin arms, coffin ears or lugs, etc.

Coffin Handle 

coffin handle wholesale

Coffin handle, also called a bar, is attached to the two sides of the coffin and can be held on by pallbearers. Coffin handles are divided into three types, including swing bar, stationary bar, and bail handle.

Coffin Arm

Coffin arm is a part of the coffin handle that attaches the bar to the coffin lug.

Coffin Lug

Coffin lug, also known as coffin ear, is a part of the coffin handle connected to the coffin body. A coffin usually have 8 coffin lugs, 6 lugs on long sides, 2 lugs on short sides.

Fish Tail

Fish tail, or called pie, is the wedge-shaped portion at the end of each crown that slants down.

Base Molding

Base molding or rail is along the edge of the body panels at the bottom.

Apart from coffin accessories introduced above, there are other accessories and parts. Let me show you a picture about these. For more details, you can contact us.

coffin accessories

How to Build a Casket?

If you’re wondering how to build a casket or you’re considering building it, you have to know 5 steps.

Step 1: casket dimensions

The first step is to confirm the coffin size and materials so that you can start the woodwork to build your casket shell.

Step 2: casket hardware

In order to assemble casket shell, you need to buy some casket hardware. These components such as hinges, latches, can connect all coffin parts together and make it easy to remove the lid for finishing.

Step 3: wood finishing

A good wood finishing can make your casket looks smooth and glossy. As for the products used for finishing, it’s better to choose zero-VOC natural oil finishes on your casket.

Step 4: casket upholstery

There is a wide selection of casket upholstery. Generally speaking, your casket upholstery is based on the local customs and cultures. You can ask the local funeral home for advice or consult our casket manufacturers and suppliers on the Bestsuppliers platform.

Step 5: casket accessories

The casket accessories like casket corner is an better way to personalize a casket for  memorialize the deceased. You can customize some accessories installed on the side of casket.


Funeral is a sacred and solemn mourning ceremony. Every coffin part is important and meaningful, including coffin corner. By the way, thanks for reading! I hope this article can help you have a better understanding of coffin accessories. If you have any question about coffin parts and accessories, please contact us here, or you can leave your comment below. 

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