Types of Security Doors: A Quick Buying Guide

2023-03-06 16:09
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Types of Security Doors: A Quick Buying Guide

What materials are needed for house decoration? 

There are many kinds of decoration materials to source for decoration. Decoration materials to buy for Lights & Lighting include Indoor Lights and outdoor Lights etc. Hardware accessories include door hinges, door handles, door locks, door stoppers, and hinges. Such as building materials to be bought including floor tiles, stair handrails, painted tiles, roofing sheets, and so on. These building materials are not daily consumer goods, and they need to be used for a long time, and it will take time and money to replace or maintain building materials, so it is very important to choose the right home decoration building materials. Today we will focus on how to choose the best material for security doors.

Why Security Doors Are Important?

Security doors are one of the most essential building materials when renovating a house. Security doors can not only make your decoration style more beautiful, but more importantly, prevent intruders, but also help maintain the privacy and security of your home.

Security Doors are important

1. Keep your home safe

A security door can protect you from the dangers outside your home. Close or lock the door, and the thief will have no way to directly enter your home to steal property, maybe he will achieve the purpose of theft by prying the door locks, which delays the time of the theft and increases the difficulty of theft to a certain extent, so in addition to installing an In addition to a good door, a good lock must also be installed on the door to truly prevent property loss.

2. Protect personal privacy and reduce interruptions

Partitions through doors can be used to provide privacy between intimate spaces and rooms in the home. A good door acts as a barrier between a lively space and a quiet one, which minimizes distractions and ensures that certain tasks can be done without distractions. For example, between the living room and the study. For example, if someone needs time to read a book alone, they can enter a room with a door and close it while remaining discreet.

3. The door is part of the home decoration

The design of the door complements the design style of the whole house. A well-designed door can make your home decoration look more exquisite, even if it is just a small detail, and put together the entire appearance of your home. They can enhance your decor.

4. Create a positive image

The first impression your home makes can make or break a deal. Doors add instant curb appeal to your home and improve the appearance of proximity. Doors make your home look more attractive from the outside. They also attract potential buyers if you are planning to sell your home.
Doors keep the atmosphere in your home

5. Doors can reduce household expenses

A door can be used to maintain the desired temperature in your home by blocking it to control the temperature inside. A well-insulated door can prevent hot or cold air from escaping your home. Sturdy doors prevent hot air from escaping quickly during the cold winter months and keep cold winds from blowing directly into the house. Translucent doors block the hot summer light while still letting light in. This can help you save a lot on electricity bills.

7 Types of Security doors Based on Materials

Understanding door material types can help you make better decisions about doors in your house. Doors are made of different materials like wood, steel, aluminum, glass, and PVC etc. Depending on the material used to construct doors, they are classified in the following ways:

1.Wooden or Timber Door:

Wooden doors are the most common and commonly used series in daily life. Wooden doors or timber doors are mainly used for interior doors. Solid wood doors are often used in various rooms of the family, and the main advantages of solid wood doors are stability, sound insulation, and environmental protection, and they are easy to install and clean.

2. Glass door

Glass doors add richness, beauty and light to any door in your home, there is a certain level of aesthetics to this type of door, the downside of glass doors is that they can be easily broken. kinds of Glass door is used in bathrooms, also called toilet doors. The raw material of most modern glass doors is also tempered glass, which is relatively hard and can ensure safety.

3. Steel door

Advantages of steel doors: steel doors are stronger than wooden doors, and are not easily damaged by violence. Steel doors are not easy to deform after long-term use, and are more suitable for use as entrance doors or external doors. The surface of the steel door adopts environmentally friendly technology, supports a variety of colors, like white doors, Wooden doors generally have to be painted before they can be used. The steel door itself has relatively heavy gravity and needs to be installed by professionals, and the quality of the installation is relatively high. Defects in steel door design: Steel doors have fewer styles, most of which are relatively simple designs, unlike wooden doors that can be carved with various pictures. The weight of steel doors is relatively high, and the requirements for hardware are also relatively high, which invisibly increases a lot of costs and keeps the price of steel doors high.

4. PVC door

PVC doors are lightweight, it is easy to use. As the most economical type of interior door, pvc door is usually used for bathroom. They come in various designs and colors and look beautiful. These doors have the advantages of non-combustibility, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, etc., and do not require much maintenance. PVC composite doors are widely used in homes, generally used in occasions of heat preservation, moisture retention, dust prevention, and insect prevention. For sound insulation and heat preservation, the effect is relatively weak. PVC doors are very convenient to install. You don’t need to hire special decoration workers. It can also be easily installed at home.

5. Fiberglass door

Fiberglass doors are the most commonly used exterior applications. This type of door comes in many design options and can be easily formed into most shapes and styles. These doors are strong and durable.

6. Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors with glass panels are most commonly used in commercial applications, they are strong and durable and can be used as security doors.
The sliding door is made of aluminum, it is one of the most used in daily life. Because it has many uses and a wide range of applications, it can be seen that its advantages are high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc. wait. Many families also use aluminum alloy doors, but they are limited to local areas, such as the position of the balcony, the position of the kitchen, etc., and the aluminum alloy and glass are combined, and at the same time they are pushed and pulled It appears in the form of a door, which is more common.

7. Steel wooden door

According to the design style, Steel wooden doors can be divided into American Steel wooden doors, French steel wooden doors, Turkish steel wooden doors, etc. Steel Wooden doors protected with a durable steel layer. It is waterproof, moisture-proof,  corrosion-resistant, suitable for severe cold and hot and humid weather, and it is a good deal for budget items.
Steel wood door manufacturers can use different colors, wood materials, and even special design patterns to meet customer requirements. Then the door is easy to match with the interior decoration. It is not as unpopular as steel doors, so the price is more expensive than ordinary steel security doors. Made of steel and wood, the door panels are fixed with steel plates (some are welded) around the door. The door frame is usually made of steel, with a wooden decorative layer on the surface. And the wooden surface can be free from paint or painted.
The steel-wood armored door has the characteristics of anti-theft, sturdy and durable, decorative, anti-theft, and fireproof. The steel-wood armored door takes the steel anti-theft door as the basic core and utilizes the plasticity of wood materials. The door body is made of wooden material to wrap the inner steel door core, which makes the whole door noble and elegant, with both hardness and softness, providing more choices for high-end customers.

Steel wooden door
1: Stable and durable performance, not easy to deform due to weather changes or long-term use.
2: In addition to the anti-theft function, it also has excellent fire prevention, sound insulation, heat preservation, and even bulletproof functions.
3: It has the friendly appearance of wooden doors and the sturdiness of steel doors, and the surface planks are easy to replace.
4: Easy to install, the door frame can be installed in sections according to the construction progress, which is beneficial to the protection of the steel-wood armored door and ensures the construction period. 

In addition to the above 7 types of doors, there are common iron doors, mdf doors, and so on. If you are a wholesaler or construction project manager looking for the perfect doors for your business or project, browse through the bestsuppliers.com doors category Custom, competitive prices of doors are waiting for you. Choose from a range of durable, aesthetically pleasing materials to suit your sourcing and construction needs—we're always here to help.

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