What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Stone Coated Roof Tile?

2022-10-11 14:41
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What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Stone Coated Roof Tile?

Stone coated roof tile is a new type of building material. Everyone chooses to use coloured stone tiles. Because it has many features and advantages, which can be suitable for any building, such as classical-style buildings, high-rise residences, private villas and other roofing decoration projects.

What is Stone Coated Roof Tile?

stone coated roofing sheet

Stone coated roof tile, as a kind of environment-friendly roofing material, takes galvanized zinc sheet as the substrate and is coated with stone chips. This stone coating is not just used for beautifying the appearance, but also for the additional protection. It only requires a slight acrylic film that can easily attach the stone chips with the zinc steel plate.

As is known to all, stone coated roof tile is applied extensively in the domestic market and abroad market at present. Most buildings are willing to use this kind of metal roofing tile. Why are these coated roof tiles so popular in the world? Let me tell you about some advantages and disadvantages of colored stone tile, See why people like to use this type of roof tile.

Advantages of Stone Coated Roof Tile : 

The stone coated roofing sheet is lighter compared with the traditional metal tile, which is convenient to carry and use in construction. At the same time, the use of this roofing tile can reduce some labor costs and logistics costs. In the installation,stone coated roofing tiles are also easier and safer. Besides, the service life is more than 50 years. There are some other advantages of stone coated roof tiles as following:



Sustainable Products

Stone coated tiles can be widely recycled and minimize environmental impact.

Thermal Insulation

 The thermal insulation depends entirely on the layer of air sealed under the colored stone metal tile. The tighter the seal, the better the thermal insulation.

Rainproof and Leak-proof

Color coated roof tiles have a reasonable structure and good leak-proof effect.

Fire Resistance

Color coated roof tiles have high stability and reliability, strengthening the fire resistance in house construction, and reducing the load-bearing situation of the entire building.

Disadvantages of Stone Coated Roof Tile : 

The disadvantages of stone coated roof tile did not find so far. Because it is a new type of green roof tile, and also has gotten the international certification of ISO9001, rated one of guaranteed long life roof materials. Maybe the only disadvantage is slightly pricier than some traditional tiles. However, for housing construction, you should choose the best tile instead of the cheaper one. After all, the house is to live for decades. We can't risk big things for the sake of small ones.

What Are the Difference Between Colour Coated Roof Tiles and Traditional Roof Tiles?

stone tiles roofing

As a metal roof tile, what is the difference between color coated roof tiles and traditional roof tiles, and what is the significance of their existence?

The base plate of color coated roof tiles is galvanized steel plate, and the surface layer is made of high-temperature sintered ceramic colored sand. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, light weight, and beautiful appearance. It is installed with zero loss, green and pollution-free, and can be recycled and reused. At present, some houses use terracotta tiles or a small amount of glazed tiles and resin tiles. The products have great defects: cracks, brittleness, etc. In recent years, color coated roof tiles have been widely used in roofing, and their advantages have been more recognized. With the improvement of residents' economic income and the improvement of people's aesthetic, the requirements for self-built and refurbished houses have become higher, and the emergence of color coated roof tiles has followed the trend.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Stone Coated Roof Tile?

stone coated roofing tiles

Beautiful Appearance:

The roof is paved with colour zinc coated roofing sheet, and the overall building roof presents a curve and a sense of hierarchy, which improves the aesthetic effect of decoration and realizes the overall coordination between the roof and the wall, the building and the environment.

Wide Applicability: 

Colour tile roof tiles have been widely used in new rural residential buildings, villas, residential areas, scenic spots, hotels, commercial buildings, various public facilities and flat-to-slope projects.

Convenient Installation: 

Dry operation avoids the problem of the inability to construct in bad weather such as winter and rainy days. Nail installation, firm connection points, and metal material have strong anti-rain, anti-snow, and wind resistance.

Environmental Recycling: 

The colour tile roof tiles are made of galvanized steel, and the surface is treated with high-temperature ceramic sand to avoid environmental pollution. At the same time, the metal material can be recycled if it is not used later.

Are Stone Coated Roof Tiles Easy to Fade?

The stone coated roofing tiles are made of galvanized steel plate as the base material, and the surface is covered with natural sintered basalt-coloured sand particles. The thickness of color coated roof tiles is 0.35mm or 0.4mm. In addition, the coloured sand used in color coated roof tiles is made of basalt-coloured sand mineral particles as the basic raw material, together with inorganic pigments and special coatings, and is sintered and calcined at high temperature. It has the characteristics of bright colour and is not easy to fade.

The color coated roof tiles have been processed by double sandblasting and double baking treatment, so the coloured sand on the surface is not easy to fall off. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job in daily maintenance and clean up the roof debris in time. The product life is up to 30 to 50 years.

Aluminium galvanized layer in color coated roof tiles can enhance the corrosion resistance of the entire steel base layer and cover the steel base layer, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of coloured stone metal tiles. The acrylic coating is a 2-micron thick coating. A layer of protective film can not only improve the durability of coloured stone metal tiles but also ensure that the product does not rust for a long time.

Factors That Can Affect Stone Coated Roof Tile's Price

stone coated metal roofing tiles

Roofing materials are constantly changing with the progress of society. From traditional mud tiles to popular colour roof tiles, not only products but also construction methods are constantly improving. Then we should pay more attention to product quality while paying attention to the price. The price of color roof tiles is affected by tile type, material, thickness, surface coating and quantity, as follows:

  • Tile type: Different colour tile roof tiles require different processing times and processing costs.
  • Material: The material used in colour roof tiles is galvanized steel plate, which has great advantages compared with terracotta tiles and resin tiles on the market.
  • Thickness: The thickness of colour roof tiles is mainly 0.35 and 0.4 mm. Generally speaking, the thicker the material, the higher the cost, but the thicker the tile will be better, and the service life will be longer accordingly.
  • Coating: The surface layer of colour roof tiles is generally made of high-temperature sintered ceramic-coloured sand, covered with a protective layer, which is used for the protection of colour tile roof tiles.
  • Quantity: People know that the quantity is large and the price is low. Generally, the price of a large order will have a great discount, and if the quantity is small, the price will be higher.


Stone coated roofing tile is characterized with high strength and excellent performance, and it offers unique beauty to hour roofing. On Bestsuppliers, we provide various types and styles of color coated roofing tiles. If you are looking for outstanding suppliers for tiles, please contact us now!



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