What is a Head Pan: Everything You Need to Know About the Head Pan

2023-02-06 14:38
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What is a Head Pan: Everything You Need to Know About the Head Pan

It is common in Africa to put a bowl or a tray of goods on the head. You can often see some African women walking on the path or traveling to and from the marketplace with a tray or bowls on their heads. Not only can they protect themselves from the sun, but also they will feel relaxed and effort-saving.

What is a Head Pan?

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A head pan, just as its name implies, is a pan that can be placed on your head. However, the head pan is not used for cooking food as other pans do. Instead, it is only used for transportation. The most obvious feature of head pan is that its top is larger than its bottom. You may be curious about how to use a head pan. As a metal containner with two handles, head pan can be easily balanced when you grabb the handles. Generally, people in Africa will use the head pan to collect some harvested crops, transport some good, and mix manures and fertilizers. Also, there are many other uses based on your needs. If you want to get multi-use head pan for wholesale, Bestsuppliers is the best platform for you to shop.

What is the Volume of Standard Head Pan?

The volume of head pan basically depends on its size. You can get the volume by calculating the size of head pan. For example, 1000 liter is equal to 1 cum, and 1 cum is equal to 35.32 cft. If there is no obvious data or description about the volume of head pan, you can easily derive the volume by yourself. 
It’s hard to define what is a standard head pan due to the fact that the size of head pan might vary from region to region, country to country. And the design of head pan made by factories also has a little diiference. So, there is no need for you to find what is a standard head pan’s volume. Just get the one which is suitable for your needs. There are different types of head pan on Bestsuppliers. Let’s show you a sample of head pan.、

Product NameHead pan
Diameter46.5, 47.5cm, 44cm, 50cm, custom
Weight1KG, 1.2KG, 1.4KG, 1.6KG, 1.8KG, custom
Surface Treatmentgalvanized or ungalvanized, plain
Materialhigh quality steel, galvanized iron, custom
Popular colorWhite, Black, custom
package12pcs in one woven bag or in bulk, custom

Advantages of Head Pan

African head pan

As a visitor with different cultural background, he/she may be confused about the behavior that put a headpan on the head. Isn’t that heavy? Isn’t that difficult to walk? Why don’t they carry goods in hands? Actually, there are more than advantages of using head pan to transport goods than you thought. Firstly, it can reduce the direct harm from the sun. The sun in the Africa is very intense. Ultraviolet ray and infrared ray will causes wrinkles, sagging, dark marks and sunburn when you’re completely exposed in the intensive sun without any protection. So, a head pan can play a role of physical sun protection like an umbrella. Another advantage of head pan is to transport goods easier and more convenient. Research shows that it can save more energy when putting things on the head. Because the goods, placed overhead, is perpendicular to the center line of the body so that the gravity is dispersed as it passes through the body. In brief, putting a head pan can not only have great effects on sun protection and heatstroke prevention but also enables hands free. In addition, head pan can be used in different fields, including construction and agriculture. However, all of these good performances are based on a high quality head pan. As an ideal head pan, it should be equipped with stainless steel materials, steel tubular handle mounted by screws and reinforced curved edge for heavy load, which can extend the service life. If you’re looking for high quality galvanized head pan for construction and agriculture, please contact our head pan suppliers and manufacturers on the Bestsuppliers platform. Bestsuppliers can always provide you the most professional service.

How to Maintain the Head Pan for a Longer Lifespan?

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Your head pan is an important tool for transporting. To keep your head pan in good condition and  give it a longer lifespan, you have to learn how to take care of it. There some tips for you to maintain the head pan.


A head pan should be kept in a safe place in your house when it is not in use. Do not put it on the cupboard or other higher places. Because, on the one hand, it is easy to drop on the ground; on the other hand, the surface of head pan will be full of dust.


 It is a common sense that metal should be kept away from the rain and other damp conditions, which can avoid rust and keep head pan in good condition. Once the head pan get rusted, it can not last longer. So, it’s better to make sure that head pan is stored in a cool and dry place. Also, you can paint or oil the pan before storage to isolate the air.


You should wash and clean the head in a proper way after you use it to transport goods. If not do this, your head pan will be getting dirty and harder to clean and wash. Even worse, the residue in the head pan may destroy the bottom. Therefore, keep a head pan clean is very necessary.


Head pan is not just a tool for transporting in the farm. It is a symbol of African life-style. Thank you for taking time to read this article about the head pan. I hope this article can help you know more details about head pan an African lifestyle. If you have any question about head pan, please contact us here, or you can leave your comment below. 

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