What is a shovel used for?

2023-03-02 14:02
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What is a shovel used for?

Before we learn what a a shovel used for, let's take a look what is a shovel & spade? Shovel also called spade is a common hand tools for digging, lifting, or moving loose materials (coal, snow, soil, etc.) from one place to another. Shovels are widely used in Construction, gardening and agriculture. Carefully analyzing the structure, types, and makes use of shovels now. 

What are the parts of a shovel?

Learning the important components of a shovel , can help you quickly buy the most suitable shovel styles in your daily life and improve your work efficiency. All types of shovels are assembled from 7 parts to present a complete shovel. These parts vary in shape, size, structure, and material, so let's learn about 7 parts of a shovel. Refer to a shovel picture below for a more intuitive view of shovels’ structure.
Shovel as a digging tool, it is made of Handle, Grip, Shaft, Collar, Step, Blade (or the scoop) and Tip. the blade and the shaft are main partsparts of a shovel


The uppermost part of the shaft is the grip, which you use to reach, grip and control the shovel. When buying a shovel, the grip also needs to be considered from the following aspects.


Although it may seem a bit wrong, some shovels don’t have Grip. You need to grab the shaft directly, not the grip to control the shovel. When the shovel factory produces this type of shovel, the production process is simpler and faster, and there is no need to configure additional parts such as handles, and the shovel without a handle can still complete the work accurately.

2.Non-Slip Grip: 

The non-slip grip is the favorite of most hand workers. The material of grip is an important component that makes it non-slip. The material of the grip is the key part of the anti-skid during the work of the shovel, and silicone or rubber is recognized as one of the best anti-skid materials. This grip is one of the best grips when you have to perform tasks for long periods of time, it can reduces drag from sweaty palms.

3.Foam Grip:

 When you use a shovel, the foam grip experience is the best, because it is very soft and comfortable to hold, but because of the characteristics of the foam material, it is easy to wear during use.


The bottom of shaft is a shovels’ handle, handle of shovel is a rod-shaped structure, it is shaped differently to create different grips, thereby controlling the shovel to complete different work tasks.

1.Straight Shovel Handle

Straight handle is the most common, its production process and process are relatively simple, and it is integrated with shovel shaft.

2.D-Grip Shovel Handle

You may have observed is the D grip handling. The main part of the grip is usually kept separate from the body, you may need to attach it externally using handles. This type of handling can carry a lot of weight when the shaft and D grip are in one piece.

3.Crutch Shovel Handle

Crutch Handles are also known as T-handles. These phase shovels are longer than the D-handles, making them better for personnel with wider hands. They are useful when you are digging a material that would benefit from rocking the shovel back and forth.


Shovel length is determined by the length of the shaft, which is a long piece of material. In modern design, some shafts also adopt telescopic function, which is more convenient to carry and store. When people use a shovel, a large part of their comfort with a shovel depends on the length of the shaft and helps provide leverage to lift and move in clay, coal, etc.
The shaft is the most vulnerable part to damage as it ages. The bearing carries most of the weight of the shovel during use. Many shafts are manufactured from wood material, however now shovel producers use fiberglass materila instead, the benefit of fiberglass shaft being more potent and shock-absorbing.


Where the shaft connects to the shovel & spade head is the collar, Some places are also called sockets. The shaft and blade meet in here, secured by one or more screws or rivets, they remain connected and are capable of withstanding non-perpendicular forces applied when digging and lifting. If the blade or shaft needs to be replaced, the screw or rivet can be unscrewed and the part that needs to be replaced can be replaced. Even some inexpensive shovels use glue to join them.


Risers are also named a step. It is located on the upper part of the blade. Shovels for digging have the most prominent and powerful steps due to their functionality. As the name suggests, we use our feet to apply pressure on the steps in order to dig into the ground. It makes digging easier and you get better results without wasting too much effort. Because of these kick plates, shovels are the most prominent type of digging tool, although there are others.

Blade (or the scoop)

The shovel head consists of blade and step.The blade also called a scoop carries the material being moved, while the socket is mounted on the shaft: the part you hold. The blade ends with a cutting edge that slices through soil, coal, snow, and any other material.

Shovel Blade
Depending on the usage scenario of the shovel, the blade will vary in the following ways:
1.Shovel blades are most commonly made of four shapes: square, round point and taper and other heterosexual shovels.
2. Its production materials: In terms of materials, it can be divided into metal shovels and plastic shovels.Usually metal shovels are used to loosen materials with high strength. The hardness of plastic materials is weaker than that of metal materials, but the strength of plastic shovels is stronger than we imagined.
3. How the blade is attached to the shaft
4. the size of Shovel blades
5. Its angle to the axis


Tip is the last part of a shovel, the furthest from grip. Tip of shovel may be pointed, square, round, or different uncommon shapes.

What is a shovel used for?

When you choose a shovel, you have to think about one answer, what you are going to use it for. This will determine the shape, length and finish of what shovel you use. You can use a shovel to dig a hole, or loosen the soil or work the lawn surface, even down to part of your garden.
A shovel or shovel set is a digging tool that can help farmers and gardeners. When used in the soil, it can be used to prepare the ground, shovel, turn over the soil to make the land leve, For digging, you should choose a garden shovel. Garden spades have relatively straight edges. In firm, dry soil, you should use a slightly longer, narrower shovel, while in loose, light soil, a shorter, wider shovel is better. It can be used to mine coal and other mineral resources; in the auto repair industry, it can help to get out after the vehicle is stuck. 
There was even a line of shovels for military use: each country called them a little differently, in the UK they were called entrenching tools, in the US they were called intrenching tools. A military shovel is a digging tool used by the military for various military purposes. Survivalists, campers, hikers and other outdoor groups find it indispensable in backcountry use.

 How to use a shovel?

There are kinds of shovels for sale in the local market, many ways to use shovels, we give the most commonly used methods in agriculture.
1. We are proficient in the long wooden handle .
2. First cover the wooden handle with both hands, and insert the shovel firmly into the loose material.
3. Hold the end of the wooden handle with both hands, step on the shovel with your right foot, and use the weight of your body to transmit it to the shovel through your feet to make it get off the stage.
4. Press the wooden handle down a few times to loosen the soil, then hold the wooden handle with both hands apart, and shovel out the soil.
5. Hold the shovel vertically with both hands, and tap the soil downward to loosen the soil. Hold the wooden handle back and forth with both hands, and shovel forward with the shovel close to the ground.

What are the 4 steps in purchasing?

1. Right Product

Before purchasing shovels, you should first research the more popular styles in the market, and then look for suppliers for the popular styles in the market. We can go to the local garden tools market or view the more popular local websites to see the styles with higher sales, and then decide which shovel styles to buy.

2. Right Cost

If you are purchasing for the first time, we should first understand the sales price of shovels’ style you want in the market, and then go backwards to introduce your shovel wholesale price. If the shovel purchase price is too high, your sales price of shovel will be higher than the local market peers, and you will not have a competitive bulking price, and you may experience slow sales.
If you already have experience in purchasing shovels, in order to maximize profitability, purchasing personnel must develop new suppliers within a certain period of time to compare the quality of goods provided by existing suppliers, and whether the price is still competitive, which can be used as an indicator of Existing suppliers negotiate for better prices.

3. Right Time

 Before we make a purchase, we must plan procurement list in advance. For example, the peak sales season for snow shovels must be in the cold and snowy winter, not the hot summer. We should prepare the goods for sale before the snow season comes, because it takes time for shovels’ manufacturer to produce, we need to finalize the production time and logistics time with the manufacturer or supplier in advance, and arrange the arrival time.

4. Right Quantity

The correct quantity plays a key role in logistics. If our inventory quantity cannot meet the commodity sales quantity, then we will lose some customers and some opportunities to make money. In addition, if there are too many blind purchases, our storage will be heavier and the goods will be redundant. So we need to have an appropriate quantity estimate for sales to avoid economic losses.

4 steps in purchasing
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