What is an Abdomen Machine?

2022-10-31 12:02
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What is an Abdomen Machine?


The sit-up is a kind of physical exercise, often used in our daily life. As a common form of exercise, sit-ups will consume a lot of physical energy, and sometimes it's hard to keep on. So there is a kind of exercise equipment called abdomen machine to simulate the effect of sit-ups and help people to do sit-ups. Next, let's introduce the function of the abdomen exercise machine.

Structure of Abdomen Workout Machines

 abdomen exercise machine

Abdomen workout machine generally includes an anti-slip yoga cushion, adjustable cervical massager, comfortable waist decompression system, high rebound soft foam, roller massage backrest, and other components.

Principle of Abdominal Machines

According to the kinematics principle of abdominal retraction, the head, shoulder, and the upper part of the back should only be moved in 30-60 degree intervals from the ground, so that the movement can completely depend on the abdominal strength, and all the abdominal muscles can be gotten much exercise. The slimming effect is the best. Three sets of elastic devices, fully meet the needs of different exercises. Using abdominal exercise machine for 5 minutes, the caloric consumption is equivalent to running for two hours, sitting up 500 times, and swimming 800 meters.

Function of Abdominal Machines

abdominal exercise

1, stretch your spine and relieve pressure on your back and waist.
2, it can immediately relax the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.
3, relax the back muscles to promote blood circulation in the upper body. At the same time, pull and stretch the abdominal muscles to achieve the effect of exercising abdominal muscles.
4, exercising muscles can increase the firmness and toughness of the abdomen, legs, and arms, to achieve the effect of a slim body.
5, the abdominal machine can adjust the strength angle, and can accurately tighten the abdomen.

Advantages of Abdominal Machines

1, health: do not need to eat weight loss products, do not need to diet, never have any side effects;
2, easy: easy to adhere to, just lie up and shake for five minutes every day. Lose your belly in 30 days.
3, practical: men, women, and children are available, more convenient and economical compared with the gym.

Usage of Abdominal Machines

1, no matter when and where you just need to take out the abdominal machine to sit up and you can start the abdominal exercise.
2, leaning back, the elastic device of the AD abdominal exercise machine starts to spring the body forward, and an abdominal exercise is easily completed.
3, after 3 minutes of exercise, EMG showed that the amount of exercise increased by 233% compared with normal exercise, and caloric consumption increased by 26%. You can feel the burning in your abdomen
4, after the abdominal exercise, not only the lower abdomen is tightened, but also the back and neck are as comfortable and relaxed as if they were massaged.

As it's mentioned above, a high-quality abdominal machine can  help you stretch your spine and relieve pressure on your back, and shape a slim body. If you're looking for a perfect  abdomen exercise machine, Bestsuppliers is your best choice. You can directly contact our abdomen machine suppliers here!

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