What is Color Coated Steel Plate?

2022-06-13 16:00
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What is Color Coated Steel Plate?

What is Colour Coated Steel Sheet?

Colour coated steel sheet is more than 5 times more scratch-resistant than general construction plates, and can resist the scratches of sharper objects. Mainly used in garage doors, rolling shutter doors and windows, home appliances and other fields. The special colour coated steel sheet can be combined with the heating principle of solar polysilicon, has excellent decoration effect and maintenance effect, and is widely recognized by the solar industry. The main colors are pearl silver, golden yellow, printed LOGO board.

colour coated roofing sheets

Colour coated steel sheet is an extended product of hot-dip galvanized steel coil. It is a kind of steel coil deep-processing product produced by first surface treatment of galvanized steel coil and then coating with paint. It is suitable for further deep processing of cold-formed steel sheet. Colour coated steel sheet like aluminium colour coated sheet is composed of cold rolled steel coil base material, galvanized steel and coating. Because of its excellent weatherability, formability and recyclability, colour coated steel sheet is increasingly becoming a substitute for wood. The colour coated steel sheet adopts the international leading particle anti-scratch coating coating technology for curing, which is more than 5 times more anti-scratch than the general construction sheet, and can resist the scratch of sharp objects. Colour coated steel sheet is mainly used in garage doors, rolling shutter doors and windows, home appliances and other fields. If you want to buy colour coated steel sheet online, then Bestsuppliers would be a wonderful choice.

Application of Colour Coated Steel Sheet

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With the in-depth use of colour coated steel sheet in the construction industry, the market competition pressure of colour coated steel sheet is increasing. The phenomenon of homogenization has led to severe price competition. The investment threshold and technical threshold of colour coated steel sheet are relatively low. Many enterprises do not have their own core technology, and the product quality is low, and they mainly rely on OEM production. The phenomenon of low-level repeated investment is common, which leads to the situation of price competition in the industry. At present, the processing profit of colour coated steel sheet is getting thinner and thinner. Relevant data shows that the average profit of processing 1 square meter of colour coated steel sheet is only about 3 yuan. However, due to the small differences in products, companies can only win orders by lowering prices, which leads to fierce competition and further compression of the overall profits of the industry.

what is the color coated steel sheet price

The price of color-coated steel sheets varies widely based on several factors including quality, thickness, color, and the underlying technology. Generally, prices can range from budget-friendly options suitable for simple applications to premium grades designed for high durability and specific aesthetic requirements. For instance, basic color-coated sheets might start at a more accessible price point, appealing to broad commercial and residential projects. On the other hand, advanced options with specialized coatings for enhanced weather resistance or particular color finishes might command a higher price.

Suppliers often provide a price list that reflects the diverse range of products available, catering to various project needs and budget constraints. These lists typically detail the specifications of each type of sheet, including the coating material, thickness, and available colors, alongside the price per square meter or foot.

you can also check the color coated steel sheet price list on BESTSUPPLIERS.COM. where  you will have a range of price list for different styles of steel sheet at a bulk  wholesale price. the price range for different coated steel sheet is as below from our platform:

Economy or Basic Grade: These are suitable for general purposes and might not have the advanced features of higher-grade options, such as enhanced UV protection or superior corrosion resistance. Prices for this category can start from around $2 to $5 per square foot or approximately $20 to $50 per square meter.

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Mid-Range Grade: These sheets offer better durability and may come with additional coatings for improved weather resistance. They are often used in residential and commercial buildings where longevity and aesthetic appeal are important. Prices for mid-range color-coated steel sheets can range from $5 to $10 per square foot or about $50 to $100 per square meter.

color coated steel sheet supply

Premium Grade: Premium options include sheets with advanced coating technologies, such as PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coatings, offering exceptional durability, color retention, and resistance to chemicals and UV light. These are typically used in high-end architectural projects and industrial applications where performance is critical. Prices for premium grade sheets can exceed $10 per square foot or $100 per square meter.

color coated steel sheet supply

what are these color coated steel roofing sheet companies in Africa 

Safal Steel: Safal Steel, located in South Africa, offers the Colorplus® product line, a range of pre-painted steel roofing designed to withstand South Africa’s harsh climates. Colorplus® features a unique blend of durability, thermal protection, aesthetic value, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly credentials. The product benefits from years of research and development, ensuring it meets the demands of modern steel roofing with innovative paint processes and pigment selection to maintain color integrity and resistance to environmental contaminants.

Africa Steel: Based in Zimbabwe, Africa Steel manufactures galvanized and color-coated steel roof sheeting among a wide range of prime steel and ancillary products. They are known for their quality roofing materials tailored to meet the needs of the African market.


Clotan Steel: Clotan Steel in South Africa is a leading supplier of high-quality roofing products, including color-coated steel sheets. The company prides itself on manufacturing roof sheeting, cold-formed sections, and slit strip that are ideal for various architectural applications, offering durability and aesthetic appeal.

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From a global perspective, there are currently more than 400 colour coated steel sheet production lines in the world, with an annual production capacity of about 14 million tons. The contradiction between supply and demand in the international colour coated steel sheet market is becoming more and more serious. With the development of competition in the colour coated steel sheet market, due to the lack of standardisation in the colour coated steel sheet market, the colour coated steel sheet market is chaotic, so everyone must be cautious in investment. For more details, please contact our suppliers here.



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