What is Waterproofing Membrane?

What Are the Waterproofing Materials?

 The waterproofing membrane is a new kind of polymer waterproof material. From the production process, the technical requirements of waterproofing membrane are much higher than the general waterproof material. On the quality of it at the same time, the waterproof breathable membrane compared to other waterproof materials has a better performance at the same time of strengthening the building's air tightness, and water tightness. Its unique structure design through steam performance, can make the structure of the internal water vapor flowing rapidly, protect the palisade structure thermal performance, so as to really achieve the purpose of reducing building energy consumption, and avoid breeding mold structure. Without any doubt, the waterproofing membrane is a new kind of energy-saving material that is healthy and environmental protection.

How to Use Waterproofing Membrane?

In the construction process, you should avoid accidentally penetrating and opening the waterproof breathable film and try to ensure the integrity of waterproofing membrane. If openings or penetrations must be made, they should be sealed with butyl tape. 
As there is no obvious flame retardant effect of a waterproof breathable membrane, you should avoid using the welding curtain wall engineering fittings, and start a fire assignment (including welding) process before waterproof breathable membrane construction. Be careful, it is strictly prohibited to use fire near the waterproof breathable membrane. 
According to the actual situation, choose the laying way of waterproofing membrane. You can fix the tanking membrane with nails. The fixed place shall be sealed with butyl tape, and the sealing area shall be fully covered by butyl tape. 

waterproofing membrane sheet

Clean dust and oil before construction to make that the corner code is clean, so as to ensure the bonding effect between the corner code and the waterproof breathable film. When the corner code passes through the waterproofing membrane sheet, the integrity of waterproof film should be kept as far as possible. The waterproofing membrane curve will be flooded and completely sealed between the corner code and the the body of waterproofing membrane. 
When connecting with window and door frame, the waterproofing membrane linear should adopt flooding seal. For the corner, it should be sealed by film curve. The bonding width of sealing window and door frame is not less than 2cm, and corner bonding width is not less than 10cm. 
In the construction of roof, the laying of waterproof film should be along the water flowing direction on the roof, and the lap waterproof film length of is 10cm. When the high-strength aluminum alloy bracket of the roof passes through the waterproofing membrane, the intersection of the aluminum alloy bracket and waterproofing membrane should be sealed with butyl rubber strip around a circle.

Advantages of Waterproofing Membrane

1.High temperature resistance: working temperature can arrive to 250℃. 
2.Low temperature resistance: the waterproofing membrane has good mechanical toughness on the Bestsuppliers platform. Even when the temperature drops to -196℃, the elongation of 5% can be maintained. 
3. Corrosion resistance: it shows strong resistance to cid and alkali, water and a variety of organic solvents. 
4. High lubrication: it has the lowest friction coefficient in solid materials. 
5. Non-adhesion: it is a solid material in the minimum surface tension, does not adhere to any material. For more details, please contact our waterproofing membrane suppliers here.


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