The sickle is a farm tool for harvesting crops and cutting grass in rural areas. It consists of a sickle head and a sickle handle. The sickle head is a crescent-shaped piece of iron with a sharply curved side and a blunt outside side, generally used for harvesting wheat, rice, and so on. The Bestsuppliers platform has years of experience in selling the sickle tool. With plentiful resources of excellent sickle suppliers, our platform can provide you with a high-quality and competitive hand sickle. For the aspect of logistics, our platform’s farming sickle suppliers have multiple ports and they can deliver goods to you as quickly as possible. What are you waiting for? Just order now! Find sickle for sale here!
Hand Tools Sickle
Blade Material
Stainless Steel
Railway Steel
Carbon Steel
65# Carbon Steel
50# Carton Steel
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Handle Material
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Applicable Scenaries
Cutting wheat
Cutting Branches
Sheet Iron
Other Tough Things
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Overall Length
26 cm
27 cm
28 cm
30 cm
31 cm
34 cm
36 cm
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Handle Length
Long Handle
Short Handle
Comon Handle

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What are the characteristics of the sickle on our website 

First of all, in terms of quality, the sickles of our suppliers are strictly screened and inspected. The farming sickle is not only fluent to use but also durable and wear-resisting. Also, the scythe on our platform has various types that can be applied for a different function. Such as the grass sickle for mowing, and the farming sickle for cutting wheat. In addition, there is a complete after-sales service on our platform. We are sure to give you a perfect customer experience. 

Choose the sickle by types 

There are many types of sickles on Bestsuppliers. For the material, you can choose the hand sickle for the stainless steel, carbon steel, 65# carbon steel, 50#carton steel, with the handle of plastic or wood. For the length, our platform provide the scythe with 26cm, 27cm, 28cm, 30cm, 31cm, 34cm, 36cm etc. Please contact our suppliers for further details. 

Can the sickle accept the service of customization 

YES! Considering the different needs of different customers, our platform provides the service of customization. You can contact the hand sickle suppliers and put forward your thoughts. They will nicely deal with your problems. Buy custom sickle here!

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