OEM729 Multi-Frequency GNSS Receiver
OEM729 Multi-Frequency GNSS Receiver

OEM729 Multi-Frequency GNSS Receiver

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OEM729 Multi-Frequency GNSS Receiver


The OEM729 is a multi-frequency, backward compatible Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver. This receiver offers not only precise positioning, but also advanced interference mitigation, for performance in challenging environments.

This receiver is capable of tracking all current and upcoming signals as they become available.

The OEM729 is scalable to offer sub-metre to centimetre level positioning, and is field upgradable to all OEM7® family firmware options. 




  • Multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receivers offering flexible positioning options and ease of integration
  • Multi-channel L-Band supports TerraStar correction services
  • Serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet connectivity with web interface
  • Advanced interference visualization and mitigation features
  • Firmware solutions including RTK, GLIDE®, STEADYLINE®, SPAN® and ALIGN®
  • Simple to integrate, industry common form factor with 20 g vibration performance rating
  • Compatible with existing OEM628 integrations
  • Supports external oscillator input 




System TypeBoard 
General InfoLength (mm)100
 Width/Diameter (mm)60
 Height (mm)9
 Weight (g)48
 Typical Power Consumption (w)0.9
Signal TrackingGPSL1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5
 GLONASSL1, L2, L3, L5
 GalileoE1, E5 AltBOC, E5a, E5b, E6
 BeiDouB1l, B1C, B2a, B2b, B2l, B3l
 QZSSL1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L5, LEX
 L-Bandup to 5 channels
Number of Com PortsRS232/RS4221
 CAN Bus2
 Single Point L11.5 m
 Single Point L1/L21.2 m
 SBAS60 cm
 DGPS (code)40 cm
 TerraStar Corrections 
 TerraStar-C PRO2.5 cm
 TerraStar-C4 cm
 TerraStar-L40 cm
 RTK1 cm + 1 ppm


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