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sofa legs metal
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Wholesale 4 inch 5 inch Black Modern Style Triangle Feet Sofa Legs for Furniture

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Sofa Feet Description

What are advantages of sofa legs?
1.High quality selection made of high hardness iron, we also support material customization. This type of sofa feet is durable and has a strong load-bearing capacity, so you don't have to worry about legs for a sofa being deformed due to heavy weight. If you are looking to upgrade or add furniture accessories, these metal sofa legs are a perfect choice to help you get new furniture style.
2.Excellent workmanship
the surface is treated with professional electroplating paint, which is wear and corrosion resistance, and won’t rust due to the humid environment. The bottom of the legs of this furniture at the bottom of the leg, there is a rubber pad that can protect the floor from being worn by the furniture, effectively protecting your floor.
3.Easy to match color involved black furniture legs are compatible with many modern designed furniture, its color and interior decoration color are easy to match, we also support color customization at the same time. Easily increase the height of the sofa or change the style by changing the legs.
4. Wide range of uses not only suitable for sofas, but also sofas, chairs, loveseats, ottomans, cabinets and other diy furniture., Suitable for other furniture. 
5. Excellent workmanship
the exquisite surface is treated with electroplating paint, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and rust-free, which is very suitable for long-term fixed furniture projects. At the bottom of the legs, there is a rubber pad that protects the floor from being scuffed by the furniture. . So you can conveniently install and replace old/damaged outriggers yourself.
6. Installation method
sofa leg replacement easily to install - no need for a professional repair team or specialists for home improvement, you can do it by yourself instead of spending days or even minutes to replacement sofa legs! Our couch legs come with pre-drilled holes and screws so installation is quick and easy for all skill levels!

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What color sofa legs are the most popular?
this type of most custom colors for the legs of this sofa are black, silver and gold. We will match the corresponding screws. As for the number of screws, it can generally be a set of four. We also meet your customized needs according to the color you want and the number of matching screws you want, wide selection of couch legs from chinese supplier. Contact now & get live quotes! Products at factory prices.
How to pack the sofa legs?
We adopt different packaging methods according to different transportation methods, and our packaging methods support customized services. Express Delivery: Plastic bag + Carton or Other package as per customer requirement
Sea Transportation: Plastic bag + Carton + pallet or Other package as per customer requirementif you want more screws, we can also match them for you.

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