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About Yarn Dyed Plaid Fabric
Browse through an extensive list of products to find wholesale Yarn Dyed Plaid Fabric and much more. The yarn-dyed linen fabric differs from normal piece-dyed fabrics in one important way: the timing for the application of the dye. During the production process, different dyes are used for dyeing the threads, each for a certain type of fiber. The cotton yarn dye, for example, is a water-based dye used in natural fibers. This process occurs before they are woven together to create a yarn or cloth, giving the fabric a more vibrant and colorful look. The colored threads are then woven into a pattern or spun into a yarn for general use. The dying process for the yarn-dyed cotton fabric and other similar fabrics consists of two steps: adsorption and diffusion. They correspond to the transfer of dye to the fiber’s surface and its subsequent spreading throughout the interior of the fiber, respectively. They may also differ according to the material and the type of dye used. Using natural materials such as cotton or wool for dyeing is easier. A simple water-based dye is enough in this case. On the other hand, synthetic materials such as polyester, require a stronger, less soluble dye that can penetrate the less absorptive surface of these fibers. Each process creates a different Yarn Dyed Plaid Fabric. Clothing manufacturers and store owners can all find wholesale Yarn Dyed Plaid Fabric at Take a look at the offers and start buying the materials you need from international suppliers today!
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